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  1. Thanks! Called NCL and they are resending. Apparently many did not receive. Thanks
  2. Can I ask if you are over 70? I have not received this for my clients. thanks!
  3. Yes! I am a TA and have a couple in their 80’s supposed to travel on the 22nd and I haven’t received a thing!! It isn’t on the websit either. Hmmmm.....
  4. It would be easier to call your TA. They can go online and do it for you.😊
  5. It isn’t me that wants to cancel. A friend has been getting some bad information from someone he claims has FBI credentials. They told him that if there are any issues he won’t be allowed back into the country!! Lol! I told him it was nonsense and his information is wrong! Didn’t seem to believe me. So he said he Had insurance. I explained the policy and the NCL policy and he was quite angry. I am a TA, just wanted to get some opinions. thank you!
  6. Hi. Im wondering if insurance would pay if you cancel prior? With a dr note possibly?
  7. I put a bid on a few havens and a concierge cabin upcoming Joy on 3/22. With everything going on, I assume many will cancel so there will be more available to upgrade. Can’t decide if I should keep in my bid or take it off and just call about an upgrade. Hmmmmmm
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