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  1. No matter which islands you visit it always makes sense to do LOTS of research on the potential snorkeling. We've found that ship-sponsored snorkeling excursions are usually not that great; you almost always end up on a big boat with lots of people and go to places that often have many other boats and lots of people in the water. Private tours are your best option in most cases, or use a site like Trip Advisor to find spots on particular islands that you can go to yourself. It takes some tine and effort but the rewards can be fantastic. Contrary to popular belief, not all islands in the Caribbean have great snorkeling. Good luck! Gene & Kathy from Cape Cod
  2. We have been with them five times and they are far and away the BEST snorkeling operation that we've ever had the pleasure to experience off 20+ islands in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, Dee is battling a disease and they have suspended operations until she recovers.
  3. We are hardcore snorkeling fans and have done it off 20+ islands in the Caribbean, both when arriving by cruise ship and while staying on St. Thomas, St. John and St. Martin. Bonaire is far and away the best we've experienced, Klein Bonaire in particular. You can take a small ferry out there from the town. Spectacular coral and sea life! Be aware that there are some strong currents at times. The well known spots on St Thomas are almost always crowded and certainly nothing special. You'd do better to take a private snorkeling excursion there (not a ship-sponsored excursion as it will be crowded and probably not visit any prime spots). There are many options for those, which you'll find with some research. Most are used to cruise ship passengers and schedules so no worry there. Taking the ferry over to nearby St. John is a better option. Most people go to Trunk Bay but that too can be crowded and the coral has died off in the last few years, resulting in much less sea life. We prefer Cinnamon Bay on that side of the island, snorkel along the rocks on the right end of the beach. Not a huge area (although the beach is big and lovely) but plenty of see. Also, know that is there is an on-shore breeze on that side of St. John the water will be very murky and not worth the time and effort to get there. Our best snorkeling ever in 20 years of visiting St. John was around Waterlemon (NOT Watermelon!) Cay, amazing coral and sea life, but it's really not practical to go there if you're off a cruise ship and only have one day, plus it is a long walk along the shore to get to the closest point to enter the water and swim out to the island. There can also be strong currents there to contend with. You mentioned St. Kitts. Not know for it's snorkeling but we discovered on our last visit the the edge of the drop off out from the beach adjacent to the Shipwreck Bar - great place, by the way! - had some above average snorkeling in terms of sea life, although the coral was nothing special. Hope this helps! Gene & Kathy from Cape Cod
  4. Absolutely agree about the Wine Maker's Dinner, which we've done twice, and the Chef's Table, done once. Both were excellent but we feel the WMD is a better value considering the amount of wine that is offered. The steak I had at the first WMD we attended on the Regal a couple years ago was hands-down the BEST steak I'e ever had, and I've eaten in just about every high-end steakhouse in Vegas and many in other places. Really, really hoping it is offered on our cruise on the Crown next March (assuming it happens...... ;~( ....... )
  5. We are trying to find a private snorkel excursion outfit on St. Vincent, would prefer a smaller boat or catamaran, a dozen or so people. Recommendations appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Would love to find a reputable snorkeling excursion, 12 people max., booked privately. Thanks!
  7. We were in E505 last week, the last cruise on the Sky. Yes, it is an obstructed view with part of the tenders and/or apparatus blocking part of the view. Didn't bother us at all as this was what we expected. If this is an upgrade from an inside cabin you will be pleased I think. Plus, only one deck and a short walk away from the Piazza and all the great stuff there like the International Cafe.
  8. Do a search of threads on this board about snorkeling on SXM. You will find many threads, I've answered a few. We are avid snorkelers and have visited SXM many times, stayed on the island for a week a couple years ago. Compared to other islands in the Caribbean the near shore snorkeling is poor off this island. It never was great but the hurricanes a couple years ago decimated the few reefs that are close to shore, making it even worse. There are plenty of beautiful sandy beaches of course. We've taken a couple boat snorkeling excursions (privately booked) and they were OK, at best. You may spot a few fish along the rocks at the end of the beach at Little Divi resort and some people claim to have seen a little off Pinel but we found the snorkeling poor there (but we love Pinel for other reasons and will return there in a couple weeks). Believe me, we have looked hard for decent snorkeling off SXM but if there is any, we've never found it. Sorry!
  9. Thanks for all the input, with this being our 20th with Princess I am pretty well aware of the basics listed but things like no library and seating for "Five Skies" are what I was looking for, really appreciated! One of the things that has me really psyched is my feeling that after a few months of operation the initial kinks have been worked out but at the same time, all the advantages of a practically new ship. Can't wait!
  10. We will be embarking on the Sky in a little more than two weeks, our 20th cruise with Princess. We've sailed on almost all the other class ships in the Princess line-up and know lots of little things that are not well known about various ships and make the experience more fun or convenient. If any recent cruisers on the Sky have some tips, that would be great - things that are unique to this beautiful and new ship. Thanks! Gene & Kathy from Cape Cod
  11. Bob - was it offered on the Sky? We are hoping to do it on our March 7 cruise but according to a post above it is only offered on Royal-class ships. Gene
  12. We did it last year on the Regal and in 20 cruises on Princess (including doing the Chef's Table) it was the absolute best dining experience ever. The steak I had was the best I've ever tasted, and I've dined in just about every high end steakhouse in Vegas. The service was stellar, attentive without being intrusive, the food imaginative and uniformly delicious, and with unlimited wine at a cost of only $40 per person it was about the best bargain we've ever seen on a ship. (We also tipped the waiter an additional $20 and the asst. waiter $10). You have to seek out one of the head waiters or maitre d' in a dining room to sign up for it; it is not advertised and fills up quickly - there is seating for 16 around a large table in a private area off the main dining room, on the Regal at least. I do think it's offered on most ships. We plan to sign up as soon as we set foot in the Sky in three weeks!
  13. Keep in mind that the area of beach that day trippers are allowed on is very small compared to the area reserved for guests of the resort. Yes, all beaches on STT are open to the public but at SH you cannot just plop down wherever you want. A group of 10 - all wanting loungers - is unlikely to find space on the "public" side of the beach anytime after 10 a.m., maybe even before that.
  14. Great, thanks. I always read cruise reviews with a large grain of salt but this one made no sense at all.
  15. Perhaps this has been covered before but I just read a review that said that all three dining rooms are primarily for assigned seating and none of them are open to "anytime" dining until 7:30. Is this correct? Hope not..... thanks
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