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  1. That is exactly what happened. That is why that rep said that. However I do not have it in writing. Unfortunately I can not change the FCC to a cash refund.
  2. Hi, I just got off the phone with a RCCL rep. He informed me that I can only use one FCC per person. This was different than what I was told a couple of months ago. What has everyone's experience been with redeeming more than one FCC for one sailing. Can I use a second FCC for OBC, or do I need to have two sailings to use all of my FCC? I have three FCC two in my name and one in my husband's. The rep said one FCC per person. A couple of months ago I was told that I could use the third one for OBC. It was a GC that I had redeemed for OBC, but when the sailing was cancelled it w
  3. Hi, Sorry I have not been on this board for quite some time. I cancelled my cruise back in April for a June cruise before final payment. It was a NRD, so I would not get a refund, but a FCC. Did everyone get a FCC certificate, if so did it go to your TA or directly to you? I did not receive any certificate, can someone tell me how you obtained it? Thank you ML
  4. Hi, I booked with a TA and not made final payment yet, as my cruise was for 9/26. Do I need to let my TA or with Carnival know about the option I selected? If I rebook, do I need to stay with the same TA? I only have a $100 deposit. If I rebook, am I still eligible for the $600 OBC? Please confirm that the $100 deposit can not be applied to a deposit for a new booking, but can be used for final payment. Thank you everyone. ML
  5. Thank you even if they down the road cancel the cruise?
  6. Thank you everyone. I was hoping that an announcement would be made today regarding European cruises but they did not. Here is my next question, if they end up canceling my sailing which I will be canceling this week, will they then issue me my NRD or still hold it for a FCC?
  7. Hi, I am scheduled to sail in the beginning of June. I am not going to make my final payment which is due this week. If they cancel my cruise will my deposit get refunded or are they going to hold it for a FCC?
  8. My cruise is scheduled for early June. RCCL has extended the final payment date until April 7th. I will definitely make sure that I cancel prior to that date so I do not lose my deposit. I believe there is no penalty or change fee at this time. The OBC was not a promotional one, but one from RCCL because of an issue I had. It was a nice gesture on their behalf. I did not ask for it, but because of what happened they gave it to me. The other issue is that I already submitted a pretty large GC to be applied to my sailing. My family members gave it to me as a gift. I hope I do not
  9. Hi, My final payment is due early April. Most likely we will be canceling our cruise as it is a European one. If I do not pay the remainder of my cruise, what happens to my deposit? Will it be applied to a future cruise? I do not think I could get a refund as it is a nonrefundable fare. What happens to my RCCL OBC? Will that move over to my next cruise? Carnival has made the decision to cancel their European cruises up to June 11th, I wish RCCL would do the same. It is just so sad what is happening to Italy. I do not see how cruise ships will be able to return to those
  10. I was told by my TA that the GC would be refunded to the original form of payment.
  11. Hi, I was given a RCCL gift certificate that was fairly large in value. I did give it to my TA to apply to OBC for my summer cruise. Right now we are very uncertain about going. Is there a way to get that gift certificate back, or once it is applied it is gone. Thank you ML
  12. I have a $500 non refundable deposit, but final payment is due the end of March. If I cancel now, is it just the $500 deposit I would get a FCC or would I get a cash refund?
  13. Hi, On my Allure European sailing the Bistro Dining is free. I know for breakfast and lunch it is a buffet, is it a buffet in the evening or is it table service? Thank you ML
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