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  1. We purchased cancel for any reason coverage in March for a late May cruise, and have since cancelled. There are many reasons we could state for our cancellation, but we also need to avoid reasons that are not covered (such as epidemics). For those who have successfully filed a claim with cancel for any reason coverage, what advice do you have for those of us who will need to file a claim. Thanks.
  2. Please correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that if I decide I don't want to go, then I end up with FCC plus I lose $100 per person, but if RC cancels, I get a full refund of the method of original payment? I think a lot of us are thinking the best decision is to wait out RC rather than get a partial refund/FCC.
  3. Where did you find this info? I am on one of these sailings, and my 90 day mark is a few days away.
  4. I did use a travel agent, so I am not sure if that changes how they would refund. Does anyone know the answer to that? 🙂 Thanks.
  5. Do you mean refund of original payment method? I was told it would be a future cruise credit.
  6. We purchased a regular policy in November, but they specifically do not cover epidemics under either type.
  7. This is a good idea as an option if needed - thanks! I appreciate all the thoughts and encouragement from everyone. 🙂
  8. Yes, there are 4 of us, and we would lose 100 each from RC, but 330 each for flights.
  9. We are booked on Allure May 31 - June 8 going from Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Marseilles, and 3 Italy stops, then back to Barcelona. We are just about at the 90 day mark, and my final payment is due. With Italy getting a surge in coronavirus cases, is it smarter for me to cancel now and lose between $1500 -2000, take a chance that RC will cancel (potentially I would lose less but who knows), or keep the trip and risk RC not cancelling even though I might want to (and potentially lose all the money for the trip if I still don't want to go)?
  10. Whats the best way to get to Cinque Terre from La Spezia?
  11. We are trying to figure out what to do when we are in port at La Spezia. There is a tour we can take to Florence and Pisa, but I have not seen much else regarding other options. What have you enjoyed from that port? We are a family of 4 with kids ages 17 and 19. We like physical activity, scenery, and shopping, more than sightseeing. Thanks!
  12. If we have 4 people, it seems cheaper to just take the uber all the way to aix than take it to the train station, right? Supposed to be about 50 euros to aix.
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