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  1. Just to add another relatively similar comment, we like both sizes of ships, and each has their own qualities. Though I don't think there is much difference in the A or B cabins, other than a slightly smaller bathroom, when you get to the PH level there is a more marked difference. The PHs on the O ships are more spacious, and the closet on the O ships is huge compared to the R ships. The cooking classes are great, so that can be important. We will be on SIRENA in October, so we will see how they have changed the restaurant offerings to be a bit more like the O class ships. At the same time, the R class ships are much more intimate, and you will get to recognize everyone by the end of the cruise. In St. Petersburg, REGATTA sailed right up the river and docked right across from the Hermitage. I don't know if the O class ships can do that. Many spaces are smaller on the R ships, but with a passenger load of only half of the O class, they don't need as much space. There are advantages to the O class ships, but the R class ships are wonderful too. But then, most people have already said that!
  2. You might try to post this request on the Roll Call for your trip. Go to the Roll Call section of these boards, then to Royal Caribbean, and then to Oasis of the Seas and look for your cruise. There is an active roll call there.
  3. We sailed with HAL and enjoyed it a lot, and we were the same age group when we did it. It is not so much a question, in my mind, of your level of activity as much as the amount of partying that might or might not be going on. If I could give a tad more detail, I would sail one way to Seward. When you arrive in Seward, take the better part of the day to take the Kenai Fjords tour. It is on a much smaller boat and takes about five hours. Of all the things we did on our cruisetour, the Kenai Fjords tour was second only to the tour of Denali (which I would also do). On the Kenai Fjords tour, you will be on a 100 - 150 passenger boat, and you will get within 1/2 mile of the face of the glacier. You will see calving up close and personal, they generally scoop up a piece of floating ice for you to look at, you will hear the glacier (they are not quiet), and you really don't see any of this from a cruise ship a mile from the glacier. You will also see tons of wildlife on the tour. It would be worth it to either take a pre-set tour from Anchorage for a few days to take in Denali. The Tundra Wilderness Tour, which takes 8 hours, was fantastic. You are in a bus and go 52 miles into the park. Whenever anyone sees any wildlife, they yell and the bus stops. You will see tons of grizzlies -- many as close as 30 feet -- and lots of other animals as well. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the top of Denali. If it were me, I would take a longer cruisetour and get up to Fairbanks and perhaps more, but the two tours I mentioned are worth everything, IMHO.
  4. Agree that a river boat does not move all that quickly, and 1/125 will certainly stop the motion, and you might be able to stop motion with a slower speed. Try a couple to be sure -- after all we don't wait for the film to be processed any longer!
  5. I wanted a similar camera but felt that the price of the Go Pro was a bit high. Instead I purchased an Intova camera, used it underwater and to make a video of some zip lining. Felt that it did a great job.
  6. It might help if you told us what line you are looking at. Also you might want to pose this question on that line's board under the heading of Cruise Lines A - O or P - Z.
  7. Most of the stops along the Rhine and Danube are in small towns. You would have to look at various trips to see which ones have more small towns than others. I think you will find that most trips will have a bit of each, as few customers would want all of one kind, but on our cruise from Amsterdam to Vienna, most of the stops were in smaller towns.
  8. I wouldn't necessarily wait for WISH to be out, but having taken grandchildren on two Disney cruises, I wonder if waiting two years might be better for the kids. A three-year-old is not really going to appreciate nearly as much as a five-year-old. For no other reason, IMHO I would wait a couple of years.
  9. I have no idea what lines would make this easy. However, I did a quick search for some options for you, and you might look at: https://www.timeatlas.com/print-reverse-text/
  10. Hmmm..... an unfortunate situation. Since the reservation is in your name, then likely not a problem. It would appear that your workmate is not interested in going with you, so it is more a matter of clearing that issue up. You might reduce the reservation to just a solo reservation, and then send the workmate a certified letter, or Priority mail with delivery signature, and advise that you have not heard, you presume that the person does not want to go, and that you have changed the reservation to a single person. You can tell the workmate that if he/she wants to go, then he/she needs to make a reservation. It is a sad situation.
  11. Have you tried to post this invite on your cruise's roll call in the roll call section? Some people look on this section, some don't but the roll call is directed at people on your specific cruise.
  12. In some cases, the cruise line will hold your passport for the entire cruise unless there is a port where you need to have it with you. Like many others, I carry a copy of the ID page, but that is all. In most ports, the ship certifies to the immigration people that everyone has a valid passport, and after that your ship's key card is sufficient.
  13. Tours by Locals have tours in most cruise port, and Shoretrips also has people in almost every port. These are all local people. Tours by Locals is obvious on that score, and Shoretrips checks out tour operators in each port, and then has working arrangements with them, so they are all local as well.
  14. Well, I have not been on this ship, though most people know some of her history -- she used to be known as the STOCKHOLM and she collided with and ultimately sunk the ANDREA DORIA. The cruise line website does give some good information, but I would suggest that you go to the line's Cruise Line board on CC here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/825-cruise-amp-maritime-voyages/ to get specific answers from people who have been on that line and that ship.
  15. If you were going to China on a cruise in the near term, it might be a good thought to consider canceling, but the cruise lines are staying away from Chinese ports, and other ports in Asia for the time being anyhow. If you are going somewhere else in the world, i.e. the Med or the Caribbean, it would not seem that the risk is any higher than being in the middle of the country right now. There are lots of worse diseases that you can catch, and yet we don't worry about them when we travel. It would be ugly to be quarantined on a ship for a long period, but right now the chances of an outbreak in the Med or Caribbean look awfully remote. It used to be that we didn't worry about the weather, now the television weather reports seem to be as dire as the day's crime stories. We have always had weather and dealt with it. The crime stories are just more amplified now. My attitude is that you have to listen to the stuff on the television or radio and correspond that with our personal knowledge base. If it snows, I have seen that before and lived through it every single time. Crime isn't new, we just have way too many hours of news. And the networks live on controversy. I personally go on with my life as I have for years.
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