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  1. Course, be sure to check out the Red Dog Saloon, in Juneau, an have their house specialty drink, the duck fart.🥴
  2. Yeah, I agree with Coral, read up on Alaska by Anne Vipond. It will help you alot!!!!
  3. Was in Haines in Sept, 30 yrs ago an saw them on a clear night, tried to video tape them, but all you could hear was voices.
  4. Yup Heidi, it was an engine room fire. It happened at 7:58 p.m. an the captain announced that there was a fire, an said for everyone to get their life jackets on an go to their stations, an said this is not a drill, well they sounded the alarms, an everyone did what they were suppose to do. Was in the cabin, an grabbed my camera, an life jacket, but left my purse behind, an took pictures on the way up to the stations, when I left the cabin, the room steward was walkin by, an said, stay by your cabin door, an I looked at him like he was crazy. We were dead in the water all night, an the next mo
  5. Yes, I miss the midnight buffets, took lots of pictures of glorious food.
  6. Hi, was on the Song of Norway back in 83 & 84, it was to the Caribbean, an fell in love with Rcl an have cruised a few other lines since then, but Rcl will always be home to me. Would rather sail on the medium size ships, that those mega ones, out there now. Have been to the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Canada/New England. Have also been on Song of America, Nordic Prince, Sun Viking, Viking Serenade, Legend, Splendor, Mariner, Explorer.
  7. It was on Commadore cruise line, the Boheme. Not much to do, an 90% senior citizen.😮 It was back in 82 to the Caribbean. Was seasick the first night out, went to dinner tried to eat, an the waiter asked if I wanted anything else, I said no, an he laughed an knew what was wrong, got a seasick pill, an took it when I got back to the cabin, an it was lights out. After that night, didn't look back, have been on 30 + cruises an wanna go back The following year, found Rccl an have sailed almost all cruises on that line, a few on princess, but always go back to.... yup Rcl.
  8. Had seen Love boat on tv, an thought why? The stuff you do on a ship, you can do on dry land. Then I talked to my dad, an he said, he would talk to a coworker's wife, since she was a t a. Well back in 82, went on a cruise, it was on the Commadore cruise line, the Boheme, a rinky dink banana boat, not much to do, 90% senior citizen. Got seasick the first night, took something that the waiter gave me, an was much better after that, since then, have been on 30 + cruises, can't wait til I go again. Favorite cruise line is Rcl, then Princess. Like them small to medium size ships, not the mega ones!
  9. Was on Song of America back in 11-8-88 when the ship caught fire, it was 32 yrs ago. The passengers renamed the ship, Flame of America. Nobody ever heard about it, cuz it was on election night. Those passengers if they wanted got their money back, or else take another cruise, I chose to take another cruise, along with some other folks, who had been on the cruise.
  10. Aw, don't bother, had seen it once, no more!!!
  11. Hi, yes they are both ship excursions. Well, got lots of time to make decisions, but you're right it might not be a good idea. Also, got to think about traffic getting back in time, so...
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