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  1. I avoid sending my most delicate things to the ship's laundry. But I must agree that overall HAL laundry does a better job with the laundry than I do at home. (I don't underwear and put it in a basket with tissue paper.)
  2. Enjoy your voyage. Are the leaves on the trees changing? I imagine they might be where you are now. How lovely it must be! We were on the Zuiderdam in August for the Voyage of the Vikings. It's been two weeks and I miss it being on board. If you see MDR servers Roy, Denny, Iga, or Wayon, please tell them Jean and Ralph send best regards.
  3. Thanks all. Kazu, this thread pales in comparison with the one you did recently on the Prinsendam. I don't know how your posted all you did on that very busy itinerary. After doing this one, I appreciate you and your efforts even more!
  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. We live just an hour away from Tampa and enjoy the Tampa sail-aways very much.
  5. The Embassy Suite (near Logan Airport in Boston) has 24 hour shuttle every 15 minutes to the airport, but not to the cruise port. This year we had a bus full to the cruise terminal - filled by travel agent. Last year (we also did the Voyage of the Vikings in 2019) we used a taxi. Seems like it was $20-$25. This Embassy Suites includes a nice breakfast. They also serve some food from 5-7 to which worked as a light dinner for us (weary travelers too tired to go out for a big dinner in town).
  6. I concluded this thread with my signature photos of lamp posts with flowers. These we saw on our HAL tour in the Boston port where we ended the Voyage of the Vikings. Thank you for following along with us and for all the kind comments. First in Cambridge near the Harvard campus.
  7. It took 31 of the 34 day cruise for me to find this beauty. Remember when these orchid plants were on every table in the Lido Restaurant? Remember how nice it was to see them there? This pink orchid was in the Ladies Restroom, between the Lido and the Lido Pool, Starboard side. They must have missed it when they removed all the others. I am hopeful they will return to the Lido.
  8. Ahhhhh - Home Sweet Home! But I could have stayed on the Zuiderdam a few more weeks too. It's just the airplane travel that is tiring, especially when combined with weather issues. Here are 4 people whose attentiveness made our cruise: our assistant dining steward and magician Denny, our amazing dining steward Roy, and our two wonderful room attendants Fran and Parta. I sure wish they were here to serve us dinner and make our bed right now! Service with a smile!
  9. We disembarked the Zuiderdam at 8:30. Meeting the immigration officials in the Hudson room on Deck 3 went smoothly but I was disappointed that there were only a waiter and a couple office personnel at the exit; I guess they were our farewell committee. I had hoped to see the Cruise Director and Hotel Manager, both of whom we rarely saw anywhere on the ship. We did see the captain frequently, both inside and outside the ship. And we played trivia (usually twice a day) with the assistant cruise director. However, the responsibilities of the Cruise Director/Travel guide Jonathan and the Port/Travel guide Jessica and Assistant Cruise Director Erica are difficult to understand. I think those positions are changing fleet wide, but I wish HAL would go back to the old ways when the Cruise Director interacted more with the passengers. This goes for the officers too - I long for the 5 star cocktail parties of the past when we could chat with any and all of them. After disembarking we boarded a bus and took a nice tour of Boston and Cambridge which dropped us off at the airport at 3. From there we went to the Embassy Suite (same hotel we stayed at prior to our cruise and one we knew had a good shuttle to and from the airport) for the night. We should fly home tomorrow. I hope to finish this blog with a few more photos I've taken on the ship and a few of our bright sunny day in Boston. I'll also answer any questions you might have the next day or two as we work our way back home.
  10. But there is more in the Public Garden - so much more! Our friend, and guide, Tracy wove us through the paths of most of the 16 acres. I picked just a few of my photos to share below. The bandshell, recently renovated. Band concert from 2-4 today! The historic Horticulture House where we had coffee and cake on the porch during the band concert. a model of the Titanic!
  11. Halifax Public Park is a Victorian Garden of 16 marvelous acres of nicely laid out paths among some of the most beautiful flowers. It began in 1867. Be sure to visit this lovely place. At this time of late summer, the Dahlia are the highlight. They were in every possible color and sizes ran from 4 inches to 9 inches in diameter. There is a bug on the pink dahlia on the left above which will help give some perspective.
  12. We are now sailing slowly (12 knots) toward Boston. We should arrive around 7. Weather there should be sunny and mid 70's. Today we spent most of the time packing and figuring out how we were getting home. Orlando airport reversed their decision to close today which was a relief. But then, as we were packing out clothes this afternoon, we heard that Orlando airport was closing and all Tuesday flights were cancelled. We were able to use the guest services phone and, after nearly an hour, changed our flight to Tampa instead of Orlando. Flights Tuesday were full, but we are now booked on an early Wednesday non-stop flight. Whew! Now to figure out where to spend the night! And soon I will post some wonderful photos from Flemming Park and the Public Park in Halifax. I took at least 50 photos - it was a great day to be in Halifax. We were fortunate to have a dear friend who lives in Halifax take a few of us to some lesser known places. Thank you Tracey! Meanwhile, if others would like to share their photos, please do. There are so many great things to see and do in Halifax. I love that city and the surrounding area.
  13. Lovely sail into Halifax today (photos below). Tied up at Pier 21 by 2:30. It is a beautiful , warm and sunny day! Untitled.pages
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