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  1. Maybe it’s me....or a setting? (I’m on my iPad). But my view isn’t the best......mot of the screen’s real estate is take up with ‘nothing’. How to I get rid of that and see the whole screen? I know if I click on something it does expand to a full screen view, but scrolling through the activities is difficult when I can only see the bottom 1/4 of the screen.
  2. I ordered mine by phone last week and received them on Friday. If the Captain’s club rep told you that they aren’t available until boarding, they are mistaken.
  3. I purchased the Hot Glass class as well and it is not bailable for purchase.....but does show up on my order history. I called Captain’s Club and they say that they remove it as an option if you book it, so you can’t double book. She said it WOULD be offered on the Edge. I asked about date/time and she said they would let me know closer to sailing. Now I’m confused...is it available or not..ahhhhh:eek:
  4. I did the same thing, so I guessed that i was booking ONE class for two people. Now, after doing some research, i found out that what you paid for was the class....that depending on the item, there wil likely be an additional charge. This site shows the most information https://www.hollywoodhotglass.com/celebrity-cruises.html
  5. OK, so the maiden voyage is coming up soon and everyone has questions! I thought I’d start a thread where people could post questions and those on the first few cruises could answer as many as possible. I know that there will be lots of pictures posted as well as reviews, but the questions you have might help shape those postings.
  6. TeeRick has an excellent idea! Why don’t we start a thread where people can post questions and those on the first cruise can do their beat to answer those questions and post pictures/comments. Granted it is a short cruise so one person can’t do it all (and enjoy the cruise too!) so it will need to be a joint effort, but I am willing to help.....but my answers will have ot be after the fact as we didn’t purchase the internet package....:(
  7. VTcruiser, your post inspired me to look and low-and-behold.....there it was....a hot glass class on our cruise!! I’ve always wanted to try it, so I signed up! I wasn’t given a choice of day or time, but I can only guess that it willl be done on a sea day. I will guess that the 20-minute class will be for you and you alone. I can’t imagine having more than one inexperienced person being allowed to wander about with molten glass! Based upon things I’ve ready, they do most of the work and you are an assistant, but you are allowed to pick colors, spin the glass and blow into the tube - me, I’m gonna need a LOT of help to ensure my item doesn’t end up looking like a - a blob! The good part is that kids as young as 3 can do the class (with an adult), so if a 3-year old can do it....maybe (maybe) I can too!! I will say that the ‘fine print’ says that the cost of the class doesn’t include all the items, that there might be an upcharge - or maybe the original price is just for the class and you pay an additional amount for the piece you want to do....the information on the website isn’t clear....”Sign up for an introductory hot glass class for $50. Discover the wonderful world of glassblowing with this unique hot glass class. Choose from a fantastic assortment of colors and eight enchanting designs. Price varies with upgrade to more advanced designs.” The best information I have been able to find was here https://www.hollywoodhotglass.com/celebrity-cruises.html Here I was able to find out prices. X’s site has this https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/cruise-activities/hotglass/ which tells you which items you can make (doesn’t quite cross foot with the Hollywood site, but that’s ok). It would have been nice if the X site had told the prices of each item. Anway.....both vtcruiser and I will be on the Dec 1 cruise, so expect LOTS of pictures!!
  8. Thanks VT! I just printed my XpressPass too! Cruiserke says that the new process is like Royals....and we are leaving Saturday for a cruise on them, so I will certainly check it out! It’s gonna be GREAT!
  9. I will re-iterate the suggestion to park at the pier. we cruise out of Miami frequently and have heard too many horror stories from fellow cruisers about the problems they’ve encountered with off-site parking establishments. We park at the pier and enjoy our cruise knowing (hopefully) that when we get home, the car is there and unmanaged. Yes, it’s pricy, but IMHO it’s worth it. FLL....now there’s another story!!
  10. Guindalf is 10000000% correct. The Ship’s Shopper is paid on commission, so they will steer you to where they get a cut! And lest you think that RCCL will stick by you if you buy something and are unhappy, I have some ‘beachfront’ property to sell you....CHEAP!! What will you do if your jewelry breaks? What will you do if it isn’t what you paid for? What if it is a fake? Do you know how to tell if the stone has seen heat treated? Do you want to go on vacation again to get these things resolved?? As has been stated before, the internet is full of people who were taken advantage by someone on vacation. If you want to purchase a bobble (momento) go ahead, but for your large purchases, do so at home!! The days of fabulous deals in the Carribean went bye-bye as the internet made price comparisons (and shopping) easier. Make your large purchases at home from a reputable dealer who will stand by their merchandise and will service you after the sale!!
  11. I will chime in on the waterproof phone cover.....GET ONE!! We got one and love it! You can record videos or take pictures through the cover. They are inexpensive and very convenient and keep your phone safe. Be sure to test it at home before leaving just in case!
  12. For quite some time, I had trouble accessing my Cruise Planner on my iPad....so I have a suggestion that worked for me. On the upper left of the main X site are three horizontal bars (next to the word Menu). Click that and then choose: Onboard Experience, Onboard Packages, then any of the packages (other than the Overview). From there, if you scroll down, you should see a blue “Book Now” button. You will be taken to a “find your reservation” screen where you can enter your information and click “find reservation”. This should take you into the Cruise Planner. Yes, it is a weird way to get the, but if the ‘normal’ way doesn’t work for you.....give it a try! Good luck!!
  13. Maybe it was our fault for sailing on the Equinox two years in a row, but the shows were the same as they were one year apart. I know that the cost of developing, choreographing, costuming, etc. a show are high, but keeping the same shows for over a years is a tad much. We enjoy ‘some’ of the shows, but I will admit that we’ve seen a decline in quality over the years. We don’t sail for the shows, but do feel that they enhance ouronboard experience. On our last sailing, we didn’t go to a single one as they were the same as the last one. So, IMHO, yes, they take is seriously, but milk it to the bitte end! Sad for us that frequent X.
  14. Ok, so I have a question... We have cabins 7152 and 7154 booked. They are ‘connecting’ cabins, but show that the connection is near the balcony. Based upon what I’ve read about the location of the bed, then it appears that the door will be at the end of the bed right before the balcony. Am I reading this right?? Guess I’ll have to post pictures once we get there, huh?? Well, guess i have no idea how to include a picture.....so I have ot have it as an attachment...rats!
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