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  1. Can’t wait. We are packed and ready to go. Leaving Saturday for the 11/24 sailing.
  2. So excited to be boarding on Sunday!!!!
  3. Hi Chris, We are Arlene and Harvey. We will be on the Oasis on Nov. 24th with our family. The casino is our happy place. We will come and say hi Sunday! Looking forward to our vacation. And meeting you!
  4. Hi, we are on the Nov 24 sailing. We are new to the big ships, so can someone explain what the x-ray vision can do on the RC app? Thanks in advance. Arlene
  5. Pack your paddles. We were on the Adventure in April/May on a b2b for 20 days. They do have Pickleball. In fact they set up three courts. Have Fun!!!
  6. I was on the Rhapsody 2 weeks ago. They do not have Pickleball. They were playing badminton in the Centrim. Can’t imagine playing Pickleball in there.
  7. As far as I know Adventure of the Seas does not have Pickelball yet. However, on my recent cruise two weeks ago on the Rhapsody, the cruise director contacted the sports activity person on the Adventure for me to ask about Pickelball as my husband and I are doing a b2b beginning April 27 for 20 days. Anyway, he said that he should have Pickelball soon. He knows there is interest. Just needs to get the paddles, net and give us court time on sea days.
  8. My husband and I will be boarding the AOS end of April for a b2b. We will be spending 20 nights on her. I can’t wait! Very interested to know if sports department offers Pickleball. Some of the ships opens a court or two on sea days. If someone could confirm this it would be greatly appreciated. Arlene
  9. We will be on a back to back on the Adventure starting the end of April. I am looking forward to your review. Would love to see the daily Compass. Arlene
  10. Hi Ken, I will be on the Rhapsody in March. Do you know if Pickleball is always on their schedule. I didn’t know whether to pack my paddle or not. i was recently on the Independence of the Seas and they offer Pickleball on port days. Didn’t make much sense to me since we had plans on those days. Arlene
  11. It would say Pickleball, it is a different sport than dodgeball. I have written to RC but I have not heard back from them. Some ships have it. Since we will be on the Adventure for 20 days would like to make sure we can get some games in. Thanks for your help. Arlene
  12. My husband and I will be on a back to back on the Adventure beginning late April. Did they list Pickleball as one of the activities in the Compass? If not, did you notice if they were playing Pickleball on the basketball courts? Arlene
  13. Do they have pickelball on the Independence. Will be on the Independence soon, want to know if I should pack my paddle. Thanks in advance for your reply.
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