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  1. We are considering a 10-day Canary Islands cruise from Southampton August or September 2015 with four days at sea. Is the ocean rough for that itinerary? For that time of year? Appreciate any input as I am just beginning my research!
  2. I truly appreciate all the replies and varied perspectives. I certainly agree that any review is influenced by the writers expectations going in! I seem to align with all of you positive responders instead of the negative nay-sayers. So, yay, we decided to stick with the Legend, and we are sure to have an amazing time! I'll post a review when it's all done!,
  3. We are booked on the Legend of the Seas for a 10-day New England cruise in September. But the numerous BAD reviews specific to the ship itself really have me doubting our plans. My BF can get seasick, ans sounds like its bobbing all over the place. We are considering moving to a 14-day Celebrity cruise on the Summit instead. It's $2800 more and I have to give up my coveted aft cabin on LOS. Thoughts?
  4. What is the gym like on this ship? I love to work out in the morning while on vacation, but I'm worried the Legend gym will be small and crowded.
  5. I am researching things to do during port days for our cruise departing 9/23/14 on RCCL Legend of the Seas from New Jersey to Quebec City. We like to do ports on our own or with small private tours. In Sydney, Nova Scotia, is renting a car and driving a portion of the Cabot Trail an option? Not the entire thing, but perhaps a portion with stops for short hikes and a picnic. Other recommendations? I really can't find other interesting ideas, although we are happy just going for a long walk if the area is pleasant. We don't particularly like city crowds or traffic. I'm not clear if this port is a nice seaside town or more of an industrial area. BTW, we don't care for shopping. Appreciate comments and ideas.
  6. We loved our hump cabin on the celebrity solstice. Extra large balcony, very little wind, nice angle to place our chairs looking towards the front of ship. The bed was by the sliding doors, and the couch by the closet. Plenty of space for all our things, and the suitcases stored under the bed. The sofa wasn't as nice as on RCCL since I couldn't line my shoes up under It. Used under the bed instead. Also, not a lot of drawer space. Glad I always use REI packing cubes, so I could just stack them in the cubbies above the bed. The bathroom was more spacious then we are used to - very nice not wondering how to get the soap when it drops! I didn't see inside an aft cabin, but given the choice I will pick this hump over an aft next time. There seems to be no privacy in the fats, while ours was completely covered. Quiet and private! I'll try to post pics.
  7. Thinking about a 10 day cruise on Legend. Does anyone know if the gym is decent? Long wait and limited time for cardio machines? Workouts are one of my favorite things on most Royal cruises, but I've only been on bigger ships. Won't sail Princess again because I was so disappointed in the gym. Thanks!
  8. I haven't seen a WOW sale offered lately. Are they still being offered? How often? I'm waiting to book for the next one.
  9. You've done a wonderful review -thank you! The food looks amazing. We just returned from Celebrity Solstice in Alaska and the food looked nothing like your pics. We can't wait to return to RCCL. We are considering a New England cruise on Legend next year. I heard the gym was small and over crowded. Do you have any pictures or info on those facilities?
  10. I've sailed 4 times on Royal Caribbean, and leaving this week for our first Celebrity cruise. Asked my travel agent about status or cruise credits being recognized between lines, and she said they don't apply or transfer. But, I saw a recent post on these boards that implied they do. What's the scoop? Should I call Celebrity directly, or make sure to bring my RCCL member number when we board? I'd take any status (and privileges that come with it) that I can get!
  11. Interesting dialogue on this subject. Funny what sets different people off! I might consider a tray, as I was pretty disappointed to hear that they weren't available. And it's not because I need multiple courses. Instead, I like my food separate. My favorite breakfast on a cruise is oatmeal (in its own bowl), a variety of fruit (in its own bowl), milk carton and a glass (since I hate to drink milk from a carton), yogurt, water, coffee, and a hard boiled egg. SO, I can try to carry that in one trip, or make several trips while my sweetheart eats alone at the table! Not a very romantic start to our day. So, okay, we can order room service. But, we usually are ready to eat right after our morning workout, and can't imagine waiting 45 minutes for delivery. Guess we will compromise - and weigh the experience when we make our next cruise vacation decision!
  12. We are departing from Seattle on the Celebrity Solstice August 2nd. I've heard some weeks the ship docks and some weeks it tenders in Juneau. Does anyone know which it is likely to be for our date of Monday August 5th? I've read that tendering was a very delayed process, and we are set to meet relatives at 3:00. With us arriving at 1:00 that seems pretty safe, but not from what i read in earlier posts. Thoughts to share anyone?
  13. Thanks for the info. I hope they open bookings soon because I'm excited to start the planning! I prefer the Brilliance to the Explorer - done both ship types and the Jewel is my favorite ship of all time!
  14. I'd love to take the 10 day cruise offered September 2012 out of New Jersey - except I want to do it in 2013. RCCL only has one 7 day cruise on the schedule for next year. Does anyone know if more will become available?
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