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  1. I sold at $48.50. Third time I’ve sold since mid March $1000 profit each time. Happy to let the roller coaster continue...
  2. I know people view the crew S desperate for the money in many cases, but how many of them will decide not to re-up after this too? Especially not being paid for months while sitting on the ships.
  3. Sold all 3 major stocks yesterday and will buy back in when it hopefully tanks again...
  4. I was VERY surprised to receive an offer today for a junior suite with $500 in free play if I book a Caribbean cruise for July/August. A friend also got an offer, for an inside cabin and $500 free play for September-October. Do we think this is them trying to fill the ships? I hate cruising in the summer so I’m a little unsure if I’ll take it...and that’s without the part about “will cruising be going ion yet” added in...
  5. I think I would be more sympathetic if they not specifically flagged in Caribbean islands to avoid paying taxes and to avoid our labor laws. I’m not sure wh6 we rewear that. on the other hand, they employ thousands in Miami and around the country.
  6. What reason would you have? There are no cases on the ship. They have food and anything needed to live day to day. If they get home, they’re supposed to hold up in their house. The people on her ship are probably better off than most of us at this point, aside from the quantifiable anxiety of being stuck there.
  7. Even though i just bought NCL stock, I’m not convinced, as a taxpayer, that my money house bail out entertainment and hospitality industries...I have the same feeling about the Vegas strip asking for money...I’m very on the fence. I’d rather help the workers than the investors...
  8. I finally pulled the trigger today...100 shares at $7.60 and then 25 shares of RCL at around $22
  9. Do people truly think there’s a chance of bankruotcy here? Seems like these companies are too big to fail...it’s not like JC Penney where there were more employees in the store than customers...
  10. Is it risky, though? At $5 a share you can buy 100 shares and get onboard credit for the future (as long as the company doesn't’ go under) and the worst thing that happens if you lose $500? Many of us bring many times more than that into the casino.
  11. Princess ha said a PR nightmare with this is my guess. So they decided to reset.
  12. Can i get some education from financially smart people? if the stock goes to $10 and I turn around and vacuum up 100 shares for $1:000, then it goes back to $50 within a year or two, I’ve made $4,000....great. IF the stock bottoms out, and one of the companies files chapter 11; BUT doesn’t shut down....do stock holders retain that stock? I know companies go bankrupt “for protection” all the time. i guess my question is...how big a gamble is it really?
  13. In answer to question above, sustained winds 30-35 mph gusts to 63 mph Thursday night, seas 10-15 feet. it wasn’t A pleasant evening....lol disembarkation was a bear today.
  14. Hi there...Going on my first RCCL cruise this Saturday; 17th cruise overall. Im a creature of NCL but this was a deal too good to pass up I searched and really didn't find a lot on Majesty; hoping a few questions could be answered! 1) Is the main dining room open for lunch at Embarkation, or just the buffet? 2) How does cash work in the casino? On Holland, you can charge all gambling to your room with no fees. On NCL all cash charged to the room has a 3% fee. Just want to figure out the bankroll.. 3) Are there generally standard parties on all RCCL 7 day cruises? For instance NCL always has glow/white party, 80s, 70s, etc. Just hoping to pack appropriately.... Many thanks for any help!
  15. I generally walk the five blocks or so to Dunks, get a large iced, use the Wifi and go back to the ship
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