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  1. Found the documents. All is well. Thanks everyone !
  2. Great idea but haven't gotten a link to download the documents either. Just realized that.
  3. Cruise is 38 days from now. A link appeared on the website about 10 days ago below the View SetSail Pass for View Luggage Tags. When I click on it I get a "404 Error, page not found" All check-in is completed and SetSail passes are printed. I sent an email inquiry a week ago and again today. Received auto generated acknowledgements, but no response. I've called CS twice and neither person seemed to even comprehend the problem. Asked for supervisor but again ignored by them. One was in Jamaica, the other who knows? And one was the website technical line. Can anyone offer another way to have this corrected? Eventually I will need luggage tags. Thanks .
  4. Is there any type transportation on the pier to the port? Looks very long for my age & knees. Thanks
  5. I agree with you, I've heard that rationale too. I guess it's just a combination I can't wrap my little brain around.
  6. According to the CDC, in 2017 only 14% of Americans smoke cigarettes. Easily confirmed on their website. Why does anyone, any company, any cruise line cater to 14% of the public while ignoring the preference of 86% ? Doesn't seem like a great marketing decision to me.
  7. We made dining reservations several months ago for the Harmony sailing Dec 8, 2019. We reserved MTD every night for 6:00pm and received a email confirming this. Wonder how they will handle this. We've heard nothing about a change of the time.
  8. Does anyone have a copy of the entrees offered on the Harmony?
  9. I agree except every that other dining option is shown. Thanks
  10. When I tried to reserve dining times on Oasis in April 2020, My Time Dining is not an option. I called two weeks ago and they said they would look into it, that it should be listed. I have already made similar reservations on Harmony in Dec 2020, so it's not too far in advance. Has anyone encountered this before?
  11. If you really want to get even with RCCL, switch cruise lines. That'll fix them and they will really be sorry for what they did to you.
  12. Thanks, I already have for our next cruise. Got several extra perks too.
  13. I finally reached a very nice lady in Jamaica who was able to make the corrections. She asked if I would take to phone survey when she hung up/ I said yes but when she got off the line my call was disconnected. I guess they don't get many positive comments so they don't allow them. I would have been very positive about her assistance. Oh well. How you can have the best ships and the worst website in the industry is an interesting question.
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