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  1. Is it me or do you kind of look like the “brand ambassador”
  2. We have stayed at the Hampton Inn French Quarter many times.
  3. I tried and received the same message of nothing available
  4. Bananarama, I rock at 80’s music trivia.
  5. Yes, There were great. We have used them twice to Uxmal. The first time I booked ahead and we were were going to do Chichen Itza. We messed up at the meet time was at the bus and not outside the ship. (Note the Pier is 5 miles long). They let us join the Uxmal Tour with no issues. We went in a Custom Van. The second time we booked right there on the pier after we got off the ship. We went in an Airport Shuttle style van. Both times they were direct trips there, no stops at the roadside tourist traps. We got there about 20 minutes before the Carnival excursion (which is operated by AutoProgresso) so we beat the crowds. The last time we were in Progresso we did the beach tour through Carnival (just as info)
  6. Another supporter of QLS. We have used them multiple times.
  7. We have done Uxmal twice out of Progresso. We used Autoprogresso for the tour which was much cheaper than Carnival. The first time we went we were in a small van which allowed us to get there much quicker than the tour bus.
  8. I just looked for July and August sailings out of Mobile and New Orleans and there is nothing showing. Last week July out of Mobile was showing a rate of $92 pp.
  9. You could buy the Fascination or Imagination.
  10. Interested in the answers as well
  11. On our last trip the texting worked just Ok if it was person to person, Group texting did not work at all. The texting feature is great for parents as kids start to go off on their own.
  12. Nice to read a topic where an issue was resolved without having to contact the Brand Ambassador. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip.
  13. I agree with your points. We just did Mr Sanchos in October and enjoyed it, but we enjoy Nachi more. One thing to remember that in January the water will be a tad chilly, regardless which one you choose.
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