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  1. Definitely yes on Explorer of the Seas - they added them on our trip in May, the first from the UK. I am 99% certain Indy did the same.
  2. I think people need to realise that this is classic trolling - the poster refuses to follow the avenue that would give them a definitive answer (contact RCL), but instead encourage other posters to try to 'persuade' them - but as no absolute definitive proof can be given, this allows them to refute any posts, no matter how eloquent or logical. So we get stuck in a loop of persuade-refute-persuade-refute. For your sanity, walk away, the OP will never be happy with your answers. If they really want a definite answer they already know how to get it.
  3. Related to this, can the D+ discount be used if you purchase the drinks package on day 2 or 3?
  4. Add us to the list of the first night never being reserved, for any of the packages. I would definitely assume nothing has been done and sort out a booking as soon as you board - if it has been booked for you then you can change it to a btter time/restaurant while more tables are available.
  5. If you look at the 2019/20 TA's, most of them are in the last week of October/First week of November. So if Odyssey is in, say, Barcelona and Athens is the last stop of that trip (so on the way back), then around 5th November would be about right for the TA.... and there's other ships doing that exact same date in 19/20, as well as a bit later.
  6. Nevermind, have now remembered - it's "DP340" if anyone is needing it!
  7. Can one of the very knowledgeable people on this board remind this forgetful old man what the code is to apply a 340 C&A point D+ solo discount to a booking made online? I'm pretty sure it's "D something 340" but it's been a while since attempting to use it and it's completely slipped my mind what it should be.
  8. We've seen this wording on Harmony before when we've been in a suite - technically it's correct - you can buy drinks at the bar if you want to, e.g. a gin and tonic. But beer and wine was free.
  9. As said above, definitely you want the conversion done by your card, not Royal. For the best conversion get yourself a credit card that provides a 'perfect' conversion rate, such as the halifax clarity card.
  10. We are definitely more interested in any initial European sailings, and ideally something from the UK, before she departs for the US as we've not got anything booked for later on next year. Fingers crossed for a cheeky little trip before the transatlantic.
  11. They have released new deck plans for post dry dock - and those don't seem to show any major changes. But then they also show the concierge lounge as still a concierge lounge rather than a suite lounge, and I'm not sure I believe they won't be making that change!
  12. You're definitely not the youngest - I've seen children who are Pinnacle members, which is especially impressive when that's the only level they can't share with their parents, meaning they personally have over 700 points! So there's all sorts of age groups in all C&A tiers - you really can't make any assumptions based on age.
  13. It's after final payment date - that may differ to when you made final payment if you did it earlier than you needed to! The e-mail will be from royalup@rccl.com.
  14. This seems to be a more common issue with royal - I suspect the OP is on the trip on the ship immediately after ours (we’re currently on the last day of the cruise heading back to Southampton). We booked a suite guarantee - we were not assigned until 5 days before sailing and on board it’s obvious our room was a cancellation as the previous occupants details are everywhere. What would have happened to us if no cancellations for suites happened? The same paltry offer of a few hundred dollars on board credit? i seriously wonder if the new royal up system is to blame and royal are keeping cabins unassigned longer to try to maximise upgrade potential (why assign anything less than the minimum cabin type in the guarantee if higher types can be used with paid upgrades?). If this is the case, we may start to see this issue more and more and it seems royal is no longer prepared to compensate well.
  15. I’ve also seen workmen at one of the shot glass panels, so appears things are in hand to be improved quickly
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