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  1. I want to confirm that an AQ room lets you into the Persian Garden everyday. Also can anyone tell me about the relaxation room? Thinking of going from CC to AQ for a TA. The upgrade would be less than the price of the Persian Gardem for a week which my husband loves. And then we would dine in Blu.
  2. We definitely purchased cruise insurance. We never travel without. I know I’ll lose some on the airfare but that will be fine. Our trip isn’t for awhile so we have time to figure out
  3. We have just made final payment on our long awaited TA in April. This week my mom was moved into a nursing home and hospice care. We are afraid that we may not won’t be able to take our cruise because of this. I’m not able to reach my travel agent for a day and wondered if anyone knew how this would work. We would be happy to bank the money with Celebrity for s future cruise also. Thoughts!
  4. We love TA’s. The price is right and we totally enjoy relaxing and doing whatever we want. Nothing, spa, lectures, hot tub, people watching ... the possibilities are endless. My favorite type of cruise.
  5. We will be visiting friends in Sarasota and our ship leaves from the Port of Everglades in April. We have decided to get up early and head to Fort Lauderdale and have two choices -- we could take the Cruise Connection bus or rent a car -- the prices are comparable. If we rented a car we would drop off at the FLL airport and grab an UBER to the Port. Has anyone used Cruise Connection, in the past and are they reliable? How difficult is it to drop off a car at the FLL airport. We would appreciate your input. Thanks so much.
  6. Looks like I’m in trouble. My husband doesn’t use a cell phone ... guess he’ll be locked out of the room.
  7. You can bring a case on if you like. Just carry it aboard or it’s easier to put a luggage tag on it. We always bring soda and water and put in old duffle bags and add a luggage tag. Have an awesome cruise.
  8. If you got it from a timeshare presentation it most likely is not on a mainstream cruise line. I did research on this a few years ago. Please research the company that provided the certificate and look for comments on the voucher.
  9. I’m on the Sky Bridge right this second and you can’t see Tampa from here. On a normal day you see the skyline and nothing put low fog today.
  10. Geat attitude. Have fun and a frozen fruity drink for me. I’m in Sarasota headed to Tampa for a flight and I’m happy you have an absolutely beautiful day to be stuck in Tampa.
  11. I’m sorry this is happening and I know disappointing but please enjoy your time with family and friends onboard a beautiful ship. Have a leisurely lunch, grab a drink, look out at the beautiful blue sky. I know I’d be upset and so practicing what I’d be telling myself!
  12. I love seeing all the ideas and what great tips have been posted.
  13. Thank you for the great ideas. I always check on other ships in port.
  14. You made me laugh. Right now I’m sending emails to taxi tours in Liverpool for May of this year.
  15. Awesome. I’m going to check on sunrise and sunset times right now.
  16. Everyone has different opinions reasons for flying in early or not or having trip insurance or not. It’s a personal decision. Over the years we’ve had to cancel two cruises due to medical reasons when we were in our 50’s — will have now because we’re in our 60’s. I will always fly in the day before and have insurance — because I like my vacation start off not worried ... I sleep better at night knowing my chances of missing the cruise are low and if something happens before or during the cruise I’m covered. Just me ...
  17. I love cruises and I love planning the trips. I find half the fun is the researching. Does anyone else love the process. Yesterday I booked specialty dining; today made air arrangements and got my internet package. After our cruise we’ll be staying for 11 days in Ireland so I have lots more planning to do. Does anyone else loved the planning phases?
  18. Can anyone tell me which is on the Reflection? Thank you.
  19. We enjoy specialty dining and I just booked a 8 day package for our 14 day Transatlantic cruise in April. The website isn’t letting me pick what days I want to pick which restaurants. It did give me a choice of what time though. Does anyone know a secret that I need to know? Thanks!
  20. I know that the Sky Bridge was closed on Friday from at least 9:00 am until 5:00 pm
  21. I just read a post about the naughty room and it reminded me of our experience in September of this year. It has made for a great story and we laugh about it. Below is what I posted earlier year ... All our luggage arrived except mine ... we got a call from Guest Relations telling us my bag was being held and we (meaning Charlie) had to go to Deck 2 (aka the Naughty Room) to claim it. Charlie quizzed (interrogated) me to see what contraband I could have brought on board. I replied, "I followed all the rules". I know he didn't believe me and I couldn't imagine what I could possibly have done wrong. He arrived at the Naughty Room and told the crew he was there to pick his wife's bag up, claiming no responsibility. The crew politely told him his wife had brought a rice cooker aboard! He said he replied "what did you say? A rice cooker!" And started laughing. If you knew me you'd know I've never seen a rice cooker in my life, and wouldn't dream of bringing one on a cruise -- I'm a Minute Rice type of girl. He said other crew members were laughing and showed him a list with our cabin number with rice cooker next to it. While he stood there they opened my bag in search of a rice cooker ... alias none was found. He was able to retrieve my bag and bring it to our cabin. When he returned he wouldn't tell me what happened until he poured himself a glass of wine -- from one of the two allowed bottles per cabin ... then he asked me if I had brought a rice cooker on board! So everyone knows you can't bring alcohol, an extra bottle of wine, a charger or knife -- now I can report that you better leave your rice cooker at home.
  22. Thank you for the updates. I’m a Celebrity cruiser and had heard about this situation for the cruise. I’m so happy to hear good things about Royal and how the situation is being handled. I’m sure there are lots of plans that have been affected and patience is the word of the day. It’s nice to know that Royal Is trying to make it as painless as possible.
  23. I was just on a flight to Tampa and sat next to someone who was booked on the Rhapsody of the Seas tomorrow. She said the ship was leaving from Cape Canaveral instead of Tampa and she was being taken by shuttle tomorrow to meet the ship. The winds have been high in Tampa but I’ve never heard of this. The folks flying in today and tomorrow for the cruise will be shuttled over and I’m sure excited for the cruise. For the passengers getting it in Cape Canaveral and flying out of Tampa looks like it will be a problem. Does anyone know what Royal Caribbean does to help folks.
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