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  1. Did you see where I said “if safe for their inhabitants”? I never implied they would knowingly let coronavirus infected people ashore. Believe it or not, finances are always a consideration. They may not win out but are a consideration.
  2. Now I understand all your other posts! Our hygiene habits are exactly the same on a cruise or any vacation as they are at home or work. Use whatever bathroom is convenient—sometimes that is a port-a-potty—and then wash your hands. Wash hands when preparing food or after working in the garden. I have never hesitated to use a handrail, push an elevator button, eat at a buffet, or open a door with my hands. And I worked for 45 years in a hospital. Haven’t been sick in at least 20 years.
  3. OK. I shouldn’t have said “in this area”. I should have said anywhere other than SE Asia. “Completely incorrect”—-meaning the exact opposite is true as you predict and ports will be closed to every cruise ship around the globe. Read the rest of my original post. Did your sick email friend get tested for coronavirus? Was he positive?
  4. There should not be new cases beyond the incubation period from the start of quarantine IF properly following the rules of quarantine.
  5. The likelihood of missing all your ports is slim in that area. The likelihood of infection is the same as always. No need to lose any of your money and you have the right attitude to have a great time. Wish I were leaving the snow behind this weekend! Ships may turn away individuals but ports will do everything they can to get ships docked if safe for their inhabitants. It is a huge financial loss to turn a ship away.
  6. Yes, everyone wants the company to pay, because they are a big corporation and this (one case) would be peanuts to them. Unfortunately in this case, the cruise lines, and other corporations, are needing to make quick decisions based on what might happen in the future to cost them more. If this goes on or expands, corporations could face disastrous financial setbacks. Maybe they will be able to rethink some cases later—-or not. I’ll certainly get slammed for this but maybe folks could make a big impact if they help everyone to get through this and consider a small loss to many people rather than a disaster for the cruise line. And when I say small loss, I am not talking dollar amounts—I’m talking about this one event compared to the rest of your life.
  7. With SW (and to a lesser degree other airlines) you need to do your homework—-and sometimes have nerves of steel to wait it out. SW prices change frequently and I usually find my best rates on any airline within 60 days of travel. You also need to search for one passenger to find the lowest price. We are flying CA to HI next week for $139 each. While I watched prices, that flight varied from $199 to $539. I purchased at $199 because that was the lowest I had seen for adjacent days in the past weeks. The next day it went to $139 and I called and received the lower price. That flight was still available yesterday for $139 but had been over $500 a couple weeks ago. We paid $124 MSP to CA. All good hours and NS flights.Delta on the way home because that was the cheapest for our multi city route.
  8. I don’t believe anyone would suggest not using an investment manager. The point is that you need to educate yourself enough to know what they are doing (oversight). We live intuitively within our means as well, but that ability comes from years of practice and learning the difference between needs and wants. Way too many people were never taught that. Many people could benefit from Ramsay’s advice without giving up credit cards. He is so much more than that.
  9. Do hope you enjoyed your trip to the land of most ridiculous conclusions.
  10. My bad. I did not know you were prohibited from removing tips if you were in Havana cabins or ordered form the Alchemy Bar. Is there a box to check on the reservation stating you are not a cheapskate? As stated before, how much money a person throws around in one place has nothing to do with how much of a cheapskate they might be.
  11. Why would you transfer money and then not play—numerous times?
  12. Seems your “third and bigger risk” is the same as the quoted posters second risk which you deemed small.
  13. You know nothing of the kind unless you questioned well over half of them and they all said that is what they were doing. Why do you want to cruise with all those cheapskates anyway. You’re claiming guilt by association for others.
  14. So you are saying that 100% of cruises in the near future will impose quarantine and miss most if not all ports. It currently takes one day to confirm or clear coronavirus. As I said, you probably should not travel.
  15. Technically, I live in a state where there are horse and buggy drivers. 😂 You need to learn to read emojis.
  16. You need to follow along. Not just pick and choose posts to read and comment. I said “quote” which means the underlined statement which followed was the erroneous quote I was correcting. It was a blanket statement with no qualifying information which would have included “to fly domestically, unless you have a passport or other accepted ID”. The correct details have been stated in this thread probably at least ten times and yet people are posting incomplete—read incorrect—information. People are not required to have a drivers license either—-unless they drive.
  17. Good to know. Would never have thought of that.
  18. So would this also be a problem if 3 people in one cabin book the same excursion in one transaction and one later decided they want to book something else? Would the other two need to cancel and rebook if the one wanted to book before sailing?
  19. We have canceled on board (night before excursion) and did not receive a penalty, and received OBC. The problem with waiting, I believe, is that you cannot book something else in that time period until the first one is canceled.
  20. Just depends on your route and timing. SW fares change frequently. We are flying Minneapolis to Hawaii in Feb on SW for $263. Free bags. Couldn’t come within $100 of that on any other airline before adding in for bags.
  21. This. Along with blanket statements such as everyone will need a Real ID drivers license—not if you have a passport—or passport is the gold standard of ID—maybe for international travel but not accepted in my state for obtaining EDL.
  22. Your passport is all you need. Disregard post 76.
  23. I also live in a different EDL state and passport is not accepted as proof of ID. Astounds me as to how the EDL is virtually a passport card but passport is not accepted. My license bureau sent in my paperwork using my passport as ID (along with all the other proofs of address etc.) and I had to further send in my birth certificate and marriage certificate. Did not even have to send copy of passport.
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