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  1. Actually the Fla-Ga game is generally known as the Worlds Biggest Cocktail Party. Always a good excuse for fans of both teams to travel
  2. We had exactly the same experience on our cruise last year to Norway. Thankfully I had rearranged with Smith’s for an earlier pickup. Expected immigration but there was none.
  3. You are not old fashioned but you are long out of date. Candlestick no longer exists. It was torn down a few years ago
  4. You can consider earlier flights but then you will likely need to use Uber/Lyft or a cab. We always do that as they are invariably less expensive than the cruise transfers and give you more control over timing.
  5. It would be helpful if you mentioned where you are traveling. While routine immunizations including both of the Heps and TDaP should be maintained for everyone, travelers or not, the use of things like Typhoid and Yellow Fever are more destination specific.
  6. We did it on a non formal night. No problem getting seated. Personally did not think it was worth it as we are spoiled by Dungeness crab where we live. Others swear by it .
  7. Uber/ Lyft or a cab from the airport. Why wait for a shuttle which usually costs more and has to wait until it is full before departing
  8. That is correct legally under the PVSA but would also have been dependent on Canadian immigration being willing to accept her there. In addition she would then have needed to pay for travel from Victoria to Seattle.
  9. This has been a problem at Heathrow now for a few years. We usually save a few £ for connections to town or travel by some means using a CC. Once in London finding an ATM is generally quite easy.
  10. I was well aware of that but felt better living in the present and not a century ago. I thought pedantic might be your biggest word but realized you snuck consolidated in there also.
  11. Just to be technically correct for those of you who said you would never stay in LA but advised staying in San Pedro. San Pedro is actually part of LA. It is a named area but not a separate city. I agree with staying there or in the Santa Monica area. I would not stay at the airport.
  12. Depends on how full the ship is and thus what is available. Certainly you can try to change if cabins are open at the time they book. How it would work with price and/or perks might depend on what you had received initially and what was currently available . No single correct answer
  13. Two major benefits. You get OBC by using them to book a future cruise. Varies by length of cruise but we are getting $100 each on an upcoming 16 day SA cruise. Also you can use your FCC as your deposit on any cruise. Generally much less than the cash deposit that would be required. Sure Princess holds your money but how much interest are you currently getting on $100.
  14. We spend lots of time there as I love all the hands on stuff. 4 hours would be a reasonable length of time. It would give you a chance to do lots of activities but not overwhelm anyone. Enjoy, we love it as adults.
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