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  1. Interested in the answers as well
  2. On our last trip the texting worked just Ok if it was person to person, Group texting did not work at all. The texting feature is great for parents as kids start to go off on their own.
  3. Nice to read a topic where an issue was resolved without having to contact the Brand Ambassador. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip.
  4. I agree with your points. We just did Mr Sanchos in October and enjoyed it, but we enjoy Nachi more. One thing to remember that in January the water will be a tad chilly, regardless which one you choose.
  5. We have two kids now 14 & 12 and go down twice a year. WW2 Museum Aquarium is one of the best in the nation. Big fan of French Quarter Phantoms. We have done all tours. You can get good deals on Groupon. We have done several other of the Ghost and Vampire Tours with different groups, All have been OK some better than others. The fire station in the French Quarter sells Tshirts for $15. The Police station sells them for $20. Cafe Du Monde and cafe beignet are great. Cafe Beignet on Bourban has a Jazz Trio in the mornings. Favorite Breakfast in the Quarter is at the Ruby Slipper. Check out the Creole Creamery first some interesting flavors. Look at the Jazzy Pass for aces to the trolly. On and off all day for $3 per person.
  6. I just looked scootaround offers rentals for $75 a week for &40 more full insurance. The link is on the Carnival site under guest with disabilities. This is where we rented ours.
  7. Getting this back on topic. I would rent a wheel chair for the week. I think it was about $100-&125. It was in the cabin when we arrived and left it when we left. Our son had just turned 12 and broke his femur a month before the cruise. The did a new procedure so he did not have a cast and only a titanium rod inserted in his leg. We were given clearance to travel. It was to late to switch to a handicapp room even working through guest services. The wheelchair was a lifesaver for us. He was still able to participate in things and he did not get over tired. He was able to go to camp, but his sister was the only one who could push him per Carnival rules. We did have some challenges and it was a very different cruise. I can go into more details but I don’t want to hijack your thread and not sure how experienced a cruiser you are. Short answer get the wheelchair
  8. So sorry for your loss. Top her will be missed. This tread brought a tear to my eye.
  9. We sailed the Glory in October and had 9200. The Grand Scenic that sleeps 4. Our favorite room. cant say enough great things about The Ruby Slipper. My favorite place in NOLA.
  10. We were on the Glory a few weeks ago and loved it. its only open for lunch and the other poster was correct. There is not much foot traffic. You have to go look for it. The Mac and Cheese was awesome.The recipes for the sides are different than the sides on the Lido or dining room. Definitely give it a try. The meat portions are small so just ask for double meet.
  11. We sailed out of NOLA on the Glory two weeks ago and out of Mobile last August. Both ships had Country Trivia.Got 39/40 and got second. Both had Musicians who had Country in their sets playing in the Atrium. There was much more “canned background “ music on the cruise out of Mobile. We are Country Music fans so we were paying attention.
  12. There was a guy playing the steel drum on the Glory two weeks ago. He was in various places on the ship.
  13. Disappointed as well that you could not view your photos on the app. however there is a new promotion
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