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  1. Agree. Especially when some are more concerned about the economic factors of a prolonged crisis than the consequences of public health? Of course the economic losses are important but should not guide or nudge the public health agenda.
  2. we do not know the true extent of this. or the number of deaths in china and may never know. .
  3. Dreadful situation for all on board. The testing seems to done late but probably hampered by lack of resources, human and material, given the circumstances. Difficult for the Japanese authorities too to facing this crisis. Global public health authorities seem to be not on top of this either. Some countries are either not testing/lack of resources, or extremely lucky to have almost zero cases reported?? Hate to imagine what is happening in china at the centre of this mess.
  4. Travelmarvel is the budget arm of APT/AMA. Less inclusive and slightly older ships. pay as you go with excursions some included, Likewise with drinks. Similar to Evergreen which is the budget version of Scenic. Suits many who are not interested in all inclusive style of travel products. Look closely at all details to find the best fit for you.
  5. It is great the ship was accommodated to enable passengers to travel home. We have travelled in south east asia many times over the years but not to Cambodia. Yes many areas have and are changing rapidly and arguable if it is always to the benefit of locals. Research is important in travel and we thank those who have posted on this forum among other travel forums. We all like different places and have different interests and thankfully we have choices in travel products. We prefer less crowded places and casinos have zero interest for us, but each to their own. Many challenges with travel at present. Safe cruising to all.
  6. Cunard is different in many ways. Depends which cruise lines are being considered for comparison. The fare is not fully inclusive of drinks, including bottled water, tips or excursions. Fixed dining times and table at dinner in the MDR unless in club or grills? Probably more as said depends which line is being considered. Dress codes after 6pm in public places except the Lido dining areas.
  7. Watching with interest as we enjoy cruising ocean and river. We like Europe but dislike long haul flights even with business class, so the thought of added potential major disruption and risk makes us pause our future plans. We also are observing the public health management around this new virus with interest. We all want to be as safe as possible at home and when travelling and avoid getting sick. The situation on the cruise ship with people being detained, some removed to health facilities is something most would not wish to repeat. Lessons will no doubt be learnt from all this current crisis, for individuals and the travel industry and health authorities. We would make sure we take extra meds in case of major disruptions. Luckily we have a multitude of choices in picking a travel product. Really feel for the people caught up in this, especially those who have no options to escape the misery/risk in china. This will pass but it may take several months. As others have said its not so much the risk of being infected but all the other ramifications and risks currently being played out that is of concern.
  8. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-06/phone-tracking-follows-movements-of-couple-with-coronavirus/11935912 Hopefully much to learn and improve around this new virus, especially around air/cruise travel, and public health safety. Interesting case in Australia where a couple from Wuhan flew into a capital city, became unwell and were tested and were positive for Corona virus. Public health authority press conference spokeswoman said the couple were self isolating at home, and no further info would be released. Later another public health alert was posted to say the couple had attended a house auction a day after arriving by plane. Flight number details were released and contact tracing was attempted for the other passengers on their flight. Police were given authority to track their movements to identify any other public places they may have attended. They are currently now isolated in a public hospital until clear and well enough to be released.
  9. Are the new positive cases being removed from the ship does anyone know? Finding hospital beds with appropriate facilities for these patients would be potentially challenging at short notice. Fortunately no reports that ICU beds are required but infection control would be mandatory.
  10. Excellent review and details. Interesting about the table seating. If a table for 2 is requested in the MDR how likely is that to happen? Does it depend on cabin or Cunard status??
  11. Very sad what is happening in China and spreading to other places now. It is impacting all travel including cruises and air travel, as well as countries changing rules about who will be permitted to enter or excluded. Only time will tell how this will be resolved. Given the circumstances hopefully Viking will assist you with options if travel in/out of China is still restricted. Good luck.
  12. Rothenberg is worth seeing albeit can/will be crowded, popular small town. The drive from Wurzburg is also attractive. However Wurzburg is also worth some time the river runs through the town, beautiful old bridges and a lively university town, with many attractions. Difficult choices we have been fortunate to have been to these places more than once and at different times of the year. Some ports/stops are right on the rivers, so bus travel is not required. Salzburg or Cesky are done as day trips and longer bus trips. Bratislava is also done as a bus trip and Nuremberg is a short bus trip from the ship. Others may offer more advice. Each day can be busy but of course you are free to do as much or little as you wish. Another issue for May, there are a few public holidays so check if any may impact your trip.
  13. Not sure if you have seen this page and reviews and info about your ship? https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=1037 We have travelled with APT/AMA some land and river cruises but not on AMA VERDE. We have found a lot depends on the quality of the cruise director and other staff on board. Also river levels can impact and interrupt sailings, common to all river cruises. Our cruise director on our cruise in December was wonderful, experienced and pleasant to deal with. We did not have a full ship so plenty of space to sit/move around on board. Fellow passengers were a mix of mainly Australians some from NZ. Other sailings we have had much the same with additions from UK and Egypt. Families are travelling together too sometimes. Have a great cruise spring is a nice time to travel in Europe.
  14. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 This is from John Hopkins and up dated regularly. Clearly it is early days but the spread is escalating and countries are constantly making changes to their policies around entry. Airlines and cruise lines are also advising of changes to operations. Travellers are in a potentially challenging situation. Can only imagine the plight of people living with the reality in places locked down. Hopefully a vaccine can be developed soon to assist. Meanwhile safe cruising.
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