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  1. Somehow I think this might be a sarcastic question....... but lets go with 18 days !!!!
  2. Then surely as a “Marketing Professional” you would also realize that generating interest through Social Media actually cost very little. Also my point was not solely about RCL generated information, but across Social Media. I do appreciate there is one thread on here that has been dominated by a few members, but to me there was a lot more excitement for previous ships. FYI Americans are not the only people that take cruises, there are also people in Europe and Asia as well as the “soon to be” free British cruisers. Some of us will/are choosing to sail on this new ship from Barcelona ( its in Europe ) to Dubai ( not Europe or USA ) and onwards to China ( the real one not China Town ).......sorry to point out that the world does not evolve around Mr Trump ......but for us second class citizens its just common sense !!!!!!!!!
  3. I find it unbelievable that Royal are actually launching a brand new ship in 3 weeks time. However these pages are not not flooded with excitement and posts about Spectrum of the Seas. Now of course I know that this ship is heading ( from Barcelona ) to the Chinese Market, and yet many of us will either be sailing on this ship, or at least interested in the changes they have made with the introduction of Gold and Silver Suite facilities. Even the Royal marketing machine has been very quite on this one, is there something they don’t want us to know ??
  4. I would not worry too much about the Catarmaran area, it is really not large when compared to the overall size of the ship. The main reason why the sun (or lack of it) on any cabin would depend on the position of the sun and direction of travel. This would apply to all cabins, unless on the very top deck.
  5. I have been onboard the ship, and seen “the bed” it is comfortable and the two pieces will have a full matteress topper so it will feel like a regular quality bed.
  6. We recently had the pleasure of touring Scarlet Lady in the shipyard, anyone that has booked or is going to book then you are lucky people. The ship is amazing now, even as a basic steel structure from the outside she looks well underway, but internally there is still a lot of work to do. I will answer any questions that I can, but please respect I will not divulge any details that VV still want to keep under wraps for a later reveal.. I was very grateful to receive the awesome gift, of a numbered piece of Steel cut from the first sheet of steel used to make the ship. Thanks VV I cant wait to share this exciting adventure with you
  7. Surely it is time to do away with the Robotic Bar and replace it with a Celebrity style Martini Bar The Robo Bar is a novelty first time you see it, but it is too slow if you actually want a drink. The Ice Top martini bar is always a great place to “Chill” with friends
  8. The best seats for any Musical show are those just in front of the Sound Desk, as that is where the Sound is at its best. ( Don’t tell anyone, or those seats will be filled quickly )
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