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  1. Looks like even with the Premium Extra package, no champagne is available. Upgrading from my included easy package to easy plus is $16 /day is reasonable for what you get. $44 a day to premium extra is not worth it for me. Happy i upgraded to premium plus on my last cruise, i got my monies worth from that one.
  2. On Encore they've taken away Spice H2O and replaced it with the laser tag. Only 20% of the upper deck is "Free" to lounge. Forcing everyone to pay $210 for a Vibe pass to be able to find an outdoor place to sit
  3. I have the November 7th sailing booked from LA, im pretty concerned, Encore is a downgrade for warm weather cruises.
  4. During the day yes, but can be lively in the evenings
  5. I'm booked on the April '22 LA to Vancouver on Bliss, everything still showing on NCL's website
  6. I love cruising, but looks like my next trip will be at an all inclusive resort. I booked 2 weeks in Cuba March '21
  7. I sailed on MSC Meraviglia 13 nights this past October/November solo on the NY to Miami cruise. Had a great time, one of my top 3 cruises so far. They had solo meetings in the "sky lounge" each night, they were unhosted but i do prefer the location as there is a bar and its a wonderful venue. They also include other solos for your assigned tablemates. MSC's solo cabins are quite nice, and i actually prefer them over NCL. I sailed also on Divina in a balcony December '18 as they don't have solo cabins. That cruise they only had solo gatherings every 3rd night.
  8. I booked the solo insider, I will look into upgrading when it gets closer to sailing.
  9. Just booked this cruise, really looking forward to it. I don't like short cruises, was really happy to see this longer one added
  10. I booked my first Virgin Voyages solo this week. I'm going on Valiant Lady for the 14 night eastbound transatlantic May 1st '22. Its a really good deal as the price per day is about half of what I've seen for sailings in the Caribbean. Will be interesting to see what Virgin does for us solo's, I am happy they are including quite a large number of solo cabins on their ships.
  11. Always O'Sheehan's/The Local for lunch and first drinks
  12. I was on Divina December '18 and Meraviglia Oct/Nov '19 both with premium plus. Divina's wine bar had a better selection of Red wines, but only Nicolas Feuillatte/Mumm's Champagne. Meraviglia had a large selection of Champagne, but Oberon/Louis Jadot as the only Red wine Premium plus offerings
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience. Im booked on this cruise for next year, im wondering what the weather was like, were you able to spend much time outside?
  14. -Great value, last cruise was 50% of a similar NCL cruise -Their Premium Plus Beverage Package includes room service drinks, as well as everything inside your mini bar -In the Caribbean they alternate itineraries, so if you go B2B you'll see different ports -The "MSC for me" app is great, tons of information available -Reasonably priced internet package -All the ships ive looked into, have an indoor pool with retractable roof for those cool days -And of course, the best Pizza ive had outside of Italy!
  15. MSC is looking to partner with Royal and Carnival for use of Seattle's new cruise port coming in 2023
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