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  1. Well, I just got a digital aim an shoot camera. Don't know any of those other things that were talked about.
  2. Hi guys, thanks for all the info!!! Now how about places to stay around the port? Inquiring minds still want to know. Virginia
  3. Hey twangster, I don't think I'll be alive in 2050!!
  4. Ok Voyager, how far is Baltimore from the Chesapeake Bay, an does Rcl meet you at the airport? So many questions.
  5. Hi guys, correct me if I'm wrong, but is there an ocean near Baltimore Maryland? I've seen a cruise for Nov 9th, of next yr on the Grandeur Ots, its a 11 day cruise round trip out of Baltimore. Been scratchin my head after I saw that sailing. Anybody got any answers? Inquiring minds would like to know. Virginia
  6. Hi guys, just looked at the juneau webcam an didn't see anything in the water.
  7. Hi, will be stayin Sat at the Tremont Hotel, can you watch the ships leave from there? I know its a crazy question, but inquiring minds would like to know.
  8. Well, in 10 more days til I git cruise on the Enchantment, I agree with you Hop, the time is so slow, even slower with 40 more hrs to work. Think you're right celebrityprincess, you need to book another cruise & soon!!!
  9. Hi guys, will be goin on the Enchantment May 6th, been thinkin of doin the Chef's Table, right now don't want to put anything on the cc card, so am goin wait til I get on the ship first an see what happens. Think maybe the 3rd night would be good, or maybe the first night, since there's nothin happenin on the ship that night. Haven't done that before. Any suggestions? Virginia
  10. Hi guys, anybody been on the Enchantment recently? Will be goin in a couple of weeks, an was wonderin about the ship & etc. Virginia
  11. Try the Skagway fish Company, its next to the traintracks, has very good food.
  12. Hi Cruisinaz, twenty some yrs ago on a cruise to Alaska, was wanderin up to the front of the ship when a whale breeched, all I could do was watch, couldn't get the camera to go. Never forgot it. It happened that the ship was in the inside passage. A couple of yrs ago, in Alaska, was standin on the balcony, the ship was docked in Icy Strait Point, an was watchin all the goings on, could see whales in the distance, when my roommate came in an said, lets go up on deck an see if we could see anything, well we hadn't been standin on the deck for long, when the whales started circlin the ship again, again an... Wow, couldn't believe it. Took pictures, an perhaps next yr will be goin back to Alaska. It was the highlite of the cruise.
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