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  1. Interesting, as it doesn't say that now. All we have is "The FCC certificate’s value may be applied toward the cruise fare due on a new booking, and new future sail date, on the brand originally purchased", which is much more ambiguous. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/cruise-with-confidence
  2. Anthem was never going to be 'amped' - her dry dock was always going to be a minor one. So I suspect they'll stick to that plan. I would be very doubtful about May 15th being a possibility. We're booked on the 29th and final payment is a week or so.... still debating whether to cancel or pay and presume we'll get 125% FCC
  3. It’s part of the trade off cs buying individually - you’re giving up the ability to book your preferred times in advance to have a discount
  4. Take a look at the next category up from what you booked - If it’s less than what you’ve originally paid then you can essentially upgrade for free
  5. Just be aware that you may or may not be able to use the site linked to above, even within 30 days. We're now 23 days out from our trip and no email and that site doesn't allow me to place bids either. It seems that some people are able to make royal up bids and some not, regardless of marketing preferences (I allow marketing and have received royal up offers on previous cruises just fine).
  6. It’s the week after half term - we’re on this one too and wanted to avoid half term holiday week!
  7. Still no email for our upcoming cruise, which is typical that the past couple of cruises I've been spammed for several weeks when I didn't want to make a bid, but now I do it's all gone quiet! Tomorrow we reach 30 days out.... am I right in thinking that at 30 days and under the Royal Up page on the website will show me applicable bid options even without the email invitation? Or is it a case of I may not be given the opportunity to bid even there if I'm not one of the chosen ones?
  8. You do not pay until you actually go to the restaurant. And this is exactly what I plan to do with UDP in a month or so's time!
  9. They also seem to have a habit of removing inventory or even the entire cruise once royal up starts. For example, we're on the 1st March Allure TA and there are reports today of people starting to get royal up offers. Surprise surprise the inventory is currently completely absent on the website, but just yesterday it was there with all cabin categories available. I would not be surprised if they deliberately set aside cabins for royal up offers. Also, even if it is completely sold out, it only takes one big suite late cancellation to create a cascade of royal up opportunities (e.g. owners suite cancellation then gives grand->owners, junior->grand, balcony->junior etc)
  10. I suspect the quotas go a long way toward explaining why some people don't have much experience of the harrassment on board, whereas some do - it's those cruises where the quota is not being met where they send the hordes out to get sales up.
  11. It always makes me chuckle when people start talking about their rights with regards to C&A benefits and then invoke lawyers. Small print pretty much means you’re guaranteed nothing. A good policy I find is to book if you want to do the cruise - any benefits for C&A are a bonus you can’t rely on.
  12. It's still a la carte, I can't remember the individual price for the hot rock dish but I don't recall it being that different to everything else on the menu
  13. Yes, we did this last time we were on her in October
  14. For me the worst thing is that they appear to have cancelled topcashback or quidco when booking a cruise, so no cashback anymore 😞
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