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  1. Did this tour a few years ago and it was fabulous! Unless things have changed, your luggage ( any size) will go with you, just not next to you on the train. A purse and a small bag would be fine. Think of what might fit under an airline seat. That should be good.
  2. I had a similar experience at the river boat. We had to eat quickly, so there wasn’t much time for severs to refill all empties. I guess I sat in the wrong spot as well. Most things had no more than a bite by the time they came to me.
  3. We arrived 3 days early with a paid transfer, and were not picked up. Was on a horrible hold in the middle school of SFO with the travel number. Gave up, called the regular number and bingo! They said to take a taxi and we would be reimbursed. We did, they did, all was well.
  4. If you have a library card to your local library, download the Overdrive app. I turn on my WiFi, download 5 free books, and then turn off my WiFi so I can keep the books beyond the 2 weeks. Did I mention free? Love it!
  5. Are the Bloody Marys and lattes free for suite breakfast if you don’t have the drink plan?
  6. I had trouble on mine also. When I put a different notification person for us each it went through.
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