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  1. I know you are just playing devils advocate here but only one of the four items you mentioned (room steward) is a tipping consideration. And “not liking” your room steward also does not warrant removing tips unless they were also inadequate and did not perform the normal tasks. And then you need to attempt correction at the time first.
  2. According to gift card regulations, they cannot be resold, but you could gift them to someone in exchange for a nice piece of paper with a dollar amount written on it. Then you exchange that piece of paper at the bank for other paper. 😁 Never heard of anyone being charged with resale of gift cards.
  3. Knowing what the final boarding time is and planning to cut it that close are two different things. That is always good information to have "just in case" something happens.
  4. Not sure how they handle it when they cancel the cruise but I was told by a PVP that if you cancel, you will be mailed a new gift card which USUALLY arrives in a short time. This may already have been done in your situation. I was inquiring about canceling one reservation and rebooking under a different code. In that situation, if I had booked with Carnival, they would be able to reapply the amount without refunding. However, since I booked with a TA, they would have to mail me a gift card first.
  5. The lanyards are “cheap” “worth about 10 cents” “an insult” “I would never dream of using one” but lets give them to a poor “lower level” cruiser who would obviously adore them.
  6. I agree with this post. I have paid for shore excursions by gift card and then had to cancel on board and the method of refund was OBC.
  7. Clothes from travel day can be worn again on a cruise day, or if coming from a different season, can be worn on the travel day home. Better yet, wear them the next day to board. I will frequently wear a soft knit or T shirt for travel days and that becomes my sleepwear for the next few days. Shirts worn early in the week can also be changed out for sleepwear later in the week. All other clothes including elegant night wear can certainly be worn again, especially if only being worn for a couple hours at a time. Experienced travelers become more efficient at packing. It’s not always how much you bring but how efficient you are at saving space. Never found a need for more than one bag.
  8. Definitely not the TA I am forced to use for a group cruise. Her cruise price is higher than online but she insists that is the price from CCL. I have asked her to recheck it two weeks later since online prices change and she refuses. Just emails me that “she is sure the price is the same” but if I find a better price let her know. Problem is I don’t know which codes are allowed in group bookings. Not all are. No OBC or price breaks and she is booking for a wedding with at least 15 cabins plus hotel and port transportation. I did the research and chose the cabin. Then she makes mistakes on the invoice. Never again with a TA.
  9. It seems to be a problem with the USPS when AARP says they have been mailed but you do not receive them. Won’t matter who you order them from if that is the situation unless they are sent from a different location. This winter I had a document mailed to me USPS with a tracking number. It took two weeks and the tracking indicated it was sitting in the St Paul distribution center for 5 days.
  10. Regarding seasickness measures: If you normally do not have a problem with motion, there is no need to take anything prior to the cruise. Maybe indulge in ginger snaps if you like cookies. 😉 I take Bonine along (less side effect than Dramamine) just in case. Often on the first night I will start to get that “motion” feeling and if I do, will take one immediately. Takes care of it. Just stay in tune to your body—even though drinking—and take immediately when needed. It also will not hurt if you take one prophylactically when you board but totally unnecessary to start earlier (if you don’t normally have the problem)
  11. In April, we did an off-road Jeep tour in St Kitts and an ATV tour in St Maarten. Both were great both on the roads and off. Saw very little damage and were all over the islands. Well worth doing any sightseeing tour. If you do a bus tour, you may have more narration about any damage you see.
  12. VIFP could be either early saver or not. There are other promotions within VIFP.
  13. Funny—we were in Miami when we just got in line about an hour early. I didn’t even notice if there was another line—except priority. Around noon so not late in the process.
  14. Did all that. Used a different computer. Same thing. Oh Well, sigh. Maybe this is why so many people post saying they tried searching with no luck.
  15. That used to be the case for me as well until recently. What the OP is saying is that does not pop up anymore when taping search. Instead, “search the community” screen comes up an it is not evident that there is a place to select specific forums.
  16. There is an early/late line but we have arrived as much as an hour early and not even been directed to that line. Just the regular line.
  17. Is AARP having shipping difficulties recently? Couple of people here with problems and I ordered a $500 card last Wed (this is Mon afternoon) and it hasn’t even been shipped yet. When I called, I was told they have 5 business days to ship so it should be shipped by Wed—arrive maybe Fri or Sat. I have previously usually ordered on Thurs and received on Wed the following week. I though the delay was from ordering late in the week but doesn’t seem to be the case. I also never get an email confirmation of shipping which the call center blamed on the warehouse. You can’t contact the warehouse.
  18. Search AARP Rewards for good. You sign up, accumulate points, purchase cards at 10% discount.
  19. They used both levels of aft dining (can’t recall the name at the moment) interchangeably during the week. Sometimes deck 3, sometimes deck 4. You check in on deck 5 or use the app
  20. When signing in to the app, each person uses their individual folio number. That way it is personalized if they use favorites to mark activities. I assume you can use the same folio number on several devices? Which is what you are proposing with all in the cabin. But would that allow you to chat basically with yourself? For chat, each person pays $5 and you can add anyone in any cabin. it is not based at all on your boarding number, just the folio number, which is individual for each person.
  21. I believe steerage refers to those without special privileges or access. In this case, early access to cabins. Has nothing to do with cabin type or location.
  22. Thanks. I do use that site for the deck plans as they are better and easier to use that Carnival site. Haven’t tried the toggle.......feature so that might help. I would just like to search for fare by entering a specific category. Guess that would make it too easy for more people to find fare decreases. 😉
  23. Only a disadvantage if you were one of the rule breakers going to their cabin early. Everyone gets their cards when their room is available. Some sooner that others, but that is what priority means. No one gets them before boarding. As has been pointed out, no one else can use your card. But yes, as you brought up, someone could stead your luggage. Don’t read about that happening either. You disagreed with a new policy—fair enough. But through education we all learn. Happy cruising.
  24. That is true if you use only part of the balance pre cruise for purchases. If applied to the S&S card at checkin or on board, I assume you apply the entire balance (just thought of that possibility of partial use) and once applied is non refundable—normally. Maybe you can but cruise cash ahead of time for a partial amt.
  25. If you order from a server, you will either need a boarding pass or card. I would expect them to be suspicious if it was early and you had a non-priority (random stolen) color card.
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