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  1. Hi, just saw a bear fishin. Not bad.
  2. Hi guys, can't decide which cruise to take, a Caribbean or Alaskan cruise. Haven't been to Alaska in 2 yrs, an have tempted to go to Alaska, as its been callin my name lately. Recently got a t shirt that reads, "Alaska is calling & I must go." Think maybe next yr I'll go to Alaska, now jest got to figure out which line to go on.
  3. Hi guys, am gonna be goin on the Grandeur next Nov 20, an need to know about some or all the hotels near the port. Any suggestions?
  4. gottagoacruzn

    Neet's Bay

    Took the excursion several yrs ago, an yes we saw four bears, the last bear got within 10 feet of us, then the tour guide said, "ok guys back up." There was nothing between us an the bear, it was more interested in gettin a fish, us. There's a salmon hatchery there, an the guides don't try to stop the bears from takin a salmon, when they want one. Took video of the bears an still have it.
  5. Think maybe next yr, will be goin to Alaska, already had a week's vacation last month, so...
  6. Impressive photos!!! Glad you had a great time.
  7. gottagoacruzn


    Good for you tetleytea, a little cold isn't gonna keep you from what you want to see!!!! High five!!
  8. Hi Dave, whenever I'm on a cruise, have tried to take pictures of the shows, without the flash, but the pictures come out blurry or not good. Any suggestions?
  9. Yup, have been to Alaska in Sept, be prepared for rainy or cold weather. You will experience the real Alaska when its rainin!!
  10. Hi guys, better clarify that I've had my Kodak FZ151 digital camera now for awhile, but thanks for the info. Will look up the info on line.
  11. Hey Dyea Dave, an all you other dad's out there, have a wonderful father's day!!
  12. Well, I just got a digital aim an shoot camera. Don't know any of those other things that were talked about.
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