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  1. Hey shadowmeboy, not sure about autofocus on sports setting, how do I get that?
  2. Good to know I'm not the only one who has blurry pictures!!
  3. Hi guys, am plannin to go to Alaska next yr an have been there several times, but haven't done this tour yet, so when the reservations are made, jest might make the tour reservations soon after that, with the Bearing sea tour at the top. As for the camera that I've got, its a Kodak pixpro FX151 digital an hope the pictures of the eagles turn out like the ones in the photo above. Would have to set the scene on sport so the pictures aren't blurry. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, am thinkin bout doin the Grand Princess, 10 day cruise to Alaska next Sept, an was wonderin if anyone has done the Raptor Center, Totem Park & Tlingit Dance tour. Any suggestions, course having been to Alaska before, I'm sure it will be rainin then, so... Would the tour be worth it. Thanks. Virginia
  5. Hi Kathy, thanks. Went a couple of yrs ago, an Dave was our driver, an yes he's very good at what he does!!
  6. gottagoacruzn

    Dyea Dave

    Hey guys, am plannin to cruise next Sept to Alaska, an need to know Dyea Dave's email address, the ship that I'm plannin to take would stop in Skagway maybe on Sept 16th. Need to get in touch with him. Virginia
  7. The binoculars that I take with me, were made in 1943, my dad brought them home from WW2. They are better than the ones today.
  8. Hi, just saw a bear fishin. Not bad.
  9. Hi guys, can't decide which cruise to take, a Caribbean or Alaskan cruise. Haven't been to Alaska in 2 yrs, an have tempted to go to Alaska, as its been callin my name lately. Recently got a t shirt that reads, "Alaska is calling & I must go." Think maybe next yr I'll go to Alaska, now jest got to figure out which line to go on.
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