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  1. Last year on Horizon there was a non-denominational service held. I believe it was done by the fun squad but may have been volunteer by them. It was very well attended—filled the comedy club— and beautifully done. They even handed out little lily pins.
  2. Do you need to pass a “class” test to purchase?
  3. And now we have another absolutely useless thread. 😂
  4. Fair enough but you did say you would stay in one place. If they are uncomfortable, listen to them and act accordingly. They sound wise. Also remind them for later that the app isn’t 100% guarantee they will be able to reach you and not to panic if they don’t get an immediate response. Have a great time.
  5. Just a thought since I don’t use any plan but could they get the value plan and try it the first night. If it did not work to their satisfaction, they could I would guess, upgrade?
  6. You obviously did not read the post I was replying to. We were only talking about the time between lunch and when the cabins (S&S cards) would be available on embarkation day. I made no claims of objection to the app. We use it all the time.
  7. You can’t just send the kids off and tell them to come to the cabin at 1:30? If they are responsible enough to explore on their own with the app, they should be able to do it for an hour without it.
  8. I think the rule is to have in a separate bag and I usually do but my last two flights I forgot and nothing was said. My husband, however was screamed at multiple times to ‘PUT YOUR PHONE IN YOUR BAG” He kept telling them it was in the bag and he only had a case on his belt which they apparently did not want to believe. He always has to remove his belt and boots anyway as they ding. Just wish the agents would believe him and just let him go ahead and remove them without them insisting that he first try it without removing them. Then he has to go back and hold up the line. I Have also had them say to use the regular line but show them boarding pass and follow pre check rules.
  9. I put emergency supplies like bandaids, antibiotic, tiny tiny tube of superglue, tweezers, duct tape, spare contact lens, in a very small zippered pouch. Everything else goes in my roll up bag which has four removable plastic, zippered pouches. I want everything in one bag and I can separate hair care from dental from makeup for instance. It is packed tightly and takes up no more space than ziplock bags (4 in rectangle about 8-10 in long). BTW, liquids do not need to be separated with TSA pre check and I never take anything too large for carryon. Have never had a leak but it would be contained if I did to one pouch. I have found many things I might need will fit in a contact lens case. I find I seldom have any little spaces left to fill as I use packing cubes and shoes are already filled. I will also fill my water bottle or coffee mug with items if packing them.
  10. But then you need to explain to the children why the cruise was so short. 😉
  11. I try to use the deck plans as much as possible and look for a cabin with cabins above and below. Two of the questions I have are how to tell if balcony is covered and what is in the white spaces. I have been next to space which is quieter than having a cabin next door. Other times, it may be the space across the hall which is a noise producer.
  12. Many of us don’t waste the space of having the signatures viewable. Easier to read without scrolling so much.
  13. Another word of caution when being rebooked by the airlines. We were once canceled in LA because of blizzard at MSP. They looked for a new flight and told us it would be two days later. I rebelled and found out they were only checking for non stop flight because that is what we had booked. We left a few hours later on a flight with one layover of less than an hour.
  14. Carnival already make it more than right with $100 pp OPs title was a bit over the top. They did have a port stop. Yes, I have missed several ports for various reasons but I would never plan a cruise with so few planned stops if my main reason was to see ports.
  15. The cruise I just returned from I packed a few more small items since there were four adults in the cabin. Included more magnetic hooks and small string/rope for clothesline and used them. I will never again travel without my small (about 1 in X 1/2 in X 1/4 in) magnets and string. After packing the last night, I had gone out and returned very late after everyone else was asleep. I was in the bathroom and dropped an earring in the sink. I could see it about 8 inches out of reach with that small rod protruding from the side of the drain above it. I hauled my big suitcase into the bathroom and found the packet with my magnets and went to work. I only had two of the small ones but several round ones with clip. Long story shorter—after 15 minutes I had two small magnets joined with the earring in the bottom of the drain and two more round magnets stuck in the drain. I never give up so managed to remove the round magnets and use string (in retrospect, dental floss would have been a good choice too) and a paper clip to reach the smaller magnets/earring. Very carefully extracted the earring. Before thinking of the string, I had also tried my travel corkscrew to hold the paper clip. 🖇️🧲 My new name is McGuyver. 📎😂
  16. Just off the Legend and were able to leave door unlatched, almost closed. Went through rough enough seas—8 ft swells—for many people to be sick and door did not swing at all. Toward the end I realized we could actually latch it and still get a sliver of light over the top. I never get up at night but usually still dark in the am when I rise. That was enough light for me to grab clothes and shoes and leave the cabin without waking the other three. I always also have a penlight by my bed in case of emergency with power outage.
  17. Yup, that’s a good 45 seconds I’ll never get back.
  18. If you log in and set up ahead of time, you will still need the folio number for chat. We also occasionally had to log off and sign in again when it would hang up. Guest services was very willing to download the app for those who had not done it or were having problems. They allowed short term connection to internet to do it.
  19. That’s not what I said but I have not been on a carnival ship that did not have a quiet pool deck in addition to the loud one. It’s all about how many choices you have on each cruise line. The point being made is that the OP did not have to eliminate Carnival if they wanted a low key vacation.
  20. When the point is ridiculous, it’s better to miss it. Slogans are just advertising hype. Better to ignore them as well. Plenty easy to find low key activities on Carnival without wasting a lot of time on it. No need to change lines for you “main” criteria.
  21. FYI. Apparently many people on this cruise came down with the flu since Fri. My husband woke up with it today. Got the flu shot but not from the same place I did so hopefully I won’t get it.
  22. A couple of years ago when I was using a cash account, I was REQUIRED to put in $200 before being allowed to board. This required an extra trip to the desk as all other check in was done and S&S cards were at the cabin. This year I bought cruise cash ahead of time to avoid that stop. I have also just entered a CC number and then changed to cash once on board. There was no hold on the CC.
  23. Maybe you can take pre-orders. Bids even 😂
  24. I was on a dive boat and told these are barges used to transport between the Cayman Islands since there is only one airport. They also bring a type of rock from Cayman Brac to GC. I did not have internet on the cruise so just catching up with your great review. A couple of comments without going back to look up and quote specific posts: We were a large group with YTD and were always able to get a table for 8-12 at around 5:45 in Voldymer’s area except the last night when we were a smaller group and came a little later. The new wait team was quite a step down. We brought a bottle of champagne which they ignored for a while. We then asked to have it opened and still did not receive service. We ended up taking it out with us for later. They tried to place baked Alaska in front of everyone as “this is the dessert tonight”. Other tables were given menus which a couple of us asked for. Waiters seemed stunned that we would turn down baked Alaska. I was told the gal in the “violin trio” was actually playing an electronic cello. I had never heard of one before. Piano bar with Craig was bad. Alchemy bar was a little quiet but good. We thought the production shows were good but not great. They crank up the volume so high that it is hard to understand the words. Jimbo, did you miss the downpours in Mahogany Bay? Made for fun people watching from the bar while I waited it out. Great review.
  25. We had 20 of us plus kids last week so we used chat to PLAN dinner in various changing groups so we could catch up. Only takes a minute. Phones did not interrupt our vacations as much as waiting for other people would have. You don’t need to use your phone if you don’t want to.
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