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  1. This was pretty funny. Lost to the bye, good one. Swans are waay better than that 😉 Go Swans!
  2. Swans fans feel their pain! I am hoping for a huge turnaround when the Swans are back from the bye. You know what they say--live in hope, die in despair! Go Swans!
  3. While I get your basic point, the cruise was negatively impacted by COVID. It is nice that the protocol worked and no one was stuck in a cabin on a ship, but it was still canceled/postponed. That still speaks to what has to happen for cruises to go, especially larger lines/ships.
  4. Great news this week--the Swans didn't lose! Yes, I know they had a bye, just trying to keep things moving 😁😉 A few more games offered this week here, but at 1 or 2 am, really hard to wake myself up to watch. Go Swans!
  5. Yeah, it's inconsistent. Baseball is having some problems right now, some games are being postponed. NBA says all players have tested negative, but those games don't seem to interfere. I don't know why baseball re-runs are better than live AFL but no one asked me! It's always a pleasant surprise when I see an AFL game listed, so each week I check.
  6. So a miracle happened this morning--the Swans were on TV here. At 1:30 am 😮 I was going to try and watch but couldn't. Just back from our annual trip to the lake and still tired from all the packing and unpacking. I am going to see if we get any earlier games this weekend. It's weird that all of a sudden the games are on again. So sad the Swans lost but at least they stayed close. Maybe this is the beginning of their turnaround? Thanks for posting the scores--saw it first thing when I opened my email this morning. Just checked, no more games this weekend for us--cliff diving and sports talk is apparently all they can offer! Go Swans!
  7. Yes, I am well rested today 😄 Sadly, I think you are correct, there's always next year. go swans!
  8. I got up at 1st quarter time, saw the score, which was still close. I laid back down and St Kilda scored 3 more times, so I went back to sleep. Just checked the final score--glad I went back to sleep. go swans!
  9. LOL. Actually, that's a pretty good idea. I think I'll give it a try. Hope the alarm is LOUD 😁 Go Swans!
  10. A bit of a mixed bag for me this week. We will only get 1 game, but it's the Swans!! Yay. It will be on at 1 AM. Ugh. And we are playing St Kilda--not sure we can beat them. 😞 I will try and watch it but 1 am is truly the middle of the night 🙂 Go Swans!
  11. I see your point, but any Swans win is a good game 🙂 It was quite a weekend--Swans win, Essendon just gets by the Crows, nice win by Carlton, Lions outlast Melbourne, and Cats beat Dockers--I saw the last bit of that game. Baseball games are being postponed here due to virus issues, so maybe there will be more AFL??? Go Swans!
  12. Just got up and saw all the messages about the Swans--it's going to be a great day 🙂 Of course, they play a really good game and I can't watch. Grrr. But, at least they won. Thanks for keeping me posted. Go Swans!
  13. LOL--you were typing a reply while I was editing my post 😉 Go Swans!
  14. Yeah, I'm totally bummed but nothing I can do. I do look forward to reading everyone's comments on all the games this week. We are off to the lake tomorrow, it will probably be raining when we get there but it will still be great to be somewhere than our own backyard 🙂 And, I've been reading that Dr Fauci and other experts think we should lockdown for 6 weeks--I hope we get back home if that happens! Hope things in Melbourne are looking up. Go Swans!
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