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  1. Hi Last cruise on Symphony there was always a long line at 6 pm to get into Waterside.Is this still the case? Thanks Ed
  2. We had to cancel a 3/31/20 cruise and Oceania charged us $500 .Has this happen to anyone else?
  3. Which ship would choose and why. Thanks
  4. eby


    I would like anyone's recents experience getting a Uber after disembarking in POM. Thanks
  5. Its the same terminal .Two separate Spirit flight.they will not transfer luggage.
  6. Is there a place to store your luggage for 6 hrs at fll airport? Have a 10 hr layover and can not check my bags till 4 hrs before flight.Thanks
  7. First Oceania TA .what do people do on seaday ? Thanks
  8. In your opinion when would the drill take place on the 10/25/19 symphony cruise from NOLA.With the overnight, we would like have dinner and spend most of the night in NOLA Thanks Ed
  9. eby

    Takeaway cups

    What do they use when you want to take coffee back to your room ?
  10. eby

    Takeaway cups

    The inside is plastic .Regent has stop using them, you must bring your own takeaway cup.
  11. After the plastic straw ban, will to go cups be next ?
  12. eby

    Takeaway cups

    I will be with you but we have to think of our children & grandkids.
  13. Does Crystal still have to go cups for coffee in the morning? Some lines have discontinued them, and have bring you own. Thanks.
  14. We are wondering when the muster drill will be for our 10/25/2019 from nola ? We board on the 25th and leave on the 26th at 5AM.We would like to go out for dinner on the 25th. Thanks for any help.
  15. Does Seabourn have to go cups?Just returned from Regent,they did not.
  16. Thanks ,I will take travel mugs. Ed
  17. Does Regent have take-away cups for coffee ? Thanks
  18. Can you get 6 beers to take back to your room.
  19. Thanks for all the info, it helps a lot.Ed
  20. Having trouble researching .Can anyone help.Taxi or bus? Thanks Ed
  21. Zenith have a premium drink package.They can drink anywhere.
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