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  1. Enter the billing information first. Then check the box to use billing address for shipping. DO NOT enter shipping address. Have ordered $900 at once—five cards.
  2. I didn’t make that equivalence. You have your posters mixed up and are very confused.
  3. Just an FYI. Nationwide’s coverage for missed or changed ports is not available in all states.Don’t assume you have that coverage unless you check.
  4. Your suggestion then would be like saying everyone gets seasick when they go to bed and close their eyes. It might have been easier to grasp if the original statement had said "conflict between the eyes (what you see OR DON"T SEE)" and the inner ear. Obviously not everyone feels that conflict.
  5. Actually, it supports the statement as they feel the motion but are unable to see it--thus the conflict. Same as if you mistakenly think you should lie down and close your eyes when feeling the motion. Only makes it worse. But yes, there is no single cause for all cases.
  6. Thank you for putting it so well while I was still trying to come up with acceptable words to use. And it is not a generational "thing" seeking attention either to wear ones uniform in public as some have said. Those with the negative comments must be the same people who were around when military returned from Vietnam and were spat on. The attention is nothing to be ashamed or embarrased by. Accept with a simple thank you and continue on your way.
  7. And we all know how closely cruise lines adhere to their policies 100%. MOST do not care whether it is 6 months for you to board, even with that policy. That is for their protection.
  8. Great to hear. We will be staying there in Jan. Looks like dining and a wine pickup within walking distance? Did you use their shuttle to the port? We will be with a group, most of whom have shuttle included in their pkg. We opted out because of cost assuming they would have a chartered bus/van and we could use the hotel trans. but that is not the case. Just wondering about the shuttle size and whether we might have a problem getting on early if they have that large a group. Thinking of UBER but need a large one due to having 4 of us.
  9. We interpret the OP differently. They said they checked the ratings on many hotels. The ratings said the (many) hotel(s) had the problem, so yes, I added the s to hotel to clarify for those who interpreted as you did. Obviously they would not pose the question here if they had only checked the rating on one hotel.
  10. Not just one hotel. Many hotels’ ratings points to a pattern.
  11. Is it "standard industry practice" to pre-pay gratuities? (I don't think so-just an option) Or is it "standard industry practice" to tip for unsatisfactory service? Or to tip prior to service?
  12. Only the dedicated will find it. Persistence
  13. Well, when you know where it is, yup, there it is. No cursor on my IPad. Lol Thanks all.
  14. Those are where I have been looking. So is it the unnamed bar in the casino area?
  15. Where is the Alchemy Bar on the Legend and what is a good location to find updated deck plans?
  16. Could, not would, but rarely a nightmare. Inconvenience, delay, PITA maybe. What can be done ”no big deal” for a few people is not the same as 900 at once. Simply finding air reservations for 900 people would have been problematic.
  17. You need to call back and request a PVP to straighten this out. I know that if things are new to us, we sometimes don’t ask the right questions or hang up the phone too soon, thinking we have the only answer. And the rep very likely did give you incorrect info. But you should be able to explain that and get this cruise rebooked with the FCC. Good Luck Then start reading the Carnival threads as many things are different between the cruise lines.
  18. It is a listed side effect, common or otherwise. Irrelevant if it happens to you.
  19. Doesn’t have to be common for it to happen to people. There are many drugs which list possible side effects to be exactly what the drug is designed to prevent. Everyone is different and I will listen to my pharmacist over any RN.
  20. 4J would be comparable to 4B as they are both interiors but the question was if they could move you from cat 6 to cat 4 and those are not comparable even in the cruise lines eyes. They won’t move you from a balcony to an inside for instance. They can move you within a category or up a category but not down. ——Although maybe they could-they won’t.
  21. I’ll never get $1800 OBC for a cruise since that is all I usually pay for the entire cruise. See these ads for online TAs offering “up to $1000 OBC”. That is if the cruise costs over $10,000 before port fees and taxes. You have to spend a lot to get much.
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