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  1. Actually the Pacific Princess is carrying roughly 115 passengers in just that situation. The bulk of passengers got off in Fremantle but a number stayed on board and they picked up a few from HAL in the same situation. They are heading to LA with a stop for fuel and supplies as needed in Honolulu. I think Cruise and Maritime did one of the more clever moves. They had 2 ships on extended cruises in Asia. The ships met and exchanged passengers based on their origin. One ship took all the Aussies and NZ’s to Freemantle. They have since gotten off with the NZ passengers flown home and the Australian passengers in a 14 day quarantine on an island off the coast. The other ship has all the Europeans and is on a long haul back to Southampton. Not sure if there were any from US or Canada on either ship. Slowly but surely most everyone will get home or at least close to it. More problematic is how, when and where all the crews will go.
  2. You guys are taking way to many antibiotics for viral illnesses. That is one of the drivers of bacterial resistance. It is also simply bad medicine.
  3. Personally I suspect long voyages of this nature will be slow to return. Even as the current Pandemic slows down there may well be a continuing outbreak of Covid, just to a much lesser degree. Given the difficulties that cruise lines have faced and are currently facing, I think they would fear what might happen if a passenger or two came down with the disease while on a long journey while the ship was distant from its points of either embarkation or disembarkation. The risks of shorter cruises would real but substantially less. Closed loop or one or two country cruises may return much sooner.
  4. Because it sailed in support of the Zaandam with a full crew as well as some extra medical personnel but with no passengers. It has a full complement of rooms available for the passengers who are being transferred
  5. Not for me. I have land under my feet since Feb 21 when I stepped off the Grand Princess. Yep I was on that now fabled cruise to Mexico.
  6. You really don’t think they will be let off the ship. This will be purely a stop and go for fuel and maybe some necessary supplies. No one will go shoreside and even the crew interacting with people on shore will be in protective mode.
  7. First nine Princess Cruises were on nine different ships. Not planned in any way. We were driven by itineraries and it just happened that way. Doubt I will ever sail them all.
  8. Currently at 49 out of 50 states, so need to complete that task first. If you must know, never been to N. Dakota.
  9. Got ours today as well for this now memorable cruise. Glad we got off before everything hit the fan.
  10. FL is closer but the big question remains whether Panama will allow them to transit the canal. Hard to predict anything in these changing times.
  11. Apparently because it is more interesting than the number of restaurant workers in the US. Get the point or am I too deep
  12. Received the check from my Dec-Jan cruise in mid-Feb. Still awaiting check from Feb cruise on the GRAND. Suspect it may be delayed a bit. Don’t call Princess but do open plain envelopes that seem unimportant. They will not have any Princess markings.
  13. Wow I can sign my own and just flash my state medical license even though it does say retired. If DW is nice I will sign hers also.
  14. When I travel I look at insurance to possibly cover 3 separate items and then purchase appropriate coverage if I believe there is a significant risk with any of them. First is the actual cost of the trip, essentially things which are not refundable. This is a clearly definable amount and the loss is actually mislabeled. If you miss a trip for a reason and are unable to recover expenses you are not out of pocket for any sum greater than what you would have paid for the trip. What you have lost is the experience of the trip. You would have spent the money anyway so you do not actually end up cash poorer, but experience poorer. Second is medical, so you need to know the extent of your current coverage and fill in to supplement that, depending on where your travels take you. Third is evacuation cost. This can be the great unknown and should be carefully evaluated. Examples. For an upcoming N.Y. to Quebec sojourn I will purchase minimal coverage as my need for medical excess is low and even evacuation is less significant as I would be comfortable in virtually all the ports of call were I too need some additional care pending recovery. On the other hand for last month’s cruise to Antarctica I purchased the whole package of coverages as I realized that my risk was much greater given where we would be. My point is that insurance is NOT a one size fits all proposition and needs to be individualized as to risk on a case by case basis
  15. No change. Can still get 2 coffee packages, no longer a separate card, or 1 bottle of wine. Can also exchange individual items for other items. Booze for booze, soft drinks or beer for soft drinks or water, booze for soft drinks or water, etc. Think of it as a pyramid with booze on top and water at the bottom. You can trade down or across but not up.
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