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  1. We are just off the Summit and there seemed to be a lot of up to date games. The casino was "updated" as part of the revolution so maybe old games were replaced with new ones then. We play mostly video poker but I really liked Alex the casino manager. I felt like he went out of his way to make the daily "events" at 10:00 fun. He dealt the free black jack tournament with officers and made an effort to make sure that everyone involved was comfortable and enjoyed themselves. We felt this casino had a lot more going on and was more fun than our most recent RCCL cruise. Of course we love that Celebrity is non smoking in the casino.
  2. THREE days until we board Jewel TA to Rome. Getting sooo excited. You would think after 8 previous TAs I would be so over it but not.
  3. Our first cruise on RCCL was on the Rhapsody out of Galveston in November of 2002. One of our most memorable cruises on RCCL was a Trans Atlantic cruise on the Adventure from San Juan to Malaga Spain in May of 2011. WOW what a cruise for cruise critic members. The M and M had champagne and the best prizes I have seen at any EVER and I have attended a bunch of them. You actually wanted to win. The Cruise director and Manager of food service had a fancy luncheon for cruise critic members. They arranged it and sent printed invitations to cabins. There was a great preset menu with three course and all the wine you wanted. Think quality, think Chops. The welcome back party was in the ice rink with a line up of food stretching for at least 12 feet. Not cardboard apps. Think suite lounge, hot and cold. Think Country Club gala heavy Appetizers. You could have anything to drink. not just champagne and rum punch. This may have been top tier, but we were not Diamond yet. We went to two parties like this one while on board. There was an officers night in Casino and the food services manager dealt black jack to us. The next day he sent chocolate covered strawberries to the cabin, "thanks for playing with me last night". Just WOW. surprises at every turn. Even writing this, I can't believe it happened but it was true, I was there. I wish I could remember the name of the cruise director, a blond that had a different dress every time you saw her, which was everywhere. She was the hardiest working CD ever. I think she may have been stopping by from HQ, she certainly had an unlimited budget. Some of you may know her name. I will never forget that cruise. Thank you for letting me remember it.
  4. We got a Royal up offer today for March 29th TA on the Jewel. Exactly 30 days out. We are in a Grand Suite and there have not been ANY suites available in forever. All kinds of people on the roll call are getting Royal Up offers. We are happy where we are and I think in this case it is marketing and for back filling cancellations. To move up to an Owners suite would have been $200. PP min. There would be no difference in perks as far as I know between GS and OS.
  5. If you have not been to Alaska I would do it. Ovation is a "cold" weather ship and IMO does not have a lot of sea views. There is no wrap around promenade deck for viewing the sea and glaciers. The Serenade is a Radiance class and has an open promenade and a lot of windows in the public areas. It also has a lot less passenger to get on and off the ship at ports. The Alaska cruise is usually very smooth and you will see wonderful things. IMO the pacific coast is better visited from a car driving Highway 1. Alaska is best seen from the water. ust my 2 cents worth.
  6. Thank you for the response. We usually play video poker and I know the pay out there even on $1 x 5 is around 95% at the most. We would never play those schedules in a land based casino but sometimes play them on the ship just for entertainment. We play $1.25 (quarter game) really slow. I don't think they give as many points for video poker as for slots, I know most land based casinos do not. Maybe next cruise I will play the "don't" on craps to see if they switch the dice on me. Just kidding, but I do play the don't on a cold table.
  7. Just curious, What kind of play does it take to get 4900 points in one cruise? Did you play slots or table games? Thanks for sharing you experience.
  8. Loved the gambling review. We have always wanted to visit that casino and it was great to follow on the coat tails of a couple of comp players. Looking forward to hearing about your EDGE casino adventures also.
  9. We booked the Oct 20th cruise direct with Celebrity in November of 2017. Last night at 8:00pm we finally got a call from Celebrity giving us less than 24 hours to choose a new cruise to get our $200 OBC (per cabin not per person). The caller said we had until 11:00 am today to decide. Others on our roll call that booked thorough Travel agents had already been notified days ago and were given until December 17th to make a decision. We called this AM and moved to the Nov 11th cruise to keep price protection. The Celebrity website showed us changed to the Nov.11th cruise but with the wrong price and no OBC. We called back an hour ago and were on hold for 30 minutes listening to that stupid tape. This was after being on hold this morning. The agent we spoke to said it would be corrected sometime (overnight?) but that the hold wait for the resolutions desk was over an hour. We are getting very upset about this. They chartered the cruise out from under us and started this mess and now the service to make the changes is terrible. I hope the last agent is right and that this gets settled because we do not want to call Celebrity again...EVER.
  10. We carry on when allowed. For sure you can do it in many USA ports. It depends on the size of the security scanners. You have to be able to lift your big bag up to get it on the belt. We like to have everything with us so that we can wipe down the cabin and put stuff away right after we board. There is sometimes a wait for the elevators but it is worth it to know that all your bags are safely on the ship. One tip is to board later so that cabins are open (1:00ish) and you can get rid of the luggage ASAP with only have one elevator ride. You have had to drag bags through hotels and airports so why tips someone to take them on the ship. All that said, we only take one medium roller bag each and we are in good physical shape so we can handle the walk on and walk off easily. I do wonder why people with many, many huge bags and mobility issues consider walking off like over loaded pack mules. I am not putting down seniors, I am over seventy but I can keep up with the flow on traffic without delaying others. I think you should try walking on, do tag your luggage in case they don't allow it.
  11. Our Daughter and Grand Daughter when with Native Choice Mayan Lunch and Ruins and enjoyed it very much. We walked them to the Native Choice Office and saw them off on a very modern bus. They were dropped off at the port after the tour. This was on the Liberty in August of 2018. The walk was fine, We stopped at a drug store on the walk back to the ship. This area is not very developed but it felt safe. The Native Choice operation appeared very professional with uniformed full time employees and nice vehicles.
  12. The connecting cabins on some ships (Liberty) have a club chair instead of a love seat. Something has to change to allow for the adjoining door to open. We actually liked the chair as it was more comfortable than some of the sofas we have had in the past. We did not have any noise from the other cabin but that is the luck of the draw. A bad neighbor that slams doors and drawers is a problem even with no adjoining door.
  13. I know this is unsolicited advice but it is well intended. I would think at least twice about climbing Dunn's River falls. I did climb them with 60 year old knees. My DH woke with a bad back that AM and he opted for the stairs instead of the Falls so he could at least keep an eye on me and take photos. I did fine but even the stairs are tough if you have limitations. The footing is slippery and the falls are steep and it is hard to see where you are stepping because of the water,. You could pay physically for that excursion for the a long time if you blow your knees. It would definitely ruin your cruise to get hurt there. Thank you for listening to my opinion.
  14. It is our experience that the first day is always a little wild and stressful on any ship. We always seem to see the problems and the glass sometimes looks more than half empty, the elevators are slow, the steward is no where to be found, the room is hot, etc. We have learned to lower our expectations. Thank goodness when the sun rises the next morning, the glass is full, the problems can be resolved, we got some rest and we are on vacation. It is our experience that robes, ice and OBC all show up the second day. Hope you have a great cruise.
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