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  1. We have gone with Mystic Man on the Piton snorkel and sail trip 3 times while we were in port on a cruise ship. Wonderful experience, as always! Only downside was we were prepared to pay with cash at the end of the excursion, but the captain was radioed that they wanted to run our credit cards we had on file in case of a no show. Everyone agreed (20 people), then we just got our credit card statement. We were charged $6 more for the exchange rate, and then an $8 foreign transaction fee. If you are thinking about taking this excursion, definitely do so. However only pay with cash!!!
  2. I tried to reserve a Blue Hole and Dunn River Falls tour with Marks Tours, but he does not operate from there. Any suggestions on any other tour operators from Montego Bay?
  3. There are many things to do in Antigua, great beaches, fort, etc. check out the cruisecritic.com and search on Antigua. We have been there several times. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. [quote name='royalcruz']The 40 bus does not go to the airport. Only the 1 bus does. You can get off the 1 bus at SE 17th St and take the 40 bus east to Eisenhower Blvd, 2 blocks from the port entrance. That is as close as you are going to get. Your terminal will either be between a few blocks and 1.5 miles from the bus stop.[/quote] When we get off the 1 bus on 17th, is there a place we can buy sodas, beer, etc. nearby? Thanks for all the great help!
  5. My husband and I only bring a backpack on our cruises, so we travel light. We are staying on Hollywood beach the night before our cruise and can get there pretty easily on the public bus system. We will take the bus back to the airport and either try to take another bus or get a cab. My question is, I believe it is route 40 from the airport that will take you to Port Everglades. Can anyone give me an idea how close we can get to the entrance to the port? Thanks for the help!
  6. Does anyone know where a grocery store is within walking distance of the old town? My husband and I always like to check them out for the local foods and coffee.
  7. We just got the Intercontinental - Name your price - for Dec 17-20 post cruise for $100 plus taxes per night!!! I was surprised since that is the week of Christmas. Last year we were at the Intercontinental Christmas Eve and thru the day after Christmas and it was $225 plus taxes. The Intercontinental has good rooms and a fabulous pool and beach area. We were even treated to an outdoor wedding on Christmas Day. If you take a left out of the hotel and cross the street by the Chilis and follow the side of the building Chilis is in on a sidewalk for about 4-5 blocks there is a HUGE grocery store with everything you will need including alcohol. Also if you turn left out of the hotel and stay on the hotel side of the street you will come across a cantina with seating inside and out. Very good food, but I cannot remember the name. It was quite an adventure since we were eating there on Christmas Eve and there was an earthquake! Being from MN it was my first experience with one! But we have a good story! Remember the bus runs along the road in front of the hotel and it is very inexpensive if you want to go further west down the hotel and restaurant strip. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks for the info Rainforestgirl!
  9. Post cruise, we will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in San Juan at the Intercontinental, leaving on the day after Christmas. We would like to attend Christmas services at one of the Cathedrals. I checked the website of the oldest Cathedral in OSJ, but they did not have their listings for Christmas. Any recommendations??? Also, is it possible to get a taxi either day? Are the buses running? Thanks for the help!
  10. We are coming in on Carnival this time so we will be at the new Mahogany pier. In the past we have walked to the Coxen Hole grocery store to stock up on beer, coffee, etc. I have been to the West End before - no grocery store there. Is there a grocery store in the West Bay we could buy supplies at?
  11. Hi, We are on the Carnival Victory in March. We did the all day island tour the last time. There are 4 of us. We would like to go to Jalousie beach, but the land and water taxis seem really expensive. Where does the Victory dock? What is there to do near there? Thanks!
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