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  1. Many people over 70 do not have any of those maladies you mentioned just as many under 70 do have them. Let them say any people with specified health problems cannot board but to make age alone a justification to deny boarding is just wrong. I participated in a study which confirmed my immune system was no more suppressed than people under 50. I have not even had a cold in years. Some elderly are more susceptible but many are not. Did you suddenly become a larger risk the day you turned 70 than you were at 69?
  2. And I knew a 20 year old athlete who suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack. What’s your point? The point some of us are trying to make is that age alone should not be a trigger point. And I don’t believe the CDC mandated this as some suggest. They made recommendations and the cruise lines pounced on it.
  3. This is all BS. A person over 70 must have written proof they are healthy while anyone younger can just “overlook” their health issues. Age only enters the picture because older individuals—as a group—tend to have a tendency toward more issues. A young person with the same infliction as an older person will have the same response to the virus.
  4. And why limit it to age? No doctor I know would sign such a note. Too much liability. Stopping cruises for a period of time will have very little effect on spread except to delay it. First cruise to go out will undoubtedly have infected people. One person suggested that all crew would be virus free. How would that be insured?
  5. I was scanning rather quickly through your great photos in LA and wondering if most/all were from the hop on/off bus. Grandson (18) wants to see Santa Monica after graduation and I was wondering the best way to tour. Do you have a link/name for their info? Would like to find out stop locations to find a close hotel.
  6. Most others were not sent to their home states. As for the other lady, I can’t imagine anyone would administer chemo to someone who may have been recently exposed to the virus. It may seen harsh but going on the cruise was not her best decision under the circumstances and timing.
  7. While we may or may not agree with mass quarantine, I thought the condition for them to be taken off the ship was that they would ALL be in quarantine sites. I would not be happy if I were sent somewhere while others were sent home, even with supervision. The more vocal should not get special privileges. The poor woman waiting for chemo cannot even go home to her own bed. Just because your husband is giving you grief in the cabin is no reason for special treatment either. I’m sure everyone is stressed.
  8. Do you think those in charge have not thought of your questions and come up with solutions? Quite possibly the crew are better protected than those who are taken off the ship in groups and put on buses and planes. How long do you think a virus can survive without a host? Sanitizing will be sufficient and anything further is only to appease people who don’t know better. There is nothing wrong with expecting HEALTHY crew members to continue working at something.
  9. Check with your airline. Many are changing policies right now and you may be able to get future credit.
  10. Doesn’t make a bit of difference how far apart they stand when they are all touching the railings.
  11. Haven’t been following every ship, but could you elaborate. Ships and dates would be helpful. How would B2B cause spread to another ship?
  12. You really should clarify though that “rather quickly” in the case of test kit development means a matter of weeks or months, and not days. It also involves having base supplies and reagents available as well as packaging, shipping, dispersement, and testing capabilities. We saw what happened when it was rushed without proper quality controls.
  13. Would have been nice if they had a way to transfer all the rooms held by people on board to those waiting to board without a place to go.
  14. People needing to use the limited internet service and others are streaming nonsense. If husband and son are in a different cabin, who is that sitting behind them. And did people visiting on balconies not learn anything from Diamond?
  15. It was said they are still talking (negotiating?) with CA governor so obviously not yet decided. I think it should be taken out of the hands of a local official.
  16. With your apparent exposure concerns on board, are you now in self quarantine?
  17. You seem to think no changes have been made. Believe me changes have been made. How many ships do you think there are worldwide, carrying how many passengers and crew? You want all of them to have pallets of masks aboard when there is already a shortage created by stupid people hoarding them. And masks are single use so each person requires multiples. I’m sure cruise ships now have masks onboard for ILL and vulnerable people.
  18. So every ship should have a pallet of masks aboard, along with testing kits, etc? Are all these products produced by snapping ones fingers or clicking your heels? One of the main reasons there is a shortage of supplies is from all the people who snatch them up just in case—when everyone knows masks are completely wasted on healthy people. We want crew to serve people in the buffet (I agree) but it has bee shown crew are much more likely to be infected than passengers. We believe crew are more sanitary so why would someone then be comfortable with ALL crew wearing masks. Remember, masks are for sick people.
  19. When they boarded the Grand, there had been no indication of any problem or any infected person having been aboard. At that time there had been one ship with confirmed cases out of all the ships in operation. By your thinking then all airports should be closed, all bus stations should be closed, all trains halted, no buses running. Do you not see the ridiculousness of your stance? BTW calling people lunatics is uncalled for. Enough said.
  20. This. Plus the fact that testing too early in the incubation period produces false negative results and those people would be released to further spread the disease
  21. Why do you say that? Do they have a neg virus test?
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