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  1. Not that she shouldn't keep her mask on, but the woman is carrying a backpack and seems to be in some distress. Wearing a mask does affect one's breathing ability. I found it very difficult to keep a mask on as I flew back from a cruise on March 18. I tried to keep a mask on because of probable COVID in the three airports and on two airfreights. I'm not sure if it is because of my heart disease or a tendency to be claustrophobic - maybe a combination of the two, but there were times I had to lift the mask off my nose just to breath normally.
  2. Love this! It reminds me how much I love Holland America ships and crews. I need a cruise!
  3. Excellent - thanks. They are guessing docking in about 20 minutes.
  4. HAL medical staff is taking care of those 50 people. Update: Zaandam is closing in at 4.5 km.
  5. I'm surprised that noone on either ship has posted on this thread. There must be some that were on a Roll Call for the 3/7 departure. It would be nice to hear from them in time, when things settle down. For those who have lost webcam, it is on Fox News Channel, lower right corner of screen.
  6. Looks like a race to the finish/port. Zannie is a bit further North, but going nearly twice as fast as the Rotterdam.
  7. Thoughts and prayers going out to Bill and Gloria especially. Also to all passengers and crew aboard both of these ships.
  8. I've had a cold and qualified for COVID drive-thru testing so had that done on 3/20. Just got the results today (13 days later). I'm negative for COVID. Hope you are ok too. Note: the Zaandam has had better tests for COVID than the state of Florida
  9. Yes, this article is more accurate and informative than most have been. Thank you for posting it.
  10. Manilla airport has been closed so the bar staff will have problems getting home. Some of the Indonesians staff on the Eurodam could not get home either as of two weeks ago. (DH and I are just now completing our two weeks of self-quarantine today after flying home from San Diego and the Eurodam on 3/18) Hopefully Manilla has opened up to some flights by now.
  11. Copper, while we are waiting, I'd like to revisit something you posted last night (I think). You mentioned that the Zaandam tried to emergency disembark two critically ill passengers on ventilators in San Andreas island (Columbia) but were that request was refused. I continue to wonder why the Zaandam headed in towards the port of Manta (Ecuador) about two weeks ago. Was that possibly also in an effort to get medical attention or emergency disembarkation for those two? If not for medical assistance, what was that detour toward Manta for? I suppose there might have been a storm. Why else?
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