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  1. Only a disadvantage if you were one of the rule breakers going to their cabin early. Everyone gets their cards when their room is available. Some sooner that others, but that is what priority means. No one gets them before boarding. As has been pointed out, no one else can use your card. But yes, as you brought up, someone could stead your luggage. Don’t read about that happening either. You disagreed with a new policy—fair enough. But through education we all learn. Happy cruising.
  2. That is true if you use only part of the balance pre cruise for purchases. If applied to the S&S card at checkin or on board, I assume you apply the entire balance (just thought of that possibility of partial use) and once applied is non refundable—normally. Maybe you can but cruise cash ahead of time for a partial amt.
  3. If you order from a server, you will either need a boarding pass or card. I would expect them to be suspicious if it was early and you had a non-priority (random stolen) color card.
  4. So it sounds like you made one phone call and were placed on hold too long. Sure that’s not good but happens everywhere and is not a reason to switch lines. You later confirm that they did not have your new email. That’s on you-not their customer service. Did you have poor customer service on these 8 sailings and if so, why keep going back. Why is your very experienced travel agent not taking care of this for you? I don’t have a travel agent but thought that is what they do. Again the travel agent. So the second call to Carnival resulted in getting an amazing response. One placement on hold and one amazing response=abysmal customer service? Huh? And THEY didn’t have your new email. Just go and enjoy the cruise. As a Helpful FYI, the space goes after a period or comma, not before. Your posts would be easier to follow.
  5. Yes, any Carnival expense before sailing or on board.
  6. Can you do a mock booking and search by category such as 8B, 8C, 8D? They are all balcony but my only way to find available cabins/pricing is to search balcony, location, deck, cabin and then compare to a deck plan to find the category. I’m sure there must be a better way
  7. In the early pages of this thread I agreed it seemed like a “scam” but I think the problem is expecting free chairs and then being charged. People are afraid to just move if they don’t want to pay. This animosity toward the “locals” (eww). Ummm, it’s their island and aren’t the beaches public? They could be more welcoming thought.
  8. Used to be but 4.6 people stopped posting. 😄
  9. Do the sky ride and ropes early in the cruise and earlier in the day. It gets busier later. There is a sign telling approx. how long the wait is for the ride. Typically less than 30 minutes for us. I don’t know if they actually post their hours anywhere but we would just walk by and check. Once on the ropes course, you can go around more than once if it’s not too busy.
  10. I called the 800 number with a question about pricing and with a day got a call from a PVP. He left a voice mail and since my question had been answered,, I didn’t call back until a week later and spoke to him. Seemed very nice and knowledgeable so I will proceed with him once I get my TA booked cruise canceled. Usually always do everything myself with no problems but this time was told to use a specific TA to book with a wedding group. She is terrible and charged more than the online pricing. Unfortunately I paid deposit with gift cards so have to have her cancel and wait for the replacement gift cards to book the new rate and use them. I’ve always been skeptical that the PVPs who call you are probably either new or not busy but I shall see how this works out. You can also just call the 800 number and ask for a PVP.
  11. Does anyone know how Carnival will send a deposit refund made with a gift card for a canceled cruise? I know they send in the form of gift cards, but will it be UPS, USPS, FedEx——and will I need (hopefully) to sign for them?
  12. Jupiter Lighthouse. Includes small history museum. Stay Fort Lauderdale or on north side.
  13. Hope they haven’t discontinued as they were 1000 points each. Will have to start using UPS MyChoice I guess. Otherwise I have to call them every time. I get email newsletters but did not know there were separate rewards newsletters to subscribe to. Be very careful sharing codes for AARP. Can get you shut down.
  14. I do recall reading that comment in a post here on cc in the last month or so. There were a few other piddly complaints which lumped together “ruined” her cruise. She was one of the higher levels of reward member.
  15. Earlier this year I ordered a $500 card and received it with one promo code. Later, I ordered $500 and 2x $100 and received them along with two promo codes. Recently I ordered 2 $500 cards and did not receive even one promo code. Anyone else have experience with this? I also have never received an email confirming the purchase or shipment. If I call, they have the info and tracking number if relevant. Never gotten an email with a promo code either. Yes, they have my email.
  16. Guess I just stand and raise my feet to wash. No bending.
  17. Hate to be a downer but remember this past April and the rain storms. Many people who were flying to the Easter cruise we were on planning to get there a day ahead did not even make it with that cushion. Good Luck.
  18. Thanks all for the info. I did check online and got similar pricing for today. Checking the ease of use there because we are booking with a TA for the cruise to participate in a wedding. She is booking ground trans to port and to airport for $32/person which adds up too fast with 4 people. And I hate waiting for groups—even family
  19. Flying into Tampa and staying at Holiday Inn Rocky Point. Wondering about experience with Uber getting from there to cruise terminal and return to airport. Is Uber allowed in the port area and how hard are they to find for return to airport. Recently disembarked in Miami and called for Uber but could never find where to meet them. Too much confusion at the port. Atlernatively, does anyone have an estimate for taxi to airport?
  20. Non refundable deposits do not seem to be a wise option for people who cannot afford to lose them. We were recently on the Horizon and the buffet choices were wonderful. Carving station every time I was there. Breakfast got to be a little boring but many selections and the bacon tray was always heaping full. The server would keep giving more than I wanted. One ship does not make a fleet.
  21. People seem to have a hard time staying on track. Idle minds wander. Lol
  22. If you pay with gift cards and wait till on board to cancel, you will get OBC rather than a gift card in the mail. May make a difference if you decide close to sail date.
  23. Unfortunately, the state I live in does not allow offering missed port insurance. I haven’t investigated but would assume that goes for late departure as well.
  24. Thanks for the feedback. Deposit is $250. I did call and talk to her which is what made me uneasy as she seemed a little vague on how things work—and expecting people to reserve before determining the extras. She wasn’t sure how it would work if I were to book directly with Carnival and then transfer to her for instance. Also her office hours are M-T 8-4:30 and I just got an answering machine at 4:35. Don’t want to see a price drop and have to wait 2-3 days to get ahold of her. So, yeah, I probably am a control freak. Lol I have no reason to not trust her to make the payments.
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