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  1. We were there about two weeks ago and we had a wonderful time. The staff was welcoming and attentive, the food was fine and the water great. You need to remember this is in the middle of nowhere and low key. If you are looking for a place to chill, have a drink and enjoy the day in the water this is it. If you are looking for something upscale this is not for you. I think there were ten people on the whole beach!
  2. thank you and others for the positives. I’m going with an open mind and having so many positive things to look forward and explore. I love doing new things and so looking forward our Edge cruise.
  3. Over the years I’ve learned so many wonderful things from others here on CruiseCritic. We will be on the Edge in January and was wondering if you found a special place you liked, food to try, or any tidbits. Please keep positive. I’ve heard all about the negatives but would love to hear about things you surprised about and enjoyed. Thanks so much.
  4. I’m going to have an open mind for new experiences and know that any day on the high seas is a good one for me. I’ll check back in after our cruise. I’m generally a half-full type of gal.
  5. Great to hear. Wasn’t sure if was just continental. On the Reflection room service breakfast was great.
  6. Does anyone know what the fee is for the week? Thank you.
  7. We just got off the Reflection ... it was 30 items even if in 3 bags. Just mark 1 of 3 etc. We had been on land vacation first. It was great. Second day we went off 30 items and later in the week 30 more. It was a lifesaver.
  8. Does anyone know if you can order omelets by room service on Edge? We will be in a CC cabin.
  9. We were on the beautiful Reflection for 24 days in November and my husband heard all about the Edge. I always had told him I wasn’t interested. Well, guess what, he was. So just booked a January cruise on the Edge and will go with an open mind. Any tips I should know.
  10. Do they offer dining packages in the Edge and are they the same price as other cruises? Thank so much.
  11. We’ve been lucky enough to be on the Reflection for 20+ days. That’s the good news ... the bad news in my husband is now intrigued by the Edge. He rarely suggests something he’d like to try so I’m definitely game. I’ve never looked into it before because I like my balcony. Today I priced an Eastern Caribbean on 1/12 (we will be in Florida so no extra travel costs) for a concierge (same as E2). Leaving Future Cruises I checked and it seems there are over 50 Concierge Cabins available. Does that seem possible or am I reading it wrong. If so I’m thinking I’ll wait for the prices to drop even more because it’s not something I have to do. Thoughts.
  12. You absolutely should get the B2B discount. There are no excuses and doesn’t matter what promos or perks you have. You also should always have the Celebrity invoice. My travel agent sends me an updated invoice from Celebrity after every change. It’s assisted me in many circumstances.
  13. I would say don’t worry ... you are months out from the cruise and likelihood of your request moving off wait list is high also if you are using a travel agent they should call and ask to have you move — my agent has done that. I would keep checking and stay on this especially the week before and week after final payment when many change plans. I’m sure you have a wonderful cruise — I’m on the Reflection now and loving life.
  14. I was going to let this go until we came back to our cabin at 9:15 pm and he was in the cabin. We did talk to someone and said he was keeping the cabin well but the timing was so strange. We had told him we’d be out if the cabin by 8:15 am and don’t return until noon and that we leave about 7 and come back at 9 or so. I think what upset me was all the excuses ... not on till 11 which I know isn’t possible and the list goes on. Now we’ll see what happens. We are on a B2B and changing cabins. We’ll see. I respect the hard work but this was affecting our cruise.
  15. I just spoke with him and he said on sea days he doesn’t start until 11. I asked him to come first thing from now on. He tries hard but seems a little frazzled ... it hasn’t impacted our wonderful cruise so going to go with the flow.
  16. We are on a transatlantic at the moment in Aqua class. Our cabin steward doesn’t make up the cabin till after 3:00 pm. I don’t remember the timing from past cruises. The same in the evening - we come back after dinner and not ready for night. Our steward says he is in training for US cruises and timing is off. Wondering if this is the normal timing. What should we expect?
  17. I know we were very late boarding but no worries because people watching is fine.
  18. Waiting and watching people is a favorite activity of mine. A year ago we took a last minute Disney Cruise due to odd circumstances. We booked 5 days before the ship sailed. They give you a check in time and stick to it. I think ours was at 3 and the ship left at 4. We were there early with no chance to board early. Best cruise wait ever watching all the family matching tee shirts. My vacation starts as soon as the car leaves the house so waiting for planes, trains and automobiles is no big deal. I hope you don’t have to wait to long and enjoy your cruise.
  19. I know this has been discussed in the past but I was not able to find any of the treads. For it the first time we have the drink package as a perk (before the new $14 fee). I know we paid for the perk with a higher cruise fare. Do you tip a dollar or two for drinks you get at a bar? What about for coffees and tea? I have no issue with additional tipping but wonder what others do? Also do folks tip if they don’t have the package and getting free drinks if Elite during the 5-7 happy hour? Thanks!
  20. Husband and I have differing opinions and need expert advice. We are sailing from Barcelona to FLL and staying on to the Caribbean. He thinks we may have to through customs when we first arrive in FLL. I said it can’t be because we don’t take our luggage off the ship. Thoughts. On a a similar note ... can he leave the ship in FLL and head to Publex and reboard without standing in all the lines.
  21. It came with the fare we booked. I know it’s extremely stupid. We have been on 15+ cruises and NEVER get a drink package. My husband enjoys a drink in the evening but it would never make sense for us. Maybe we just have Premium and not Premium +, I need to check on that. I figured I should use it as much as possible 😉
  22. We have the Premium+ package ... I was wondering what items I can get ... Thanks.
  23. Question for experienced cruisers — Internet, texts, messenger and Facebook. We will have the Internet package and I wanted to confirm that as long as I put my phone on airplane mode I can use them without any additional fees? I’d love to call my dad once or twice to check in besides email. Is there an inexpensive way to do this from the ship. Thanks for your assistance.
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