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  1. In 2020 the Enchantment has some 7 day cruises out of Galveston that go to Key West and Coco Cay. They might not fit the OPs schedule but they are tempting to those of us that are tired of the Western Caribbean ports.
  2. Has anyone noticed that Celebrity's web site now says the non refundable cancellation cost is 25% of total cruise cost starting the day you book the cruise. This is different from the deposit amount. Specifically we were looking at a Millie September 2020 Trans Pacific in a veranda when this issue came up but this wording was now showing on all the cruises available . Does anyone know if this is a new change?
  3. Again from someone who sailed on the Summit post revolution. We loved the new beds, chairs, linens, towels and robes. Many of the beds on older ships have dips in the middle and many have stained worn linens and sad looking robes. It was so nice to have good beds. We also liked the shower door over the clingy shower curtain. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. One big item for us is the move to bigger penalty for cancelling cruises. It was once the deposit and now it seems to be 25% on some far out cruises. This has made us wait until after the final payment drop on a lot of cruises to be sure that we will actually sail. It sort of seems everything is non refundable to get a good early booking rate. We were looking at the Millie TP in September of 2020. You lose 25% of fare (balcony not suite)the day after you make the booking it you cancel. That is shocking to us. We use miles to fly and it makes the planning very tricky. Also travel insurance does not cover non medical instances where we would cancel a cruise. This is the biggest BAD change to us.
  5. My DH served on tour in Vietnam but did not retire from military. Some small print gives him full Vet privileges on both Princess (which gives OBC) and RCCL/Celebrity because of service during that era.
  6. In our experience all the pay tables are the same across the fleet. The "best" game is 6/5 jacks or better which is 95% if the royal pays 4000 coins. The other schedules we analyzed were not even that good. They have the same games as Celebrity but Celebrity has a buy $500 get $575 slot promo that helps a little bit. They also have non smoking casinos. We do not actually play much on RCCL because of the smoke. We will probably play black jack on our next cruise to use OBC. Even with Black Jacks paying 6 for 5 the non shoe game is better than video poker. That 95% on video poker is for perfect play and most leisure players make errors that benefit the casino edge.
  7. We just finished sailing in a sky suite on the Reflection (Aug /Sept 2019)without a drink package. The original booking was a guarantee suite and we were assigned an S2. We did not pay for the package because we are Elite. We did have some drinks in Micheal's because the bourbon was better than Jim Beam. We did take water and beers from the cooler to our suite refrigerator for in room consumption. We did not get wine during dinner at Luminae but were never uncomfortable bringing it in from a bar using the Elite perk. The waiter always put it in a fancy glass for us. We sometimes picked up a drink for the show after Elite expired at 8:00. Enjoy your sweet cruise.
  8. Great prices on the seven night cruise in Feb. of 2020 right now.
  9. I guess I have been high flying too long and am out of touch. It seemed like a good deal to me as we seldom pay less than for a seven night cruise for two.
  10. I enjoy CC slot pulls because they are my chance to play slots, otherwise I only play video poker and table games. I like the people meeting part of the slot pull and do not begrudge the organizer the points. After all any of us could set up a slot pull if we wanted the points. My DEAL is the rules or lack there of. I usually am happy with a 30% loss because if I played alone it would be more. I do not like it when a couple of people decide that all the money should be drained to zero in hopes of hitting the big one. It is OK with me if they are nuts ( as in believing they will hit the big one) with their money but not with mine. I signed up to run the money through once, even it out and pay out. Of course the 2-3 people that wanted to drain the machine lost it all and others were not able to stop them to get their $$$ (about 75%) of the buy in with out a giant scene. About 40 people were involved. I have also been in poker runs where people cheated (swapped cards )for big $$. All of that said, on my last slot pull, a poster on this board, ran a good pull and did at least gave everyone in the pull a vote about playing a second round. Although one round was enough for me, this was at least fair I just wish I had known in advance.. In that case casinos gave us all $10 slot play so it was not so bad.
  11. Just a heads up for those looking for points to move up.. Majesty of the Seas has some great prices for seven night cruises out of New Orleans. The ship is being moved off the Cuba run and will be new to New Orleans. I know it is older but the price for two( Feb. 8th, 2020) in a superior ocean view is around $1000 with port fees and taxes. If you can deal with a smaller cabin it is even less.
  12. I think one of the best deals right now is on the Majesty from New Orleans. The small OV cabins are less than $300 per person for a seven night cruise with Key West, Coco Cay and Nassau. A great deal for anyone needing a few points to get to the next level. One on line outfit is giving $75 OBC on top of the deal. As a plus the sailing is over Valentines day and during Mardi Gras so parades in New Orleans. Just saying.
  13. There is an "S" class spread sheet in a sticky post at the top of the Celebrity forum. It can be searched for cabin reviews. Follow up to an earlier reply on this thread. We are on your cruise and did change from an inside to a veranda on the recent price drop. We were able to pick a nice cabin by up grading instead of making a move up bid. That said we also put in weak move up bids for a family ocean view and a sky suite. We will most likely remain in our veranda. Hope to meet you at the "connections" event on the cruise. Phyllis
  14. As Diamond/Elite you will get unlimited drinks at bars during Elite happy hour on Celebrity. You can not use the drinks in the MDR but you can carry in from a bar. There is also a nightly event (most nights) in a given location with canapes. There will be information about the Elite events/benefits in your stateroom. I love getting a rose in my cabin.
  15. Oops. I misunderstood #2. You can have lunch in your room but I don't know about the Porch part.
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