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  1. Think missing Breakfast is bad? We missed sail away on our very first cruise because we fell sound asleep in our cozy inside cabin. After the Muster Drill there was a delay in departure time, and we thought we would just rest our eyes for a couple of minutes, only to wake up at sea with no land in sight. LOL
  2. Does the below NCCL Gem itinerary remained docked overnight on Sunday in Bermuda? Fri Boston, Massachusetts (EMBARK) --- 4:00 pm Sat At Sea --- --- Sun Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda 10:00 am 11:59 pm Mon Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda 12:00 am 4:00 pm Tue At Sea --- --- Wed Boston, Massachusetts (DISEMBARK) 7:00 am ---
  3. We usually stay in a Balcony cabin. One time we decided to stay in a Grand Suite on the RCCL Independence of the Seas, and must say that we had a great time with all the perks such as Concierge service and Lounge. I guess I was trying to say that no matter where a person stays, most likely they will have a wonderful time, and was looking for agreement from a seasoned cruiser like you. :-)
  4. Lol, why don't you, just for the experience try a short inside cabin cruise.
  5. Ranking of "Cool Cruiser" is shown under my name. Will someone explain the Rankings? What is the highest, and how do you get it?
  6. SRF, what cabin on the Grandeur?
  7. You are a very fortunate person. How many cruises have you taken, and what lines have you sailed? Best line for a Suite?
  8. We have taken around 15 cruises before. We have stayed in everything from an inside cabin to a Grand Suite. On our first cruise we were not sure if cruising was for us, so we took a 5 night cruise to Cozumel staying in an inside cabin. Wow, we actually enjoyed it even though we were in the inside cabin. We were so busy that we were in our cabin only to sleep and shower. After that we took to experiencing even the better cruise experience by staying in ocean views cabins, balconies, and even a RCCL Grand Suite once. My advice is that you should perhaps experience an inside cabin as your first cruise. Some say that once you have stayed in a ocean view or above that you will never, ever go back to an inside cabin. Not so with us though, we did stay in an inside cabin two more times, once to experience a very realistic Inside Virtual Balcony Cabin, and our last one to Cuba this February which included alcoholic drinks. I can almost guarantee you will have fun wherever you sleep.
  9. Any opinions on crowne plaza vs springhill suites in Seattle based on neighborhood? They are about the same distance from the pier and attractions.
  10. Here is a receipt for exchanging USD to Cuban Currency. Here is a receipt for changing Cuban Currency back to USD.
  11. I am sorry, but for some reason I just can't help chuckling at the idea of leaving someone tissue paper as a tip. LOL, may I assume you meant leaving a tip of tissue paper for the attendant to sell to the next customer? Or, did you mean leaving paper for the next tourist who did not purchase any from the attendant on their way to the stall? We were in Havana in February. My wife brought tissue paper with her that I bought after reading about it not being available in public toilets. My wife had to use the bathrooms while in an indoor market. There were ladies at a table outside of them selling paper. Much similar to some restrooms in Europe where bathroom attendants keet the paper stocked in the stalls and cleaned them. Usually the is a charge, otherwise a tip is expected.
  12. Roce48

    visa for Cuba

    MYTHS about Cuba! I don't recall any additional Medical Fee. Perhaps it was included in our Port Fee. As far as having to document how I spent my in Havana, we went to lunch at a restaurant and a souvenir market. We marked off "Support for the Cuban People". Who would believe that someone would in the future ask me for documentation? Not very likely. As far as taking toilet paper with us, we brought tissue, but the restaurant had paper. The market had someone outside the bathrooms selling tissue.
  13. Our February NCL Sky overnight in Havana cruise did not depart Havana until 12 noon. All the other cruises seem to leave port as you menton.
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