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  1. Well, that was fun. I watched most of the game but kept dozing off. It was close until it wasn't. I guess I should have known that the Tigers would win <sigh>. Let's hope we have a more normal season next year.
  2. That's true everywhere. They have a similar law in Florida, for Disney World tickets. It is quite specific--it penalizes sellers not buyers
  3. That's really nice of them! Are you going to snap up those $1700 seats?
  4. Whew, thanks mate! My shout on the first round 😉
  5. I would hate for it to be a repeat of that last meeting. I want it to be a ripper game!! (Did I use that right???)
  6. Thanks for the update! I am leaning Cats, so GO CATS!!
  7. Let's hope the system moves fast and they can play. Please keep posting any updates, especially any delays. Thx.
  8. I hope it's close. I think you will enjoy the game too!
  9. Counting down the hours to the GF. We will get to see it at 2:30 am. Very excited. Any updates on who is favored?
  10. I was awake for the start of this game, then drifted in and out. When I was awake, it didn't seem that close. that last second goal made it seem like it was not that close. I hope we get to see the GF. I'll need to get some extra sleep next Friday so I can be wide awake at 2:30 am Saturday!
  11. Oh, duh. I knew that! Temporary insanity I guess 🥴 Brisbane--Geelong looks close. Richmond a big favorite--no money to be made there!
  12. Not a surprise I suppose. I am hoping I can stay awake to watch Brisbane--Geelong. Do the oddsmakers say it will be a Port--Brisbane final??
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