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  1. That's great! Happy you got someone more experienced at Royal on the second call.
  2. You should call back and speak to someone else. Or better yet, call the Crown & Anchor number. Your husband should be able to purchase the DPB if you have the refreshment package.
  3. Thanks for the info in this thread. I also switched our dining from MTD to Traditional Early time. Now we won't be stressed about making it to the shows on time. Thanks. 😊
  4. Hopefully someone here will have a balcony cabin on Oasis deck 9 or 10 and be able to confirm either way. We're starting to get very excited to see all the changes they have made. 😀
  5. They are on deck 9 & 10. There are quite a few. We usually stay in 10700 & 10702 and they are now the OV Spa Category. We are going in December 2020, and my sister is going in April 2020 in those cabins. So we're hoping the upgrades to the cabins are already in place.
  6. It appears the Oasis will have a new Category for a Spa Ocean View Balcony cabin on the Deck Plans Starting November 3, 2021. According to the description there will be an upgraded shower head and appears to have upgraded furniture and other perks.....I wonder if those cabins are already equipped with the upgraded shower head, etc?
  7. Thanks for the replies! Hopefully they open the earlier times, if not we might consider switching to traditional dining.
  8. Hi Ken, Unfortunately we aren't going over Christmas. We scored a great deal on the December 14th cruse for 2020. Our oldest will be finished college and we will take the youngest (Lexi) out of school a week early. If for some reason the kids won't be able to come Mark & I are still going! We got too good a deal on the drink package to cancel. 😜
  9. We have MTD for our Oasis Cruise in December of 2020. Reservations are open, however 5:30, 6:00 & 8:00 are not available for any day to book. Does anyone know if they will become available later? Or why those times are blocked out for each day?
  10. I am very impressed with Royal! They really do care about their customers and it makes me happy to be loyal to Royal. I will likely always book with Royal Caribbean and spend my vacation dollars here! What a great company! Congrats Royal Caribbean! 😀
  11. Thanks so much to the OP for posting this! I got the deal for our Oasis 2020 cruise. Unfortunately our Anthem 2019 wasn't on sale, but I'm so excited to have been able to snag this one! Gotta love Cruise Critic!
  12. I think Royal needs to change the pricing structure for longer cruises. Right now in my cruise planner the key is listed at $51 CAD per person/per day. (Equivalent to $38 USD) My Anthem cruise is 12 days bringing the total $1220 CAD ($912 USD) For two people in a cabin. Who in their right mind would pay that? However, on a shorter 3-4 day cruise it seems to be a pretty good value. I just returned from Symphony where we purchased the Key for $19.99 per day, and i was not impressed. The Chops lunch was limited and it was so busy the servers did not have time for us. The seats reserved for the shows were not in a good location at all. Except for the Aqua show. However we really enjoyed the private breakfast on the last day with an escort off the ship, right up to the customs officer.
  13. It's showing up in my cruise planner for Anthem, in CAD it's $100.50. I'm glad i already purchased the original BOGO offer which was $52.40 CAD. The price has almost doubled! 🙄
  14. Yes, I had the same problem. When you finally get the site to stay on CAD currency bookmark the page. Then when you visit the page next time use the bookmark and the CAD currency will stick. At least that is my experience.
  15. Unfortunately yes. We didn't want to go without our oldest (Ashley), and can't pull her out of college for the week. So I'm just going with my sister in April. The kids are coming with us to Aruba during Ashley's reading week instead. Bummer about the Headliner. But I suspect they will have the Love & Marriage show and Quest on those nights.
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