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  1. I feel empathy for anyone who is stranded. I would say maybe a little less for people who left on a trip when the pandemic was already known. Also, governments have provided options for people who were stranded (-$3000 from India). To stay in a foreign country still costs you money. They at least had an option. The crew didn’t (and that includes US crew). In terms of American first, I don’t subscribe to that. They are all people with families. One of the problems now is too much selfishness rather than selflessness in dealing with major problems.
  2. I'm not sure if this would prevent me from cruising. I am sure that when I travel, we will be taking extra masks with us. I think this will be the reality for the next while.
  3. Aren't you a ball of sunshine. To answer your question, no, not a platitude more an observance of the vicissitude of the current situation. Reality is that there are nearly 100k people stranded on ships, most of whom don't want to be there. At present, in the "first world" the pandemic has at best flat-lined. With a laxity of behaviour in major cities from people who don't believe there is an issue, there is a likelihood there may be another spike. Reality is, that this thing is far from done. Over the years, we've made friends with many people on board both fellow passenger and crew members. My post reflected my belief/opinion RCI (and other lines) could do more to get these people (crew) home.
  4. Maybe your post identifieds the reason for delays in cancellations until the last moment. The cruise line loses extra from paying the commission and not having the passenger on board. For the cruise line to mitigate losses, it is in their (short-term) interest to wait until the last moment to cancel cruises. This will make it more likely for cruisers to cancel their cruises and relieve them of the additional commission burden from a customer from whom they will make no money. Bad situation, everyone loses. And, it's especially hard on the agents. Good luck!
  5. I feel for anyone who is stuck away from their home. Especially those who had no choice and were unable to go home such as those employed on cruise ships. The difference you cite is that those people could have gotten home with a government loan - if they chose it. Most workers on cruise ships, including Americans, had no such option. Sorry, not doom and gloom, just reality.
  6. The media was full today with stories about crew members stranded aboard ships. I have limitless appreciation for the work the crew has always done to take care of us on cruises. I’m very disappointed with Royal and all the cruise lines for not doing enough to get people home. The pandemic is challenging enough but I can’t imagine how difficult it’d be if you’re restricted to a crew cabin for most days. Hopefully, more will be done to help those still stranded.
  7. Thank you to all cruise critic members who are nurses, doctors, first responders and all those working in stores and delivery who are sacrificing themselves for the greater good of others. May God bless you all always and hopefully your efforts will bring the majority of us through this pandemic safely. We’re in Toronto and I think we’re getting a handle on everything. Miserable cool weather has helped keep people inside. Stay safe everyone and hopefully we’ll all be able to travel again soon. Health and safety take precedence over everything else.
  8. Looks like your government was smart, you guys are doing pretty good now.
  9. With some talk starting now about "re-opening the economy", I interested in knowing what would have to happen before for you to take your next cruise? Specifically, does something need to happen for you to book another cruise (e.g., vaccine available for Covid-19, hand-washing stations at all food venues on board, etc.) or would you go as soon as your allowed?
  10. It’s really hit or mostly miss. We’ve done quite a few cruises out of Bayonne and NYC and most trips are uneventful. Sometimes it’s a little rough off the coast of Cape Hatteras. Once though we did get caught in a Nor-Easter and that was really rough for a couple days. Let’s hope we’re all on cruises next year enjoying the weather and company!
  11. We’re in the midst of a pandemic. Most comments are just speculation without any basis in reality. Do cruise lines want as many passengers of all demographics as possible - yes. Are seniors a key demographic - yes. Do they want to lose that revenue stream - no. This won’t be sorted for some time. I hope you’re all safe at home and looking forward to future cruises!
  12. I’m really sorry, but this is utter rubbish. The OP mentions In their post that article is not from the best source. You may as well also write “if we get hit by a large asteroid, Royal Caribbean will go bankrupt, we’ll have another ice age, and most of us will die.” Hyperbole aside, everyone should apply themselves to being calm and letting this thing pass. I’m looking forward to returning to my next cruises on Royal (hopefully in August and October). On another note, if more frightful people cancel, I might just get me a great free upgrade!
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