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  1. I’m so happy Celebrity is honoring your reservation. Now, totally off topic . . . As for Celebrity, and other land based restaurants, who raise prices for holidays that’s ok with me. My husband and I actually would rather not go to restaurants on the busiest nights of the year. Usually service and food are not up to par. We will “celebrate” the special day a few days before or after. That’s fine with us but I know others feel the day is important And that’s fine for them. For the past few years we celebrate Valentine’s Day with another couple. We have drinks and appetizers and then the men head to Chick Fil’a to bring back our meal. For dessert we have brownie sundaes. The table is decorated for Valentine’s Day and we have a wonderful time. I hope everyone enjoys their specials days!
  2. I’m on the Edge and sitting in the Solarium right now looking at Grand Cayman. I’ve been in the same lounge chair since 10:30 am. When I arrived there were three chairs to my left with water, a daily and Celebrity Bag on them — and no one around. My husband and I would leave for a few minutes to go into the pool or grab an ice cream cone. About 3:00 pm I was going to have the pool attendant remove the “stuff” but didn’t. Just now at 4:30 pm three people just showed up and had been in Grand Cayman all day! Not only that we’re talking loudly and making a phone call. I so wanted to say something but my husband is sitting next to me and would kill me if I started something. Please, if you recognize yourself from my description above stop doing this. I can’t believe they saved chairs and left the ship!
  3. Just paid $239 on Edge for seven days. That included tax and gratuity.
  4. Headed to Eden later this week. Understand it’s “weird” but we’re loving trying all the new things. I’ll let you know.
  5. A few things. It was especially loud just a few times. Think earlier you go it’s not as bad. We asked about outside tables and were told used when weather perfect, especially in Mediterranean, when ship is in port. They told us it wasn’t open that open outside.
  6. No worries ... We’ll be at Roof Top grill on Thursday.
  7. We’ve been on the Edge for a few days. We went to Fine Cuts the first evening and were disappointed. We love Murano and Tuscan on other ships and we were comparing. We didn’t like the location because it was so loud and the food was good but not great. Don’t think we’d go back. We were supposed to go to Roof Top last night but it was cancelled due to rain. We have had dinner in Cosmopolitan and Normandy and it was very good — as good as Aqua on our last few cruises. Only difference in a bit in the personal service. We’ve had breakfast every day in Cosmopolitan and it’s been great. As I said before Eden Cafe was great for lunch. Tonight we are going to have dinner on the Magic Carpet so stay tuned — I’ve heard good and bad so — open minded for new experience.
  8. I’ve heard about cloth laundry bags but actually never seem. On the Edge now and they had them. We were on the Reflection last month and we had paper. I hope they continue to use the cloth but afraid people may like them and they will disappear off the ship.
  9. We have taken over 15 Celebrity cruises — All different sizes and shapes. For the first time today I went to the Solarium on the Edge — I like the shape, comfortable chairs and light filled area. It was a rainy day today but still enjoyable and relaxing. The hot tub is huge — I like smaller ones, but it was fine. I will be spending lots of time there.
  10. Thanks Bo. Every time I turn around there is something “different” ... takes a bit of time to get used to it but then I’m ok. I came with an open mind and some excitement. Everyone had different expectations, likes and dislikes. I travel for new experiences and the Edge is a new experience. I was on the Magic Carpet earlier relaxing ... now that a difference I can embrace.
  11. Thanks — just grabbed a Brownie and it’s great
  12. I’m sitting on the outside deck enjoying a carved turkey sandwich which is wonderful. We are at sea and there are 3000 others on the ship but I’m in quite peaceful hideaway with six others reading and watching the sea go by. It is absolutely amazing. Sssh ... don’t tell anyone.
  13. This our 15th Celebrity cruise and first on the Edge. We always book Concierge or Aqua. I had been reluctant to book the Edge because of all the mixed reviews of the Infinite Veranda. We boarded yesterday and are in Concierge Cabin. The decor is relaxing, there is plenty of storage, bathroom is a great size and most of all live the Infinite Veranda. Our bed is my the door so open with the chairs turned I side it makes the room look so large. When I want to use as balcony I just turn by chair and open the top window. We are enjoying the ship and continually lost but that’s ok. We still have lots of exploring to do and will enjoy going back to our Infinite Veranda. Enjoying Key West today.
  14. Can’t wait to set sail next week. Thanks for giving me ideas of where to hang out.
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