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  1. Since your name says “North Carolina” a Floridian should not have to ask what country you are in.
  2. Really hard to notify security before the incident happens. OP did not say they had heard any comments about her BEFORE his wife was struck. Quite possible that is when a few people in the area made comments, and he reported it. If public areas have cameras, why would guests need to video other guests. Usually those things happen rather quickly anyway. One would need to stalk people with camera at the ready to catch them doing something they want to video and report? Most people are too busy trying to enjoy their cruise.
  3. They notified security. Security dropped the ball by apparently not telling her she would be dealt with if reported again. And complaining “higher up” cannot force security to do something when she denied it. Did the OP say they discussed this with other guests? Video what? The incident already happened and the driver denied everything. I think the immediate concern would be to treat the injury.
  4. Do you carry that on a lanyard? 😂
  5. You are making a lot of assumptions there. You assume this happens a lot while the rest of us don’t see it at all. You assume regs have not changed without any data. No one suggested he wear it “because it’d get him a lot of attention”. People stated he should be prepared for attention (positive attention) if he wore it. Big difference. Thank you for your service but you need to lighten up and lose the judgement.
  6. I have found what seems me to be a policy for which I can purchase insurance within that initial time period but only need to insure for the minimum amount. Then I can increase the coverage when I make final payment. You only need to cover the nonrefundable portion at any given time.
  7. 2wheelin


    Called and received notification of impending arrival but never found them. Tried a second time--same result. Map showed they were where we were but there is a lot of traffic and people and no way to check a license plate until they have gone past you. Grabbed a cab.
  8. Have been AARP member many, many years and have been active on the website many years. Have bought a few cards in the past but bought over $3000 worth this year. Logged in and have 3000 points plus 1000 for logging in and 500 for member--total 4500. Sounds like about the minimum one can get. Not impressed with some of their rewards. $24 for a $25 gift card. Really! No search function so need to scroll through all the fluff to see if they have anything you want (Carnival) to find out they don't.
  9. Must belong to that “new Carnival demographic” which upsets so many loyalty members on another thread. I’m guessing they maybe were loyalty members. Lol
  10. Have never used early saver so a trying to learn. I thought you could only adjust to an early saver rate. Apparently not so. So, you can adjust to any listed rate (for which you qualify) and still remain in the early saver category?
  11. If you don’t believe a medical expert, why believe a bunch of random people on a cruise board? I don’t think sanitizers are the best either but at my famous medical institution, hands are washed frequently, just not always in view of the pt. Sanitizers are then used in the room to appease the pt. Ask your dr to wash their hands if it is important to you. To al the other germophobes on here, it is the people scrubbing away who have the most problems with illness. Wash your hands after using the bathroom—to protect others and move on. People catch all sorts of things these days because they don’t allow themselves to develop any immunity.
  12. I figure as much. She is pretty worthless but we are stuck because of a wedding group. We had to pester her to get invoices and even booking numbers. I’ll just start keeping closer track myself. Not many cabins we would move to as we have 4 people.
  13. We had to book with a TA this time and have received two offers on our cruise manager. No email and no notification from the TA. Both were balcony to extended balcony for $48 and $50. Did not like the locations available (under the Lido pool/bar) so ignored them.
  14. A person of normal agility should still be able to climb to an upper bunk until at least age 70. Super agility would be doing the splits on the bunk. 🙂 We are four adults going to share a cabin. Two age 72, one 73 and one 47. No we are not automatically expecting the young one to take a bunk. First to bed and/or last up get a bunk.
  15. So you list the names of all requesting at the same time, no matter the cabin number. I then assume if people in the same cabin wish to dine at different times, that is possible by waiting to request (sign in) separately. Wasn’t asking for any special request except the table size to accommodate our party.
  16. Does anyone know if Legend has the app ability to ask for a table? We may want a large table some nights as there are several cabins traveling together. Also can you if you have a cabin for two, request a table (on the app if available) for 6 without linking the cabins. All have YTD.
  17. Fair enough. I was just thinking that judging from several responses on these boards, cc company would be my last course of action. But I hate making phone calls.
  18. It is the AARP website. In the past have had numerous times where following ALL the steps correctly, just will not process. Comes back with error message such as billing and shipping address must match. Guess what! They do. Just had to keep trying until suddenly it works. Not always operator error.
  19. Enter the billing information first. Then check the box to use billing address for shipping. DO NOT enter shipping address. Have ordered $900 at once—five cards.
  20. I didn’t make that equivalence. You have your posters mixed up and are very confused.
  21. Just an FYI. Nationwide’s coverage for missed or changed ports is not available in all states.Don’t assume you have that coverage unless you check.
  22. Your suggestion then would be like saying everyone gets seasick when they go to bed and close their eyes. It might have been easier to grasp if the original statement had said "conflict between the eyes (what you see OR DON"T SEE)" and the inner ear. Obviously not everyone feels that conflict.
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