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  1. DW says ironing only can be included. Realize you may not get it back for a couple of days. As per Colo Cruiser, I wonder if the DJ will be dressed in a DJ.
  2. You will find that your CC is your best friend in this part of the world. Euros will work as will dollars in Russia. The Scandinavians even prefer CC’s for small purchases. They are heading toward the cashless society.
  3. Your mini map has one circling around the dock for some inexplicable reason. The actual walk is just slightly over 1 mile. Is totally flat and should take a normal walker just over 20 minutes. I have done it on multiple occasions both with and without luggage as we are in the City regularly. I was actually born there, although not at the dock. Now the OP may not wish to use public transport but we ought to at least provide him with accurate information.
  4. Like others I would suggest you pick which city you would like to spend your extra time in for your departure point. We did our 21 day out of Athens but we had been to both Rome and Barcelona in the past. If I had never been to any of them I would pick Rome as it is such a fascinating place to visit.
  5. Most will suggest Uber or Lyft. Taxi also works but more expensive. Finally for the DIY crowd you can walk roughly a mile to the Embarcadero BART station and then take BART right into the airport
  6. Alaska cruises can begin and/or end in Vancouver, Seattle, and even San Francisco. If a closed loop out of a US port then no passport is necessary. If from Vancouver , whether a loop or a one way then you will need a passport. There is also a scenario on a closed loop where a passport will be necessary, and that is if you cross over into the Yukon on a land tour from Skagway. A passport is then required to return to the US.
  7. Very nice and easy to do OYO. The train station in Genoa is a short <10 min walk from the port. You take the train to Santa Margharita . From there you have a variety of options. As two adults we walked the waterfront path. Places to stop and essentially level. You can do that, you can take a couple of cabs or you could take the local ferry. In our case after wandering around Portofino we had a small meal and then returned to StM by the ferry. Still had plenty of time to even wander a little in StM and then board the train back. Both DW and I thought it was one of the nicest days on the cruise
  8. We have done both. Most times we cruise to see new places but on some occasions it is just to have a few days of R and R. In the latter case convenience and/or cost often weighs in and we may repeat a cruise . Even then we can vary what we do and who we do it with.
  9. Would love to see a study that compared the number of passengers who missed the ship while without their passports, with the number who had their passports stolen or lost while in port. Sadly we will never see it, so we will continue to have this ongoing difference of opinion. There is NO correct answer, there is only what you feel most comfortable with.
  10. This is absolutely the correct answer. Have dealt with it on multiple occasions. If OP still wants a Deluxe B he will have to accept a guarantee at this time
  11. Having done both types of vacations over the years, I think you would be more likely to find what you are looking for at a land based AI.
  12. No. If you have OBC in your account then the excursion will be charged against that OBC. Once you have used all the OBC then the excursions will be charged against your CC. You can still cancel excursions later and get refunded as long as you are in the correct time window.
  13. You really might consider looking at a map
  14. Notice the OP specified a closed loop cruise in his original question.
  15. Set a goal of visiting and doing something, not just an airport stop, in all 50 states and knocked off 4 more last month. Now trying to come up with the logic of a trip to N. Dakota. The only one left. Not likely a cruise.
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