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  1. OP: If you would rather be doing something else, send her back to the cabin alone and join her 90 minutes later and get yourself ready. We recently had 3 women and a man in one cabin. A couple of nights we all returned to the cabin together, showered, shampooed, did hair and makeup, and dressed for dinner—even sipped a little wine—and all headed out the door 40 minutes later. Just takes organization.
  2. Try to keep my “just in case” to a minimum but last cruise I used string, paper clip and small magnets to retrieve an earring from the sink drain—at midnight on the last night.
  3. The example in the blog was charging a large amount, presumably near the limit?, and sending a check for way more than that to create a positive balance. That was then immediately used for another charge. Far different than sending a payment for the amount of charge. I would hate for people who like to send payment right away be afraid to continue doing that. I may be reading the blog too narrowly but I doubt one would have a problem simply paying the balance. I also pay every month and payments are electronic from our bank which would I assume also not create a flag. I’ve only paid mid-cycle once and that was on a new card and I was testing that the electronic payment would go through correctly. I had purchased a large amount and would be out of the country on the due date so wanted to make sure it got paid. I have been living the Underwatr rule all my life. It works, no matter what your income.
  4. As was pointed out, there is no cabin pet fee and this person is not even claiming the pet to be for emotional support. Just bringing it along—because they can and it is cheaper than a kennel. Not right for a cruise. Fine on an airline if the fee is paid and the animal stays in a crate on the plane but a cruise is a little long for crate life.
  5. Update: email response was “Should your item be found, we will notify you. There is no other information to provide.” I had asked if they log turned in items. Might have felt better if they had just lied and said they would look into it. Very disappointing. Makes it sound like they turn a blind eye to whatever cabin stewards wish to do with anything they find.
  6. Exactly. And to answer the next question, this refers to traditional IRA only. Roth IRA is not taxable. It also has to be an approved non-profit—probably most would be. It also counts toward your required minimum distribution when you reach the age that is required. (70 1/2 or 72) NOW back to regular programming
  7. But people come on here to get personal information for the most part. A few have clarified they have business cards which puts them in a whole different ball park. If you are talking about business card expenses, claim your ball park which is irrelevant to me. As for non-profits, that comes from my IRA so I get a better return than any CC by eliminating the taxes I would have paid.
  8. Well, calling the icare number was no help. Automated response said if you are calling about a lost item, fill out the form online. Goodbye. Will try email.
  9. Thanks. I will look for the icares team. I did use a TA this time but unfortunately she was very incompetent and would never use her again. The search goes on.
  10. And none of those service animals will have been sitting on your dining room chair just before you. UGH
  11. Even at an unheard of 10% “rebate” that would mean $300,000 charged. That’s 4 times my annual income! I use two or three different cards and usually just apply the rewards to my statement occasionally. I did get the Delta AmEx basic card just to get free bags for 5 of us on a recent trip.
  12. There’s the rub. She is only necessary when you don’t have someone to stay with her. She may calm you down but she is a pet. Take her where she is allowed and welcome and avoid situations where she is not welcome. My son, and many others, cannot cruise because of anxiety so they do other things. It is great if some people benefit from an emotional support animal—some have inanimate objects—but it is a great disservice to those who need a legitimate service animal 24/7 to equate the two.
  13. I was on that cruise and have been following your review since returning. A question has come up that you might have some insight for me. We unfortunately left a jacket in the closet. Doubly unfortunate since we were flying to MN. While at the airport, I found a lost and found form and submitted it. I listed the description, cabin number, and location in the cabin. I feel there is no way a passenger would have found it as the cabin would have been gone over by housekeeping before embarkation. We are getting form letter updates that our “lost” item has not been “found”. We gave it time to be returned to the port in case it got set aside and sailed another week. Is there any way I can contact the housekeeping supervisor to find out if it was turned in? Is there a standard email address format such as there is for maitre’d on the ships? There should be a paper trail if it was turned in. Thanks for any assistance anyone can give.
  14. Looks just like most of those cabanas for rent at most beaches. Where is all the anger coming from on here? Most everyone defending the exclusivity of Havana because you paid a lot of money for it but yet jumping on someone who has to travel for business and takes his family along as if he is bragging. You have different opinions—move on. As for Havana, i couldn’t care less either way. I walked through it (legally) on Horizon and that was enough.
  15. Thank you. Valuable information and undoubtedly a good choice for frequent travelers. Pretty hefty annual fee for me. I get most of those benefits except the trip coverage from my free CC. But worth keeping in mind if circumstances change.
  16. You don’t really believe there is separate wait staff for MDR and Lido do you? Our steakhouse waiter was serving breakfast buffet the next morning. Leaving auto tips to be divided is the fairest for all. The point is that most people do not know who has actually served them. I’m sure you could tip the captain if you wished.
  17. I have seen several references to CC insurance. Curious as to what that usually covers. Mine covers rental cars but for a trip, would others cover the monetary outlay for the trip only or is there med or cancelation coverage?
  18. Haha. I assume that was tongue in cheek, but too many actually believe that.
  19. Last year on Horizon there was a non-denominational service held. I believe it was done by the fun squad but may have been volunteer by them. It was very well attended—filled the comedy club— and beautifully done. They even handed out little lily pins.
  20. Do you need to pass a “class” test to purchase?
  21. And now we have another absolutely useless thread. 😂
  22. Fair enough but you did say you would stay in one place. If they are uncomfortable, listen to them and act accordingly. They sound wise. Also remind them for later that the app isn’t 100% guarantee they will be able to reach you and not to panic if they don’t get an immediate response. Have a great time.
  23. Just a thought since I don’t use any plan but could they get the value plan and try it the first night. If it did not work to their satisfaction, they could I would guess, upgrade?
  24. You obviously did not read the post I was replying to. We were only talking about the time between lunch and when the cabins (S&S cards) would be available on embarkation day. I made no claims of objection to the app. We use it all the time.
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