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  1. I understand and that makes sense. Sorry, just anxious like everyone else, I'm sure
  2. NCL laid out a rather comprehensive plan to re-start cruising, new policies, etc. When will Royal do this?
  3. I've read different posts about gratuities on the DBP. Does it include them or are they added on. Thanks
  4. Is the Diamond Lounge open the same hours every day? Sea days and port days? What are the hours? Thanks
  5. What are the hours on Harmony OTS? Also, what deck is it on? A new Diamond asking. Thanks Sent from my SM-N950U using Forums mobile app
  6. We were on Oasis Mar 8 - 15. One of our most favorite changes was Playmakers. It was great. Does anyone know about plans to add Playmakers to Harmony?
  7. Mine is like this too. For 2 days with Latest version of Firefox
  8. DrDani, we had the same experience on Harmony in December. Times were variable, table was never the same. Previously, on Oasis in February 2019, we also had the same table & waiter every night. So I agree, MTD was formerly great, now not so much. It seemed the person at the desk was uninterested in our preference.
  9. I love the Trellis Bar too, but it is small with limited seating. Especially with a larger party of 8.
  10. Thanks, great information and it cleared up a question I had. We'll be there March 8, first time in Miami.
  11. True, and it's a long standing tradition with Royal 🤩
  12. I had the same Jr problem. The TA finally solved it. C & A had Jr as a suffix to my name (the correct format) and RCI had the Jr as a part of my last name. So not a match when checking in. It amazes me that they have different data bases. Why isn't there a common file for all basic info, names, addresses, email addresses, etc?
  13. I asked because we have a JS GTY on the Mar 8. We didn't choose the guarantee but it was all available when we wanted to upgrade from a balcony because of our 45th anniversary. Never in 25 cruises have we booked a GTY cabin. TA felt it shouldn't be a problem since she had done this many times before and never had a problem. Until now?!? We'll see what happens.
  14. Has anyone heard anything about JS overbooking on the March 8 Oasis cruise?
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