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  1. I responded to the survey. I found there were places where they asked for explanations and I was able to state the reason for not choosing Azamara for future cruises is the requirement for doctor’s permission slip needed for over 70s. I was hoping if they hear that enough maybe they would suggest to CLIA to reconsider.
  2. No - celebrity is being extremely fair - feb 15 cruise previously embarking in Singapore cancelled- 100% refund and 50% FCC. Norwegian was about last to pull out of HK and looks like may be last to pull out of Singapore.
  3. Yes, I applied the payments to same upcoming cruise which I had booked before offers appeared.
  4. Yes. I had a difficult time getting it posted for Oct offer, but I got offer again in December and it did not take long to post that time. Then just yesterday I got the offer again! I have not used it yet the third time, but plan to do so soon.
  5. I would like a local's advice---how would one use public transportation (train/bus) to travel from Haifa Port to Jerusalem? Our cruise ship arrives 6am April 1 and departs 9pm April 2, so there is plenty of time for the trip---thinking of either staying overnight in Jerusalem or returning late April 1. We have been to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Dead Sea, and Galilee before on tours- we enjoyed the tours, but there was so much more I would like to see in Jerusalem. We would like the freedom to visit on our own time. Is it feasible for a tourist to attempt this? If so, what is the easiest itinerary to take- station names, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. HGC, First, thank you for all the helpful info you continue to post on Azamara board. We are looking for a private tour from Aqaba to Wadi Rum including R/T taxi. (we have already been to Petra) Could you share the company Contact you are using. If you prefer, I could list email, but others might be interested too.
  7. My two cycles also passed with unfulfilled promises and no credit. I finally got a manager that sent the case to “loyalty services” and a specific individual was assigned. Within days the offer went from “expired” to “redeemed” and a couple days later the $450 credit posted. Hang in there!
  8. Debbie, Did you ever find the "right" person to get your account credited? I am in the same boat as I too made the Crystal payment well in advance of the 10/18 expiration date. I became concerned when shortly after the 18th the offer was listed under "expired" offers rather than under my "redeemed" offers. I called- they investigated- I got letter on Oct 24th saying my account will be credited $450 within 14 business days- I was hopeful- now it is 4 weeks since I got that letter and over 6 weeks since I made the payment- still no credit as of today 11/21. Not so hopeful now- hope you fared better. melinda
  9. This too was exactly what happened to us- the Celebrity system pops up $200. Future cruise on Celebrity did not understand what I was talking about even though I had printed out the details. I just called the LCV department when I returned and gave them sailing date and booking date to show it was during first half of cruise-- they sent it off to someone and voila- in a couple of days, the extra $100 showed up! It was a very brief phone call and no hassle. Very impressed with Azamara and how they handled it! IMHO do not waste time or effort on current cruise-just enjoy your cruise and make a quick call when you get home
  10. For my upcoming B2B, I asked about getting the discount AFTER final payment. The TA called Celebrity and I was given a $100 credit back on my credit card for each cruise.
  11. If my original booking was booked onboard with Discoverer Plus 7% discount, would I still get to apply this if I refared? (I am before final payment and my sailing offers double upgrade promo) I know I need to call TA when she opens on Tuesday, but thought some experienced travelers might get me answer sooner- thanks
  12. Yes, they are usually poured out in a big bowl next to the soup with tongs for serving. But, if they do not have them out, just ask. One time when no chips were out, they went back behind the scenes to check. They came out with a BIG bag and told me to take the whole bag back for the cabin and enjoy throughout the cruise! One example how Celebrity aims to please!
  13. We did B2B in Mar/Apr 2019 and received the post thank you offer after both. The offer is good for booking within 60 days- we used them both when booking a B2B for this Sept/Oct with a big box TA. Often in the past the post thank you offer did not combine with our other offers, but this time it worked for both cruises! ( I have no idea why we get the post thank you offers after most all of our Celebrity cruises)
  14. floridafolks

    LCV upgrade

    Thanks for sharing. I was not sure if folks needed to be at the very top level and apply a year in advance to have a chance. I now think I should apply- who knows- we might get a surprise. Enjoy!!
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