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  1. Anyone on board for the 12 day Panama Canal?
  2. Stuff changes so often but I can tell you I’ve been on 11 and 12 day NCL cruise when they offered the bag it seemed like 5 or 6 of the days. Not sure if it has to do with supply and demand or what...
  3. I wasn’t sure about the platinum transfer but in December on the epic I gave two friends my cagneys certificate and they used it with no problem at the exact same time I was using the la cucina certificate.
  4. Epic casino crew did not enforce the “smoking while playing” rule at all last week. I wasnt happy. May be a boon for the smokers, though.
  5. On the epic now. Can confirm all frozen drinks come with paper straws on board. GSC did not seem to have them though.
  6. I am on the Epic now for an 11 day. The inside cabin was free, and the upgrade pp was $400. We ended up with 3 in a room so another $36 pp per day made sense. I’m sure the prices are per ship and per cruise and per demand.
  7. Thanks...looks like I missed it. I see it now. I had also read somewhere else it didn’t work so wanted to check
  8. Hi - anyone recently on the Epic know if EITHER of the NCL apps works? Neither one of them (Cruise Norwegian or Iconcierge) have the Epic listed as a ship....
  9. Anyone going on this cruise?
  10. It’s all personal preference. The poster above talked about being bored by this. It raving about burn the floor and BTF had to be one of the most boring hours I’ve spent on a cruise ship.
  11. Hope you aren’t looking for too much sympathy on here in regards to compensation...NCL owes you nothing except a room for seven days (read your cotnract) and that’s what you got, Everything else is gravy. My parents were on the cruise and said they had a great time but had never heard so much entitled complaining....
  12. In my experience, at least some of the ships rotate the solo hosts each week. So, like anything else, it may be somewhat up to chance. Ive had some great ones, and some not great ones. The smart thing to do is to find a couple people the first night that if you see again around the ship you can hang with if you want dinner, etc.
  13. I always think its interesting when people say "I wish we had more time on the ship". No one is making you get off...Plenty of people stay onboard the whole seven days :)
  14. On this years cruise they insisted they would announce next years Alaska "soon". That was 4+ months ago. Its become par for the course for Atlantis/RSVP...poor management. Good reason to try Vacaya next year and see what improvements they bring to the table
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