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  1. I generally walk the five blocks or so to Dunks, get a large iced, use the Wifi and go back to the ship
  2. Show staff on the joy indicated Priscilla was staying around another five year contract. They did say legally blonde and rock of ages had closed which I hasn’t heard. NCL is putting the new hose (Eight?() on two or three ships before it gets to broadway because they believe it will blow up so big on broadway people will book cruises just to see it....
  3. I can’t OFFICIALLY answer your question but can confirm on the Joy the country band starts around 830 and people come watch whether eating or not. The crew also does line dancing lessons a couple nights. from what I was told, it’s similar on all Q vessels
  4. Just to clarify one thing we were told by multiple staff members there were slightly more than 3000 people onboard. The ship was light about 800 passengers. (and I Can’t resist...I HATED Cartagena and would never, ever get off the ship there again!)
  5. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of someone losing the package.... In any case As I said not overtly. I can say confidently my cabin mate and I ordered upwards of 30+ drinks last week that didn’t Go into our bellies. Obviously ordering a drink at the bar and turning around and Handing it to someone they saw but a drink ten minutes earlier isn’t wise. But for example, In The social on the joy Last week groups kept ordering shots and the bartender just asked how many room keys they could produce with the package and made two shots for each card
  6. Fact is you are allowed to get two drinks at once. As long as you aren’t overt about it, none of the bartenders will care if you order him a drink.
  7. I was on the Joy from 10/27-11/8 to Panama Canal and Western Caribbean. 'Ive long grown tired of writing "traditional reviews" but like to share any random observations I made throughout the trip. There were 3000 people onboard (holds 3800) so that may color others experiences. Disclaimer: This was my sixteenth cruise, and my 12th on NCL. I am an NCL Loyalist, but NOT a Cheerleader. The opinions below are mine and mine alone. As with any vacation, the "small negatives" tend to stick in our head, so I will point some of them out as well. Room: 9732 was average size. The balcony was very nice though also a little odd; the balconies on deck 9 look directly over the extended balconies on Deck 8. The air in the room was irreparably broken for the first couple days of the trip which was a real negative as it was about 75-80 in the room despite the AC all the way down. After two trips by the maintenance team, it was fixed for the rest of the trip/ I thought storage was a little on the leaner side than previous ships but nothing that couldn't be handled. Steward was fine; remembered our names immediately. We don't ask for much so didn't interact a lot besides hello and goodbye Restaurants: We were blown away by the food at Q. I was expecting to be disappointed but instead we went twice! La Cucina was fine; I really hate their new menu but I cant really control that Teppanyaki was fine - friend said best filet steak he had ever had Friends did Cagneys and enjoyed Food Republic was food, interesting. Also: EMPTY! 8:00 PM 5 people eating and 10-15 staff standing around Buffet was average. I was really perturbed there was never meat sauce at the pasta station. Never had trouble finding seats. The Local had really good grilled cheese and tomato, spinach and artichoke dip, and spaghetti Bolognese. I had a little bit of a temper tantrum when I sat down at 9:10 and was informed they were on their Late Night menu. OSheehans never went late night until midnight. I found out after the Local is supposed to go there at 10. Main Dining rooms were all good, with service time varying. Again, I miss old versions of the menu. The lasagna every night in the old days was 100% better than the "baked ziti" (awful) they have now. I will say, the food in the MDR seemed to be the biggest complaint heard around the ship Public Spaces/Activities I did not do the racetrack, laser tag, or virtual reality. I just frankly didn't feel like paying for it. Others that did these activities seemed to enjoy them, though the laser tag completely broke by the last night I love the pool deck on this ship; I know its a "mistake" the way it looks due to the China design but having the pool in the corner is great. The tube slide was fun. I wouldn't go near the drop slide so cant comment; they were removing people from it in the middle pretty routinely. The Observation Lounge is by far my favorite space on the ship. Quiet, great views, dozens of chairs and couches. The Casino REALLY ticked me off the whole cruise, and I was onboard after booking with Casinos at Seas. They flat out just refused to lower the tables from $10 - $5 the entire trip, despite the fact that they were 100% empty 90% of the time. It is incredible how dismissive and idiotic casino staff can be, but of course it was all "corporate". Also frankly surprised how small it was considering how big it was when in China. LOVED the enclosed smoking room! Made the whole ship smell better. The Social is the "club" on the ship. It was fairly busy each night. One major complaint is the extremely poor use of party space. In 12 days, they used the huge, expansive pool deck for exactly one party. They hosted a few of them in the (small compared to the rest of the fleet) Spice. They actually threw several "main event" parties in Social. Which kind of seems like a good time to comment on the activities and staff. Maybe its just that this is my 12th NCL cruise and the activities are repetitive, but there was SO LITTLE scheduled to do on this ship. The cruise director was absolutely phoning it in (Dan Dan) and he was rarely seen. When he did appears at a party he stayed 10 minutes and then ducked out. When parties did have a good attendance at Spice, even with a couple hundred dancing, they ended it and threw everyone out to head to Social. The parties really were just weird. They scheduled the Glow Party on a night where the clocks were being set forward an hour and there was a port the next morning. There were at least 5 of 12 nights with no appreciable "activity" late night besides dancing in the social. This isn't an isolated opinion; I heard again and again how for such a huge ship there was absolutely nothing "to do". The DJs were awful, with isolated exceptions. The Glow Party was by far the busiest event and the DJ would play 20 seconds of a song, get everyone excited to dance to it then change the song. Repeatedly. People were literally stomping off the dance floor. The "Celebrity" DJ started out 3 different nights with the wobble and electric slide. Footloose was good fun. Elements was not my thing at all (and wasn't on the Dawn years ago, either) I never saw the comedians. The magician (PC Lai) was very good. Also wanted to comment briefly on the new Towel system. As many are aware, you don't get a towel in your room anymore. You must check them out on the pool deck. This is where it goes off the rails; they staff the counter with a guy with two clipboards with a couple dozen pieces of paper on them where they write down your name, room number, and how many towels. Ostensibly, if you don't check the towel back in you will receive a $25 fee. In reality, the guys had ZERO capability to work this system! By the end of the cruise they stopped even trying to find the entry where you checked out a towel; they just wrote a new entry at the bottom stating you returned two towels. It would be so simple to have a basic computer program to just swipe your card like everything else. All that said - It was a perfectly nice relaxing 12 day cruise. Nothing awful, nothing special. Good time away with friends and met many new friends as well. Happy to answer any questions!
  8. On the joy last week we literally never saw more than one table occupied....it was talked about quite a bit, we weren’t sure how it was staying open. It’s also only open 12-5 for lunch so I think that added to the issue
  9. It’s a ridiculous amount of food. If you have the dining plan cover it you get two appetizers, a potato, a side, an entree, and a dessert. this is one of the desserts
  10. I’m onboard now. Q far exceeded our expectations and we went twice. observation lounge is the best part of the ship IMO No major complaints no major raves...just a nice ship good crew and laid back time
  11. Also rather shocked to say just now at 130 Am they announced a code alpha! Not sure what’s happening on this cruise
  12. Update: Docked T approximately 1230. Pushed off the dock around 1250. On our way! Pretty amazing job by the captain rotating the ship to get out...seemed like he was within feet of land. And this ship has never been here! Curious, for those who may know about these things .... we were discussing onboard. Do you think NCL tries to recoup any costs from events like this? Not so much casino revenue (although they lost thousands upon thousands of that today) but I assume it will be tens of thousands of dollars billed to NCL by the port. Think they go after the travel insurance? Glad we were close enough that they could do this, just assume “someone” has to pay....
  13. We were supposed to leave GSC 6 hours ago....some sort of medical issue delayed us. Now told a second medical issue will divert us to Nassau. Just in case anyone’s wondering why we aren’t where we are supposed to be.... fingers crossed for Colombia Thursday!
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