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  1. Worse than being stuck with 2 couples is when I cruised with my son they would put me with other single parents (most of the men) and I had to spend the cruise listening about their ex-wives.
  2. I like the anytime dining. It allows me to meet a large amount of different people during the cruise. It also allows me the flexibility to have dinner anytime I want. I have the ability to ask for a large table with lots of people or a table by myself depending on my mood.
  3. I cruised Celebrity Solo and loved it. I ended up with lots of friends along the way. Cruising Solo I always pick anytime dining. When you show up you can ask for the kind of table you like. I always ask for a large table that way I have a better chance of having dinner with someone I enjoy their company. Most cruises I end up meeting people and we end up going to dinner together. The other option you have is get on the Cruise Critic board for that cruise and have some good discussions and see if you meet people you like. You can always setup dinner with them. Note: None of
  4. I just did a few searches and it looks like you want Uber over a taxi. They say to stay away from public transportation. If you take a taxi make sure it is a company you have herd of and it has a working meter. In the past taxis have swindled riders out of high fairs. With Uber and Lift: Always, be sure to check the license plate and the driver description before getting into the vehicle. If you are novice get on the phone with a friend or relative. It give you something to do and you can share what is going on during your trip.
  5. On the ship: I leave them in my bag and if someone steals them I go to the front desk tell them, get a new one and double check my charges. I have never had one stolen on a ship. On the beach: The cabin card, drivers license and my credit card are plastic. Money can get wet and is still good. I just keep them in my shorts or swim trunks. ** The big problem is my phone. It is a iPhone and can go under water but it is big and bulky. I dont' like to but if I am by myself I leave it in the cabin.
  6. I have stayed in lots of Cabins and Hotels (over seas) that are 99 sq ft and that is plenty of room for this solo traveler.
  7. I have cruised single parent with my son for years and now as a Solo over 50 (now 60). With my son I liked sailing Princess but as a solo cruiser I did not like it at all. With my son I was spending time with his friends families and some with my son. As a solo traveler it just was not the same. I have also did a Celebrity cruise solo and loved it. The people were my age and was a good mixture of solo people and retired married people that made me comfortable to be around. For this year I have 4 cruises booked with Royal Caribbean and have faith they will be enjoyable for different reaso
  8. Changed my retirement plans from being in the next year to being after I see what happens in the 2022 and 2024 elections. At this rate I may be working until I am 90.
  9. If I was just starting to do Solo I would go on one of the NCL Ships with the Solo Cabins and Solo Lounge. (Norwegian Bliss, Escape, Getaway, Breakaway, Epic, and Pride of America). The Studio cabins are small, 99sf, but I think it is worth it to have the solo lounge and ability to meet people. The Studio area is insulated where you have to have a cabin key to get in the area. You have a lounge in the area and I find people in there any time day or night. Everyone in there are solo travelers so they are willing to visit and enjoy others company. The other thing these ships have is a Solo
  10. I am looking at retiring in 2 years and would love to do a long World Cruise. Does any of the Cruise Lines that do World Cruises have Solo Cabins?
  11. I learned the hard way, you need to ask if they are married. They are looking for someone to take them to dinner, dancing, shows and everything they do not get at home.
  12. I have been cruising as a Single Parent for 15 years and the last 3 years as a Solo cruiser. I have not been married but I interact with many Solo cruisers. You will find a lot of married cruisers that are there Solo for many different reasons. I have 3 good female friends that we met on different cruises that have husbands that do not like to travel so they cruise solo. We have a social media group were we keep track and find cruises where we can cruise together. On the Disney Cruises I find many Solo Parents there with their kids where the other parent cannot be on the vacation. I als
  13. I just got back from a trip to an All-Inclusive in Cancun where we wore masks and dinned with our groups. I was solo but I ended up having dinner with my new group. We were social distance but you end up talking in the pool, at the bar and at activities. You only had meals with your group but who is in your group. For me I found groups for dinner. The one dinner it was 5 of us that were cruisers that were there from different parts of the US waiting for cruising to start. If the cruise ships do not allow as easy communication and making of new groups I am not afraid of having
  14. I have done lots of cruises with my son starting when he was 9 and the last one was when he was 22. I have found that as a single parent, I was better off at large tables and not small ones. The cruise lines try to match you to one or two other single parents but that ends up being a mistake more times that not. I am a happy single parent that raised my son without any mother involved. I spent a lot of time listening to issues with the ex-husband or ex-wife before I changed to a large table. A lot of people think because you are single like them you want to hear about their issues.
  15. I have not been on a RCL cruise in years but I have 4 of them booked right now. The thing I can tell you is be careful when comparing prices. All the NCL cruises I have been on have had free at sea drink packages. ON the RCL cruise you have to purchase the drink package if you want one. The price of the drink package will be different for each cruise and that price will go on sale often. I have paid as low as $35 a day for a drink package and one of my 7 day cruises is staying at $61 a day and they are saying that is 20% off. One thing they have that I like as a Solo is the Unlimit
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