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  1. What else does the excursion consist of, how long of a ferry & bus ride?
  2. That guy is looney, not sure if I would take that tour!!
  3. Still no word on Budget Queen, any thoughts?
  4. Well guess that ends that, plannin to go to Alaska next May, an had thought about that tour, but now...😧
  5. Yeah, what Bob said, "Don't forget the binoculars." Thats very important!!!
  6. Well for me if I was reincarnated, I would want to be an eagle. Soaring over all & watchin.😃
  7. Hey guys, are those black, brown or grizzlies?
  8. 😮😮 Not sure about goin, due to the virus & its cousins, along with the government, it might get shut down again!!!
  9. Thanks. Will be doin a cruise next yr in Alaska, an just might take that tour.
  10. Hey, it was worth the money to go, got any more pics?
  11. Hey guys, been watch the show, an have now noticed that its now called, Deadliest catch, am wonderin if somebody got offended by the word Alaska's deadliest catch? Virginia
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