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  1. On 6/24/2018 at 10:47 PM, Elaine5715 said:

    The ships with the digital photo galleries splash everyone's photos on all the walls and columns in huge sizes so walking through you see every bad photo taken.

    Not meaning all everyone’s photos. Just a few random selections. In case anyone was going to skip photos for that reason. And most of them are excellent photography and subjects.

  2. 21 minutes ago, beshears said:

    OK, yes I know the Your Time dining has been going on for at least 6 years or longer, but I have been cruising for over 25 years.


    Am I understanding that your saying Your Time dining people ( they choose the time they want to eat, other than 6:15 and 8:15) can eat in the MDR?  When I go by the MDR restaurant at "any other time" other than 6:15 and 8:15, I don't see anyone eating there then?


    Sorry, I'm just trying to understand.

    There are two MDR on the Horizon. The aft (Meridian?) both levels used for YTD. You check in on deck five at a desk not at the dining room entrance and they will tell you which level to go to, or check in on the App. Not sure if you can just go to the dining room and check in--probably.

    Mid ship MDR (Reflections?) is used for set time dining.

  3. 8 hours ago, Organized Chaos said:


    In all fairness, the person who said they do that did admit that they knew it was overkill. Whatever makes them feel comfortable, doesn’t bother me.   Not criticizing--just offering a simpler alternative


    When I mentioned that I might do it, I was thinking more along the lines of an electronic copy of our passports instead of carrying around paper copies. Exactly!  If needed, like at a consulate for example, I could ask them to print out the copies that would then aid in getting new passports. 


    I usually end up having to carry some of my wife’s junk...I mean necessities...like cash, credit card, ID, whatever, because she doesn’t want to carry a purse when we’re doing certain things or she doesn’t have “real pockets.” That’s what she tells me, anyway. So if carrying electronic copies of our passports can save me from carrying around folded up pieces of paper too, I’m all for it.


    1 hour ago, sparks1093 said:

    I was just clarifying because someone could read your post and say, "hey, all I need is a copy of my passport to embark". AFAIK only two things may be a copy- a birth certificate and a marriage certificate (as a bridging document). Everything else has to be an original.

    Fair enough but if they have read all the comments, they would know. But, as we know, many people don't read through.

    Additionally, "passport" means the original (to most people) and "copy of passport" means a Xerox or photocopy--paper or electronic. With birth certificate there enters some confusion as you can have a "copy" or a "certified copy" which sometimes get used interchangeably--or understood interchangeably.

  4. 3 hours ago, sparks1093 said:

    People have lost their passport on the way to the port. May not happen often, may not happen at all but having a copy of a birth cert along takes up little to no room (especially if it's on a phone or stored on a cloud) and prevents having to scramble to find someone at home that could obtain the BC and fax it.

    We just take a copy of passport—which also goes ashore with us instead of the passport.

  5. 2 hours ago, jagsfan said:

    I have always read and heard that a passport trumps all other forms of identification. 

    I’m shocked that it would need anything to supplement it. 

    You don’t live in MN where it also took 3 months to get my DL (enhanced—this the ID requirements). Believe me I argued with them about the passport being proof of BC after two months had gone by before they told me that.

  6. 42 minutes ago, Garth2 said:

    As noted above they are pre-punched.  Currently Carnival does not charge for this.  The cards also fit conveniently in a pocket purse or fanny pack - no lanyard required.

    Correct but—women’s swim suits do not have pockets and about 1% of cruisers carry a purse or fanny pack. I hate lanyards so carry my card on a wristlet coil. Very easy to use for the door or remove for purchases.

  7. On 8/13/2019 at 5:43 PM, HerbertandB said:

    @2wheelin Back when we got the price match, the non-Carnival exclusion was $75.00 so Carnival's price must have been almost $125.00.   It  looks like Carnival has a discount going on it right now for the $110.00 so the price hasn't changed.  https://www.carnival.com/shore-excursions/belize/lamanai-mayan-ruins-and-river-boat-safari-with-lunch-509098

    After closer look, I am wondering if the price match you suggested would work. Carnival exc says “speedboat for 30 minute ride on the new river lagoon”. That does not sound like what I have heard it was previously or the site you posted. 

    Maybe we will just go to Xuantunich if the river portion has changed for Lamanai.

    Anyone taken either of these excursions recently and can comment?

  8. 6 hours ago, coevan said:



    I never heard one person suggest Carnival is going to change federal law. 

    Well that would be silly but Carnival rules or Carnival following federal law doesn’t matter. Some people just seem to think they are above it. I’m special, therefore............

  9. Thanks. Probably easier these days to move between tables as well with gratuities not having to be handed to “your” wait team on the last night.

    Can’t count on our TA for anything but maybe I can get the bride to push her a little.

  10. We have a group of 40 or so for a wedding and  although the couple has late seating (with their 6 children) some guests have chosen YTD feeling we would all be at random location assigned tables at late seating. The groom has expressed thoughts that we may not all see each other all week if at different dinner times. My questions (I am not the planner but we have a TA) : If the cabins are linked I assume we will at least be seated with someone in our group but will the tables all be together? Might we be on different sides of the dining room anyway? If we are together, is it acceptable to change around to different tables each night as long as we only use our group tables? Could we end up with different waitstaff and how would they view that.

    Checking when we embark with all the cabin numbers probably will not happen as that is when the wedding takes place. On the Legend if that matters.

    We will opt for late dining IF we have a reasonable expectation of being together and able to “mingle” . Otherwise prefer YTD.

    Yes, I did ask this question before but it was an add-on to an old post and got few responses.

  11. 12 minutes ago, vicky3vicky said:

    There are very few things more monstrous  to an Autistic or anyone than implying a good person is a liar[therefore a terrible person] 

    Unless it is the thinly veiled reference/description of a psychopath. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Schoifmom said:


    That is highly unusual.  They must have had some sort of provisioning issue, or someone just felt like being contrary 😉 

    Not enough people dressed up? TeeHee

  13. 29 minutes ago, amc155 said:

    What this person said.  I have all my excursions booked already and my cruise is after yours.  The TA should have sent you the confirmation they got from Carnival with your booking info on it.  If not, request it ASAP!  This is what the top part of my email from my TA looks like, the rest has our information, the itinerary and cost/what has been paid. 


    I’m guessing the OP has a TA like mine. Booked via phone but had to ask specifically for her to send and invoice—to which she replied she was going to wait until all the group had booked to send them at once, a month or two later. When she did send it at my second request, it did not look like this—just cabin number, price, deposit, and dining time.

    I had already logged into my Carnival account to find the booking number.

  14. 10 minutes ago, bnbeyer said:

    I'm booked on the Vista in early November because I won a free cruise with the slot tournament.  But one of things I'm really looking forward to is the Sky Ride. I sure hope they get these issues figured out before then. I'm an avid biker, but even more-so, I'm thinking the view and thrills while riding would be pretty cool.


    OP - I would be bummed for my kids too. I can't imagine Carnival can compensate everyone on the ship for this, but a nice email or letter apologizing for the closure would be nice.


    As for the rude posts - Ignore, ignore, ignore.....


    Don’t get your hopes too high. The view is about what you get doing the ropes course, meaning you can look down on people walking or golfing below you. As for thrill — well, it’s pretty tame. Just something different to do once to say you have. That’s all. Cool but not thrilling. 

  15. 1 hour ago, trvlwithkids said:

    Everyone books cruises for their own reasons and I am entitled to my reasons just like you are yours.  Unlike you, I really don't care what your reasons are and would not judge you or call you crazy for your choices.  It is your choice how you spend your money.  As for the rides having issues, I was not aware of that,  had I been,  I would not have booked this trip.  Carnival website is still advertising this feature and there is no mention of it being down or having problems.   I just think they should have disclosed this when the problems started and made people aware,  it may not be available when booking.   If there was a problem after booking, show even a slight credit or good will.   I guess, unlike you I do not live on cruise websites to know about all the on going issues of every ship.   Just because you were aware and are not surprised does not mean that the same holds true for everyone else.   I am a single mom who can book one vacation a year, so the choice is a group effort and the fact this ship had that ride was the deciding factor in our choice.   I should not have to justify myself but I do not like being called crazy by someone who is incredibly judgmental.    

    Disclosed. How? I have never seen a disclaimer on their website when booking that there are even big issues like propulsion problems on the ship so you may want to rethink booking several months from now.

    When researching your choice, you might have browsed this website for ten minutes and known about the problem. And why give a credit or good will? Have you ever gone to Disney parks and found every ride open. Not me. Try asking for a credit for that.

    And no one called you crazy. They just said in their Opinion, it would be crazy to book a cruise entirely based on a minor activity. You did now explain it was not based on that but it was the deciding factor. You don’t have to justify yourself, but when you come on here only to complain, you set yourself up for replies.

    Actually, the obstacle course next to the sky ride is more fun and lasts a lot longer. Hope your kids are old enough to enjoy that. At least go on it yourself as it is a blast. And I am 72 years old.

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