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  1. We were told there were a lot of itinerary adjustments, not just the anthem. We’re enjoying beautiful 32° weather in Labadee. Hopefully, we’ll catch Coco Cay our next trip.
  2. interested in knowing how many times Coco Cay is skipped on itineraries. we’re currently on the Anthem of the Seas and we’re due on Coco Cay on December 24. The captain said winds in both Cape Canaveral and Coco Cay are too high for docking safely, so they are substituting Labadee for those two ports. Safety first always, but this is our fifth Bahamas cruise on RCI and we’ve yet to visit Coco Cay. We’ve done a similar number of trips on NCL and visited Grand Stirrup Cay each time. What I want to know is have we just had poor luck or does Royal skip Coco Cay a lot. I thought with the investment that they would have made the island safe for landing except in very bad conditions. I didn’t think you’d have these conditions at this time of year. Lokkibg for others perspectives.
  3. Extremely unbappy that RCI has pulled out of Dubai and the Arabian gulf. They've taken no time to let the volume build up. With the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, I think this is a big mistake. My DW and I had one of our best cruises ever on Vision out of Dubai two years ago. We booked a large family cruise on the Jewel in 2021 to share with the rest of our family. We can't move this forward to 2020, so are disappointed. I'm just finding that RCI is getting really boring with their itineraries. Variety is the spice of life. Same drab stuff, how many times can you go to Coco Cay. We're nearly Diamond Plus on RCI but will have to see whether we should start back with NCL and Princess. Sorry about the rant, just needed to vent. :)
  4. I’m wondering if it’s time for a separate Canadian Cruise Critic site. My reasoning for this is purely selfish from a Canadian perspective. You see we’re excluded from most contests run on cruise critic. Seeing that there are separate sites for UK and Australia, so maybe it’s time for a Canadian site as well. Thoughts?
  5. There was recently another thread that tracked 'best food' on cruise lines. It was interesting but with such a category, it was very broad. I expect Hapag Lloyd or Ritz or other luxury lines to have great food. I'd like to get people's feedback on the mass market lines what people's favorite (best) eatery and least favorite (worst) eatery on each of the different lines. For example, on Royal Caribbean, I like most of the venues but really like Chops as a favorite and don't fancy Solarium Bistro too much. Would be interested in getting others perspective and maybe learn something and get ideas on things to try and avoid.
  6. As others have noted, very subjective question. Also, on mass market lines you have great differences in quality between MDR and specialty. I think a more interesting question would be which cruise line eatery has the worst food. Now that's a topic to have fun with! 🙂
  7. DW and I like to dress for meals whether in MDR or specialty restaurants but that's just us. For formal nights, I wear at least a suit. On holiday cruises, I will bring white tie or black tie. For us, it's part of the fun of the trip. I can also say, I don't like t-shirts or shorts in the restaurants for dinner. We cruise mostly on RCI, and dress code enforcement is hit or miss. Anyway, our next cruise is Saturday, so you've given me a good reminder to pack! We'll have fun regardless of what we or others wear. 🙂
  8. It all depends on what you are looking to do and what you're comfortable with. My DW and I like roaming about on our own and have done this in most Mediterranean ports. A little research before leaving and you can sure you see those places you want to visit. As someone has said, Rick Steve has a book on European cruise ports that is great. We've also booked tours with others through Roll Calls on CC. And we've also taken drives with taxi's in ports to see different sites in larger cities such as Istanbul. Most importantly, have a great trip.
  9. We were on the Explorer in June and were in St. Petersburg. There are a few gift shops in the terminal but I don't recall any type of café. Ask your tour operator if your morning excursion includes any snacks, otherwise, just pack some. We did full day tours that included some type of meal. St. Petersburg is beautiful but has a very different vibe from all the other ports we went to in the Baltic. Everywhere else was lively, St. Petersburg was a bit more glum for lack of a better word. Really watch for pickpocketing in St. Petersburg. We knew one person who had his wallet removed from his cargo shorts at the Hermitage. Have a great trip!
  10. We were on the Explorer of the Seas for a Baltic cruise this June. We were fairly fortunate in the weather was mostly dry. The temperatures ranged from 68 F to 82 F. As others have said, the weather is very unpredictable. Most likely you will have temps in the 60's or 70's and it is hard to avoid rain for the whole cruise. Nevertheless, it was one of our best cruises and we plan on going back soon. Didn't think we'd like it as much as we did but it was great. Beautiful cities. With the warmest day being in Copenhagen. Silhouette is a beautiful ship. Have a great trip.
  11. Cellphone or if you want good underwater pictures, pick something up on board. They usually have good deals. Have a great trip.
  12. DW and I have worked our way up on Royal and it is certainly a factor in choosing Royal lines over others. The free drinks and cabin discounts are good value. If they no longer existed, it might make us more apt to try some of the competition.
  13. Apex May 3rd looks fantastic. I'd always opt for Celebrity over Carnival and the price on May 3 is great. The one thing in Carnival's favor is you go to 7 ports and on Celebrity 4.
  14. I really hope you all have a great trip. A couple more points, take extra Epi-pens and Benadryl, our philosophy is a few extra don't hurt. Also, when we go to the MDR, we always ask for our own table and not to be seated with anyone who isn't family. While we love other people, we try to control who is around us and what is on the table. This prevents possibilities of cross contamination. And, remember, over communicate with people. Also, ask if you go to a buffet. Often the chef in the buffet can obtain food directly for your son again to ensure there is no cross contamination. My DW developed tree nut allergies about four years ago, we travel a lot and just go through making sure everyone knows. If you are flying remember to also let your airline know. They will then be able to prepare properly as well. Have a great trip!
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