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  1. Yeah, that was a surprise. I feel your pain!
  2. It's fun to hate the Pats, somehow makes the bad Giants teams seem better 😁 I'm jealous of that Mantle swag, nice. Went to school in upstate NY (Oswego) with Mary Ann Patulski, sister of Walt. Ask your wife if she remembers him. Meeting Doug Flutie would be cool. PS: Just before I posted this, Daniel Jones lost yet another fumble, Giants are getting killed 😒
  3. Thanks, good to know it can be done.
  4. Thanks for this. I was thinking of wearing crocs for the water, then changing into a sturdier shoe once on land. Some advised against crocs for the water part and I was trying to understand the limitation for them.
  5. Yeah, I know. Don't care for Saban either 😉
  6. Yes, we'll always have that. I love Mac Jones too. I bet NE still can't believe he fell to them in the draft!
  7. LOL. Yes, I have been a Giants fan since I was 11 (I'm 68 now). Grew up in the Bronx, so Giants (and Yankees) are in my blood. The Giants are no threat to anyone now so that makes it easier for you 😁 I have transferred most of my distaste for NE to TB now that Brady is there but Belichick still annoys me. Great coach but still annoying.
  8. Except for breakfast on the balcony, this describes us too. I think you'll enjoy O. We always get off in port and O usually has a free shuttle into town, so that's good. And we usually book private tours, if we do one. At night, after dinner, we usually just go sit on the balcony and sip wine and enjoy being on the water. Enjoy all those cruises!
  9. We've done one cruise on X and one on O. X was the Solstice around Australia for 14 days in 2018 and O was the Amazon for 28 days in 2019. They were both great cruises and we would use either line in the future, depending on the itinerary. Food was definitely better on O. We loved the included specialty restaurants and even got extra nights in them. We were on Insignia and I have to disagree with people who say it's too small. We enjoyed being able to walk everywhere on the ship quickly and rarely used the elevators. We also enjoyed using the free laundry room, which I understand isn't everyone's thing but it works for us. I should note that we are not big fans of any cruise lines entertainment but we did enjoy the chamber quartet O had onboard after dinner. We also found the internet to be OK, except at certain times when there were a lot of people using it. That was easy to manage by getting back on after the big rush (right around breakfast and pre-dinner). The link was good enough that I was able to get satellite radio and download audiobooks from our home city library. If you haven't tried O, go ahead and give it a go. O is a lot pricier but you do get more included and we enjoyed the smaller ship.
  10. I thought I read on the X Flora page that they provide these?
  11. Thanks for your thoughts. I read on other posts it's only about a foot of water to walk up onto dry beach. Is the underwater floor very rocky or slippery? I am just trying to understand why a sturdier sole is an advantage for a beach landing, but I may not understand the underwater surface very well.
  12. I have one question about wet landings and shoes. Can anyone tell us if they think crocs would work for these? I wear these all the time when we go to rocky lakes and they seem perfect but I may not understand the underwater surface! They are so light, we could switch if needed on lava rock walks, to a better shoe.
  13. Would a poncho work or is a jacket more convenient? Thanks for all your tips, I am taking copious notes!
  14. I remember that! Doggies looked great but I am going with the sentimental fav. Close game would be perfect. Go Dees!
  15. Was I the only one surprised by this? I watched the last few minutes of the 1st half and all the 2nd. Port looked very disorganized. But, I'm glad the underdogs will be in the GF. Go Dees!
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