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  1. Was able to check in today (45 days). Got an email for Royal Up. Since it's a few day cruise from Tampa, we booked a guarantee balcony. Was offered $30 pp to bid on a regular balcony. Did a mock booking and saw no balconies available. I don't like the idea of Royal Up for this since we cannot choose our own cabin. Just going to stick with guarantee. Wouldn't do guarantee on a longer cruise though. Always pick our own balcony cabin then to get location, etc that we want.
  2. We are sailing 12/2 and just were able to check in today. On phone it just shows Vaccination "All Guests, etc." No mention of tests or passport
  3. Totally get that with a guarantee cabin, you must take what you get. That being said, if you booked a guarantee cabin wouldn't your chances of getting a non-obstructed view cabin be better due to less cabins booked on a ship at this time?
  4. We are sailing on 12/2 on Serenade, couldn't even check in yet, so cannot bid. Were you able to check in early for your cruise?
  5. The reason I used my points was that for cash back it was only 1% vs. travel 1.5%. Not worth it though when I need to stick with Chase's agency. I'm not sure, but I think they were offering 1.5% back temporarily on other things...If that's still around, perhaps I'll use that route instead.
  6. It is actually Chase Bank's Travel Agency. Chase is efficient in other aspects so I never thought it necessary to check them out thoroughly before I booked. I can get through to them on the phone, but as I mentioned in my first post, I need to jump through hoops to get to their Cruise Dept. I wanted to use my points 1.5% rather than 1%. That is the reason I used them.
  7. Enough is enough...My credit card's agency doesn't have email and is very difficult to reach on the phone. So I decide to transfer my reservation to another TA. I am within the 30 days. I called my credit card's Travel Dept and and after punching many buttons I reach a representative who I could hardly understand. She finally puts me through to the cc's Cruise Dept. This rep at the Cruise Dept is pleasant and easy to understand. I tell the rep that I want to transfer my cc reservation to another TA. She tells me that their travel dept. will not do that because I booked with my points originally. Nothing I can do. So I ask what would happen if I cancel the reservation and rebook with the other agent who is easily accessible. She tells me I'd lose $200...that is Royal's policy. I thought that Royal would permit me to cancel if I booked within a certain period. Perhaps I am wrong. I ask if I can call the Cruise Dept directly or email them...No. In any case, I am absolutely disgusted that I have to remain with my cc's awful travel dept. Just had to vent
  8. So confused. Thought the policy in Cozumel was masks outside and inside. Wondering if shops near the port require masks as well. And if we need to put a mask on when walking from ships to taxi area and/or shopping.
  9. Thanks for this information. We have two trips coming up and will need the test for both within the 2 day timeframe unless this rule is changed by Dec and Jan.
  10. I read that it can be done if it was booked within 30 days and final payment has not been made. However, not sure of how to do this if I used cc points for downpayment. Would that matter? I really dislike having a hard time reaching my cc's travel dept and the fact that they do not have email. Thanks.
  11. Got our drink package for $47 plus tip a week ago on the RC site.
  12. Got it for $47 plus tip about 2 weeks ago - 4 night cruise from Tampa.
  13. We are on the Serenade out of Tampa on 12/2. Wondering how full this cruise may be. Is there a way to tell as we get closer to sailing date?
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