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  1. I receive emails from Celebrity quite often. Of course ads about making purchases for specialty restaurants, shore excursions, etc. for our booked 2 future cruises. I read about Power Up on CC but NEVER received an email about them. I am retired in mid sixties? Wondering why I never got them. I just wrote to Celebrity, and after about a week, I finally got an email and enjoyed looking up the ports to find the correct answers to the quiz. I agree with a prior poster - have no desire to use FB or other social media. This quiz was a way to learn and get a few more points.
  2. I know this is for suite guests only - just meant didn't take reservations? - as Blu did not take reservations when we sailed Aqua class. We are booked for March - who knows if this will happen. We had 2 cruises canceled this year - hope by 2021 things are better! Thanks for your answers.
  3. Is this suite restaurant the same as Blu - cannot make reservations - just go when you are ready to dine? Thank you!
  4. If anyone has stayed in either of these sky suites - please send a picture of balcony if you have one. Also, was there much noise being near the elevators and steps? Any other comments - pro or con about these 2 cabin locations would be greatly appreciated. Or any other pics - but prefer balcony pics - thank you so much - appreciate your time.
  5. I know in all prior years Labor Day was a pretty good sale day to grab some cruise bargains. I wonder if that will be the case this year? I wonder if Celebrity will offer a better sale than they have going now. July 23 sale for Sky Suite price was substantially lower priced than the current sale. I was hoping a better deal would be offered for Labor Day. Just looking for opinions - I know we have no idea which way pricing will go. I was hoping it would be a good sale to attract passengers and revenue for the future. Sadly the current sale is not nearly as good as the one advertised in July. Only time will tell. Had I booked in July - we could have had an adjustment - looking at sailing for Spring 2021.
  6. If we decide to pay more to bump up to a higher level cabin AFTER final payment, is there any type of penalty? Also, will restaurant reservations remain the same, or would you have to redo them? Would it be same reservation number or a new one? I am not talking about the bidding up process, but requesting a specific cabin number costing more than originally booked. Thanks for your help!
  7. Thanks for the video - looks great - we are booked for a back to back in March - hope we are able to sail by then. Thinking of upgrading to this type of suite - just a little above our budget, but have some time to save. Smooth sailing to all.
  8. Can anyone please verify that this Sky Suite has the bed FACING the balcony and has the mirror/window in the bathroom that opens to look out over the room onto balcony. Different sites show different set ups for Sky Suites - some have bed on side and not facing balcony. Just want to be sure to book the correct one. Also, I read all S2 Sky Suites have the bed facing the balcony, yet some sites show the diagram of the bed on the side for S2 (which I think is an error). If anyone has stayed in this exact suite OR any on Deck 10 forward - please provide pics. Thanks for your help - smooth sailing to all of us whenever the opportunity allows us to do so again!
  9. Has anyone used the Celebrity one night hotel pre cruise that includes transportation to the pier? Please advise how it went - I like having it all prepaid and part of Celebrity package. My concern is the time of transportation to pier? Must you sign up when you get to hotel? Is it hard to get the time you wish? Just curious how the transportation to pier really works. Is it a bus and pick up others for other ships? Any information would be greatly appreciated. This would be at the Embassy Suites 17th St. in Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks for your help!
  10. Good point - but both done on same card - thanks
  11. We were disappointed when our Oasis of the Seas cruise was canceled. The very day this happened we applied for a FULL REFUND. Only two weeks later we received our monies back for all our shore excursions, drink packages, internet, etc. We also received our cruise fare, port taxes, and prepaid gratuities. We were $500 short and realized the only monies we did not get back were for our deposit of $500. I was under the understanding that IF Royal canceled the cruise FIRST and then I apply for full refund that the deposit would be returned no matter if we had refundable OR non refundable deposit. Am I correct - should I be getting $500 back for my original deposit? I was so pleased with timing as many are complaining how long refunds were taking - but still expect another $500 back. Am I correct? Thank you for your help!! Much appreciated.
  12. Carnival announced no cruises out of NYC rest of this year - nothing from Royal or Celebrity yet, but I assume that would include Cape Liberty eventually.
  13. There IS an advantage to completing check in even if you think it will eventually be canceled. I completed our check in and we received information via email about our cancellation about 3 weeks before the couple who was traveling with us - they did not complete the check in. So , we got the bad news earlier - so put us more in front of line for refund.
  14. It sounded like they were all finished telling us to get the FCC. ONLY if you clicked read more - did it mention you could still ask for a refund IF the cruise line cancelled. Maybe this was my fault (it was) or was this a way to get more people to accept a FCC? Matters not - all is fair - I think they are trying to be as fair to all of us as possible. After all, they DO want our business back. And they know we addicts (cruise addicts) want to get back eventually when all is safe. Smooth sailing to all. Stay healthy.
  15. Thanks for clearing that up - if you go back and read the information listed by Royal - it gives all the information about FCC - it does not mention refund unless you hit the blue words saying "read more" then it says IF Royal cancels then you can opt for a full refund - thanks (I did not see that when I first read the information - )
  16. Unless I have misunderstood, it sounds that ONLY a FCC will be offered with this new announcement - NOT an option for a full refund even if Royal cancels the cruise - not the passenger. I was debating which I prefer, and now it seems there IS no choice? Thanks for your help!
  17. Cruise line customer service in the past has been extremely limited for phone advice IF you booked through a travel agent. We are awaiting our FCC email for a Summit cruise that Celebrity canceled for May 9. When we get the email and IF we decide to take the 100 per cent refund instead of the FCC for 125 percent - big question is : will we be able to request full refund on our own or must the travel agent be involved. Just confused since customer service says go to your travel agent for usual questions or concerns. Thanks for your advice!
  18. We are booked on a 10 day cruise with Summit - if we apply the FCC to a future 7 day cruise and that 7 day cruise is a lower price - do we lose the rest of the FCC - or can we use on yet another future cruise? Hope that makes sense - and you understand my question? Or should I just take a cash refund? Any opinions appreciated.
  19. We are booked on Summit for a 10 day cruise in May. I really do not wish to cancel, as the itinerary is unique - Newport, Charleston, and Bermuda. We do have time to make a decision. My thoughts (merely my thoughts) are that things will be better by then or considerably worse. Only time will tell. I called Celebrity and asked if we decide to cancel and take a future cruise voucher - can that be applied to a cruise already booked? Or must it be used on a new cruise only - she did not know - had to ask a supervisor ; came back and said CAN be used on a future cruise already booked as well up till Jan 1 2022. Of course in the past I have had different answers from different customer service reps - so hoping this answer is CORRECT. But, still hoping we will not have to use the Cruise with Confidence policy - prefer to sail in May as planned.
  20. Just like Labadee, this port of call can be a free day of swimming and lunch with no extra price. The Coco Beach Club looks amazing, but for those of you who paid the $199 each for the day with infinity pool, food, private beach etc. Did you think it was worth it? Any detailed opinions appreciated - and any pics appreciated, as well. Thanks for your opinions.
  21. So I am ELITED and concierge and expedited. Doe ELITE and concierge still board before all expedited? Not sure about order of boarding - like to board early - seems like an extra day of vacation. Your pics are excellent - thanks so much for posting all of them - looking forward to more. Your pics and enthusiasm make me even more excited about our 2021 cruise - which seems so far away! Enjoy - smooth sailing - look forward to all your future posts!!
  22. Thanks for all the information all of you provided. I DID go on the website and was able to change our times to 1:00 (the earliest available shown). So we are both expedited at 1:00 - but will show up around 10:30 or 11:00 and get on board early as we always do!!
  23. We are currently ELITE members of the Captain's Club. When I completed our check in it says we are ELITE - PEARL - I have no idea what PEARL means next to ELITE status - does anyone know what this means? Thanks for your help!
  24. It was easy enough to complete all information for expedited boarding using the Celebrity App. The strange thing is - it lists MY boarding time as 2:30 and my wife's boarding time at 3:00. Now that does not make too much sense - we have always boarded Celebrity Summit in Cape Liberty by 11 or 11:30 a.m. Since we signed up for this expedited boarding - does that mean we CANNOT board till 2:30 and 3:00. If so, what is the point? We like to board early - it is like an extra day of vacation. Please advise if you were able to board in a.m. and a different time than you expedited pass states. Hoping to board for an early lunch - as we always did sailing on the Summit. Thanks for any input from someone using the expedited pass on the iPhone.
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