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  1. The Wake ( Steak Restaurant) serves a really good Breakfast / Brunch Menu
  2. I really feel for the team at VV at the moment, it is hard enough to launch a new ship let alone a new cruise Line. Sorry for those that have had event invites cancelled, but feel for the team that has put years ( and many $ ) into planning the ship and the NY and Miami events. Have faith my friends the ship is awesome, the crew fun, attentive and knowledgeable. I had the pleasure of sailing on her from Uk to Miami and had agreat time. The Food is good and Entertainment different, the ship has a different vibe in many areas, and the open decks both chill and party. Those that have booked will have a great time as long as they sail with a positive attitude, and understand the VV is a different experience in many ways. Anyone that posts that its not like other cruise lines will be correct, its not so don’t expect it to be, Sail with an open mind and remember “Never Sleep Alone” .................that will make sense after your cruise !!!!
  3. There really is no need to ...... The space at the end of the counter top ( in bed first layout ) easily hides a large suitcase. Also despite what others say some suitcases do fit under the bed, and all do if opened up. ( although that makes it harder for Cabin attendant ) Another case could fit under hanging space.
  4. In our cabin, which has bed first and counter top near the balcony, there is a space for a large suitcase between the dresser and the balcony door, There is also a space between the bed and the bathroom wall or under the cloths hanging rail.
  5. Not totally correct we are paying for Drinks and Personal expenditure in Stores, and for Spa treatments. Yes some are at reduced prices. Most food items are available on most Menus.
  6. Well thanks for your cynical response, I am not linked to VV I am just a very experienced cruiser that they would like to attract across to their line. Those that actually know me are aware that i am more than capable of speaking my own mind, and if you took the time to read all my comments across all media sources you would see that i have commented on various ways. I can only comment on my own experience, yes the ship is 3 weeks away from receiving full paying guests, and there are some teething issues as one would expect, mainly with IT. All the restaurants are operating as they normally would, shows are not full operational. My comments were about the food which I found to be “Fab” Okay lets replace that with “Certainly at the standard O would expect if paying the standard rates for VV”. Let’s be clear this ship is not intended for every cruiser, it didn’t set out to be, and some will not like it. In the same way I have not liked other cruise lines in the past. It is aimed at those with a more open and flexible mind, ( when you see Never Sleep Alone you might understand ). For the benefit of those that might be a little jealous that they did not get the same invite as we did, there are also some aspects that don’t suit me, in the same way I dont need or use a Rock Climbing Wall or Water slide on other ships. It doesn’t mean they are bad, it is just not for me and as such i use the facilities that I find appealing. Here I have a nice Cabin space, I enjoy the food and am having a good cruise. Those that have booked have something to look forward to, BUT .............. manage your expectations and don’t expect everything to be like many other cruise lines. Although the standard Cabins, Selection of Restaurants and Bars are still here. The Open deck is different and Entertainment is creative.
  7. No just a lucky invited guest, the ship is fab, food is fab, nightclub is fab ( hangover is terrible ) thanks
  8. Okay I can clear this up IT IS NOT A BUFFET..... You cannot serve yourself at any of the food sections, you cannot pile your plate up with a selection of different meals, each serving is prepared for you as per your order. ( maybe with the exception of Bread or Desserts. ) Therefore there is much less food waste, no nobody ( who may have just come out of a bathroom, without washing their hands ) is touching the tongs or service spoons. I really like this area and am on board for a 9 day sailing.
  9. It all depends on the cabin you select, it is fairly limited on a standard balcony ( and yes I have been on the ship and seen an actual cabin set up )
  10. That is great for you......I shall actually be on the ship before you taking the 9 night transatlantic sailing before the ship arrives in New York. So if anyone has any questions i will be happy to answer, them subject of course to permission to disclose such information from VV.
  11. We are on the ship at the end of February doing the Transatlantic to New York, very excited
  12. Somehow I think this might be a sarcastic question....... but lets go with 18 days !!!!
  13. Then surely as a “Marketing Professional” you would also realize that generating interest through Social Media actually cost very little. Also my point was not solely about RCL generated information, but across Social Media. I do appreciate there is one thread on here that has been dominated by a few members, but to me there was a lot more excitement for previous ships. FYI Americans are not the only people that take cruises, there are also people in Europe and Asia as well as the “soon to be” free British cruisers. Some of us will/are choosing to sail on this new ship from Barcelona ( its in Europe ) to Dubai ( not Europe or USA ) and onwards to China ( the real one not China Town ).......sorry to point out that the world does not evolve around Mr Trump ......but for us second class citizens its just common sense !!!!!!!!!
  14. I find it unbelievable that Royal are actually launching a brand new ship in 3 weeks time. However these pages are not not flooded with excitement and posts about Spectrum of the Seas. Now of course I know that this ship is heading ( from Barcelona ) to the Chinese Market, and yet many of us will either be sailing on this ship, or at least interested in the changes they have made with the introduction of Gold and Silver Suite facilities. Even the Royal marketing machine has been very quite on this one, is there something they don’t want us to know ??
  15. I would not worry too much about the Catarmaran area, it is really not large when compared to the overall size of the ship. The main reason why the sun (or lack of it) on any cabin would depend on the position of the sun and direction of travel. This would apply to all cabins, unless on the very top deck.
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