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  1. I am also curious if the itinerary turns into a bus/hotel trip how do they handle food and beverage since that is included in the cruise fare?
  2. I was recently on a Gate 1 river cruise with engine problems. This occurrence caused us to have 2 days of minor inconvenience in which we still saw everything promised via being bused to the locations. For this inconvenience, Gate 1 gave us lunch money for both days while in port because we were not able to have lunch on the boat. They also opened up the bar 1 night for 1 hour of free drinks. Lastly, they provided us with a credit towards our next Gate 1 vacation. I felt Gate 1 went above and beyond to make us happy although some were still not satisfied and continued to complain. Again, I am curious how other companies handle problems like this or is Gate 1 the exception to providing some compensation for customer satisfaction.
  3. What compensation, if any, has been provided for inconveniences due to high/low river levels, mechanical problems, broken locks or something else that caused a change to your river cruise itinerary? Just curious.
  4. As of yesterday, We are 100% back on schedule sailing the Wachau Valley and visiting Melk. We arrive today in Linz. All should be good for those traveling the Monarch Princess in the upcoming weeks.
  5. The boat has left Budapest. Our schedule has been modified somewhat to accommodate the unforeseen engine problem. Gate 1 has been working hard to make things as best as possible for its passengers. Although not ideal, it’s been ok. As the saying goes, when traveling, make sure to pack your patience.
  6. UPDATE- being bused to Bratislava in the morning. Engine is over heating. Engineer is coming on Monday to fix it due to it being Sunday. We will see what happens. I’ll try to update status as to what happens.
  7. We are currently checked into our cabin on the Monarch Princess departing Budapest, June 23rd at 10pm. Crossing our fingers for a successful river cruise up the Danube.
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