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  1. Is there anything in local media saying when cruise ships will be permitted to dock-especially interested if only ship tours permitted or private tours to be permitted. Is seems Israeli ports are being eliminated for near upcoming cruises.
  2. Could it be a charter? I find the huge gap from Oct 13 to Nov 30 more troubling and those are closer in time. I hope they will give answers soon.
  3. Looks likecurrently a big gap between Oct 13 and Nov 30 sailings. Our Pursuit Nov 6 and Nov21 have disappeared- could they be moving them over to Journey to fill gap? I thought I remembered a charter on Oct 27- who knows if that is still on. Someone reported a 4 day Aegean Sampler on Journey Nov 2 appeared in there account, but they never booked it and it was not listed as a bookable. Changes are happening- maybe they will tell us in an announcement sometime.
  4. That is so strange- what is the itinerary for 4 days? Does it end in Athens? If it is for Journey Nov 2 , then next cruise up would be Nov 6. I am wondering if the Nov 6 and Nov 21 on Pursuit( only 2 sailings on Pursuit not cancelled for 2021) would be moved to Journey. Even in latest email today from CEO only talked about new Med and Caribbean cruises on Quest and Journey -no mention of any new sailings on Pursuit. Just trying to figure out why they keep saying our Pursuit November 6 and Nov 21 are a “go” but no new sailings are ever mentioned for Pursuit. We were told that new itineraries for Quest and Journey would be bookable by end of month- so maybe the “mystery” of this 4 day Aegean cruise will then be revealed as real or bogus.
  5. Yes, I had seen that on Azamara website - which is why I asked a if maybe the FB post for travel partners to which Riocca referred had some clue about what is happening with Pursuit. The Nov 6 and Nov 21 Pursuit have not been cancelled- yet! I saw that Journey and Quest have been “turned” in Glasgow for maintainance and recertification of lifeboats before leaving Glasgow- no mention of Pursuit.
  6. Was there any mention of new itineraries for Pursuit being announced?
  7. How about Pursuit?
  8. Wow- a most brilliant idea! Following the Oct 25 charter, that would be wonderful to use the currently uncancelled Nov 6 and Nov 21 to get to Lisbon for the Canary Island cruises mentioned in the announcement. They say the new cruises will be available for booking in a few weeks, so we would know by then!
  9. I have the Nov 6 and Nov 21 booked B2B- so really frustrated trying to make sense. When I talked to loyalty dept, they feared it was an oversight. They put me on hold and checked. They said that was correct that both Nov 6 and 21 are a go. This makes no sense to me. It happens that at the time of the announcement that Final payment was not yet, but was due on previous cruises. When my TA requested a final payment extension, she was denied. Could it be that theses cruises will join the cancelled list after final payment date? I have no problem with cancellation if itinerary is deemed problematic- it includes Israel, Egypt, and Turkey. Why the Oct 27 with Israel itinerary was deemed an issue and cancelled, but Nov 6 was not is a mystery to me. This is another example of why I miss CBO Bonnie- I think she could get to the bottom of this!
  10. The nov 6 goes to Israel and Turkey as well, so why is it not cancelled? It makes no sense to start up a ship out of cold storage for two sailings! The press release only mentions new itineraries are forthcoming for Quest and Journey- no mention of new itineraries for Pursuit. Anyone have any logical explanation?
  11. Surely there will be more changes-cancellations or new itineraries?- we are booked on B2B Pursuit Nov 6 and Nov 21- with all Pursuit cruises before and after in 2021 cancelled. I do not see how they can just sail those two cruises.
  12. What type of test was given- antigen? If so, will they now be given PCR to see if false positive? Thank you for letting us know what protocols are followed.
  13. I submitted the original request on April 7 and received conditional approval email the next day. The money was showing in my credit card today April 30. They had originally said to allow 90 days from submission request to get funds back on credit card.
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