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  1. We used to bring a small collapsible gardening bag from the 99¢ store. But now we find it easier to bring back a bowl or two from the buffet to corral our small stuff like pens and sunglasses.
  2. It isn't hard to pull a 20" rolling suitcase. And if you miss one train, there is another one in about 10 minutes. And besides the $8/day parking, I'm only adding another $3.50 round trip on the colored lines. I think of this as part of my vacation. And for me, it's more relaxing taking the train instead of sitting in traffic
  3. We have taken the colored lines to the ship many times. I wouldn't take the DASH bus if I have luggage. I would take the Red or Purple line to 7th Street station. In Long Beach, you need to walk about a block to catch the free Passport bus to the Queen Mary. The Blue Line isn't supposed to be fully operational until September. We like to park at Union Station because it is $8/24 hours as compared to $20/24 hours at the port. Jamoe - check to see if there is an Amtrak bus connection from Union Station to Long Beach at a convenient time (do the end point of the Amtrak search as Long Beach). The Amtrak bus stops in the same area as the Long Beach Blue Line station.
  4. There is an OXXO about a minute from the pier and Senor Frog's. Ask a local on the pier for directions. You can pay in dollars and get pesos (if you want) back in change.
  5. If you go to a cambio, you will need to show them your passport.
  6. Thanks for the quick response. The person just called to cancel the cruise. And she called the insurance company to get the forms for the doctor to fill out.
  7. Thanks. I like that pier better than pier 1. Shorter walk to Walmart.
  8. Just found out the third person in our cabin is sick and can't go on the cruise next week. We have insurance. And prepaid gratuities. Should we call Carnival and let them know or have the person be a no show?
  9. Upstairs above the buffet. Take the stairs just past the dessert bar. There is also a drink fountain up there.
  10. Thanks. I have another question. Which pier did you dock at in Puerto Vallarta? Was it the one directly across the Liverpool Mall or at pier 1 where the round building is/was?
  11. Love chocolate tequila. Love to make milkshakes with it or drizzle (pour) over vanilla ice cream. Do you remember what time the craft sessions were?
  12. Enjoying your review so far. I'm going on the Splendor this Saturday.
  13. Sis just got off the in today. Parking is still $20/day. Google has very old info. Maybe Carnival is showing $22 either in anticipation of a rate increase for when the Panorama comes oe it's just a typo.
  14. We sailed on the Inspiration in December. The purple tubes are gone in the buffet area. New bedding (no more orange piece of fabric at end of bed) and new carpeting. Our cabin had new bathroom update. Floor was white instead of blue and new shower curtain.
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