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  1. Congratulations on your upgrade! For your sailing, were any suites showing up as available on the RCCL website? We are in a JS on the 11/23/19 sailing of the Rhapsody and have been offered the same bid terms. No suites have been showing available for months, but my past experience shows that this really doesn't mean anything. We were on the Oasis in June and our bid for an ATS 1 bedroom was accepted (we were booked in a GS), and those had not been available for many months as well. Congratulations again!
  2. The price for my Rhapsody November 23rd sailing dropped from $55.00 to $45.00 today. The lowest price, many months ago, was $47.00, highest at $61.00. I hope others have their prices drop as well!
  3. Excellent idea. I edited the post to include the date. thank you!
  4. Hang tight! It may be reduced over the holiday weekend. Keep checking daily!!
  5. I went in to my cruise planner today and was pleasantly surprised to find the beverage package priced at $45.00 per person. Lowest had been $47.00, highest had been $61.00. We are on the Rhapsody on the November 23, 2019 sailing. Hope others can save some money today as well!
  6. Hi, we had 7 people and the cost was 79 euros. Picked us up right in front of the cruise terminal.
  7. We had an 11:00 a.m. flight and made it with no problem. We booked a private car that picked us up at 7:30 a.m., it went very smoothly.
  8. We stayed at the Cotton House Hotel in Barcelona. That is a Marriott brand, so we were able to use points. It is beautiful. Upon check-in, we were greeted with champagne, and the staff could not have been nicer.
  9. We were on the Oasis in June. I would order a martini, fully expecting to pay for it, and inevitably the bartender or waiter would say, "would you like to use one of your three drink coupons?" Well, yes, thank you, I would! It was very nice.
  10. We sailed Sky class and our friends sailed Star Class on the Oasis on the June 30th sailing. The suite lounge (which is beautiful by the way) was open from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Service was very friendly, we enjoyed the lounge very much. We would go up nightly for pre-dinner drinks. Enjoy the Oasis -- we loved it.
  11. Hi all, We have friends that are in a Star suite on our Oasis sailing in June. They have received an email from their Genie explaining all the details of the specialty restaurants. Their genie indicated that if they do Chef's Table, it is a charge of $25.00 per person. I thought that all restaurants were included, free of charge, in Star class. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you, Marsha
  12. We are on a June sailing of the Oasis and there has never been a dining package offered. I called Royal to ask about it. They said "just keep watching your cruise planner". That was very helpful, LOL.
  13. Hi all, We will be docked in Civitavecchia for the day on our upcoming Oasis cruise in June. The ships sails at 8:00 p.m. Does anyone know the time the ship requires everyone to be on board? We are planning our tour and this would be helpful information. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all -- we are sailing in June on the Oasis. I check our cruise planner often to monitor sales on drink packages, etc. There has never been any type of dining package offered for our sailing. We are sailing Rhapsody in November, and it is available there. Any ideas as to whether or not a dining package will be offered? I've written an email to RCL several days ago, but as of yet, I have no response. A call to the guest services doesn't result in any answers either. Thanks for any thoughts!
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