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  1. She texted us that they're staying in port overnight as ordered by the Coastguard.
  2. My MIL is Grandeur today. Wonder if they'll keep their itinerary
  3. Mine is sometimes, but that's a whole other topic. :@P
  4. I mean... I love books and cruising so a book about cruising is a win win for me.
  5. As others have said, they play a game or two at the pool. There are also games on in the Schooner, the casino and in your room. We were able to stream very well up in the Viking Crown and it was completely empty on game day, so we put the sound up and watched on our tablet. Great bar service too with no other passengers. Helpful hint, if it's cold outside, you can watch the pool screen from the Viking too. No sound though. Hope you find what you're looking for. Go Birds!
  6. How did you find the traffic in the port lot at that time? Last time we got there at 11 and it took a little while to get past the porters and into the garage.
  7. Actually, when they replied to my email about linking, they told me the criteria and then said that they had already confirmed his address thru our current res. They rest they needed me to provide.
  8. This is 100% me. Widowed years ago, met someone and after some time, decided to link us. Now he's my status. If we're ever "unlinked" in life, I can C&A unlink him too. Literally just finished setting this up like 2 weeks ago so we'd be the same for our 12/1 sailing. BTW... sorry you lost your person. It sucks. A lot.
  9. So I am not vegan, but while looking over the menus listed in the app for my 12/1 Anthem cruise, I noticed quite a few vegan items that I would be interested in. That being said, I don't recall seeing a/the vegan section on photos of the paper menus they present on the ship. Do you have to ask for the vegan menu? I get my menus the night before, due to my food allergy, but wondered. Thanks!
  10. I left a jacket on an upper deck chair last year. Case of SO thought I grabbed and I thought he grabbed. Went right to guest services as soon as I realized and nada that day or the day after. On the third day, I came back to my cabin to find it on the bed and laundered. Apparently the pool attendant found it on the ground, under the chair, wet and dirty. It was happy and totally surprised to get it back and I made sure to let RCCL know. I am sorry you aren't having such luck. I hope things turn around for you.
  11. I like good service. I appreciate hard work. I am happy to pay for both. It enhances my vacay. That's probs not the case for everyone and guess what... that's OK. I am not mad when my drink is waiting for me and "you're" still waiting in line...
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