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  1. I really don't like the taste of the paper ones either...just yuck. Most of my drinks are mimosas, martinis and wine so thankfully don't have to deal with the straws except for a frozen drink here or there. My daughter has to drink out of a straw though due to expanders and braces so we bought the silicone reusable ones. They work fantastic, would highly recommend!
  2. Personally don't care for anything in the Windjammer. We were extremely disappointed with the Windjammer after our last cruise on Oasis. Definitely not anything near Celebrity's buffet, which is awesome. I really do enjoy the food in the MDR though for dinner. On Oasis and Allure I would recommend the Solarium buffet for breakfast and lunch. We found the food there to be much better than the Windjammer.
  3. Our last cruise on Oasis was the same in the MDR. We had a table for two, which was great until we saw how close the other table was. Literally inches away. It was like still having a table for 4 but with a gap in the tables. Really, really awkward setup for us and the servers. The couple next to us was very nice and we both did a good job of saying pleasantries while maintain our own conversation but it was still very strange.
  4. The lack of mirror is indeed a huge miss. Thanks for the tip...will be brining a mirror with me on our upcoming trip now!
  5. We have gotten $30 per person on Equinox as well and it was the most amazing food experience on a ship to date! I think it started out as $35 per person at the beginning of the cruise and went down to $30 later in the week.
  6. You will not be disappointed!! Equinox is one of my favorites! Then again the ship I am usually on tends to be my favorite. :)
  7. Usually a swimsuit with a cover up during the day and then leggings and a nice shirt in the evening. Don't forget to pack a sweater for the evenings! Some of the venues are chilly after spending a day in the sun. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. We have saved big on our last two bookings by booking through a TA that had a group booking. Well worth it!
  9. I agree. If you know you are going to get the package just book it now. If the price goes down then you can rebook but if the price goes higher then you are ahead.
  10. Thank you! We have a group going so doubling up won't be an issue! :)
  11. How far away is the Pan American pier from the Sheraton Old San Juan. We are sailing Celebrity.
  12. I brought a diffuser on our last cruise with Royal and our last with Celebrity without issue.
  13. SO glad to hear you had the traditional style lounge chairs on your balcony!! I was getting worried after seeing those awful ones the suite had. Thank you!
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