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  1. Did this tour a few years ago and it was fabulous! Unless things have changed, your luggage ( any size) will go with you, just not next to you on the train. A purse and a small bag would be fine. Think of what might fit under an airline seat. That should be good.
  2. I had a similar experience at the river boat. We had to eat quickly, so there wasn’t much time for severs to refill all empties. I guess I sat in the wrong spot as well. Most things had no more than a bite by the time they came to me.
  3. We arrived 3 days early with a paid transfer, and were not picked up. Was on a horrible hold in the middle school of SFO with the travel number. Gave up, called the regular number and bingo! They said to take a taxi and we would be reimbursed. We did, they did, all was well.
  4. If you have a library card to your local library, download the Overdrive app. I turn on my WiFi, download 5 free books, and then turn off my WiFi so I can keep the books beyond the 2 weeks. Did I mention free? Love it!
  5. Are the Bloody Marys and lattes free for suite breakfast if you don’t have the drink plan?
  6. I had trouble on mine also. When I put a different notification person for us each it went through.
  7. Taking this cruise next year. Excited to read your review!
  8. Plenty of choices. I did ask for sugar free syrup for coffee and they didn't have that.
  9. I have done the 10 night and loved it, but if you can do it, the connoisseur tour is beyond fabulous.
  10. I also just called Princess, and poof! It was there.
  11. We also rebooked from sip and sail. Our room went down $410 a person. Only one of us drinks, so a much better deal for us. Thanks everyone for the heads up. FYI, the stockholder benefit didn’t automatically transfer with the new booking. A quick call put it back on.
  12. How do you insure that it doesn’t go to just the headwaiter? They are all so fabulous, don’t want to short change anyone. Last time I didn’t tip extra, and felt cruddy about it.
  13. What about the suite breakfast? Do you leave an extra tip for that? If so, how do you handle it?
  14. I agree with your comments about dinner pairings. We are pretty quiet and tend to keep to ourselves. When we did this trip 4 years ago, we too went with the flow. It definitely added to the fun of the trip. Always someone to talk to. It was also fun to get together with theses same people on the cruise. Fabulous trip. Fabulous review!
  15. We do have some wonderful onions in Texas. Noonday. Not Vidalia.
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