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  1. I suspect the quotas go a long way toward explaining why some people don't have much experience of the harrassment on board, whereas some do - it's those cruises where the quota is not being met where they send the hordes out to get sales up.
  2. It always makes me chuckle when people start talking about their rights with regards to C&A benefits and then invoke lawyers. Small print pretty much means you’re guaranteed nothing. A good policy I find is to book if you want to do the cruise - any benefits for C&A are a bonus you can’t rely on.
  3. It's still a la carte, I can't remember the individual price for the hot rock dish but I don't recall it being that different to everything else on the menu
  4. Yes, we did this last time we were on her in October
  5. For me the worst thing is that they appear to have cancelled topcashback or quidco when booking a cruise, so no cashback anymore 😞
  6. Don't try to understand their mathmatics. That way lies madness.
  7. It's very well known on these forums that Royal's sales are essentially fake. The best advice is to ignore the sale and look at the bottom line
  8. I am seeing more and more reports of this recently, both here and elsewhere such as on facebook groups - it seems to be an active policy on Royal's part to oversell. And yes I think guarantee sales are largely to blame, and I've seen several reports of people being told their cruise is cancelled just days before they were due to leave, and always they were in a guarantee they booked late. I've seen it enough now to be very wary about booking a guarantee in the last few months before sailing.
  9. You should be fine in January, what will be more interesting is after it's dry dock.... we're on in May after the refit, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's changed to being a suite lounge by then.
  10. They’re on the UK website now at least. Inaugural on the 5th November from Fort Lauderdale. No sign of a transatlantic or initial trips in Europe - so US only
  11. I believe that in general the concierge should be able to do anything guest services can do, with the exception of handling cash. So if you have access it definitely is easier to use them!
  12. I'm pretty sure the name refers to the journey we'll have to go on to book her.
  13. Definitely yes on Explorer of the Seas - they added them on our trip in May, the first from the UK. I am 99% certain Indy did the same.
  14. I think people need to realise that this is classic trolling - the poster refuses to follow the avenue that would give them a definitive answer (contact RCL), but instead encourage other posters to try to 'persuade' them - but as no absolute definitive proof can be given, this allows them to refute any posts, no matter how eloquent or logical. So we get stuck in a loop of persuade-refute-persuade-refute. For your sanity, walk away, the OP will never be happy with your answers. If they really want a definite answer they already know how to get it.
  15. Related to this, can the D+ discount be used if you purchase the drinks package on day 2 or 3?
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