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  1. I agree with the no AI sentiment...food at AI's is marginal at best but if you want a cheap drunk its not a bad deal! :eek: But since those days are behind me a great restaurant on the beach is the deal.....oh and yes there are always free tequlia poppers from Tony at Tonys on the Beach....and the more you seem to enjoy them the more keep coming...in Dec Tony was still pouring them down my gullet as I was standing in line to pay on my way out the door! :eek: If you don't get offered one just ask and then it just goes from there..;) He usually only breaks them out when he knows people want them or he can tell you are ready for a bit of a party atmosphere when you are there.....its always fun at Tony's but like others said its not very big and off the beaten path a bit so it never feels like a tourist trap but its all about the food.... Someone also mentioned above about the beef, chicken and veggie dish that they loved.....its called the "Mocahete" and it is the BEST item served...your choice of beef or chicken and it comes out all bubbling and delicious....regardess of what else we order we always get a beef mocahete too!
  2. There is no difference between cruises regardless of the pricing...just like a hotel, some nights are cheaper than others but the drinks don't get watered down on the cheap nights! ;) Besides, menus are all standard and it would be much more trouble than its worth to try to change them to save a few bucks for just 1 or 2 weeks worth of cruises....:D As far as service goes, most onboard work for tips so they could care less how much you paid for the cruise.
  3. [quote name='Phamer55']There is some good news. It's not official, but it looks like the Sea Princess will be doing 2 roundtrip Mexico cruises out of SF in Oct 2011 (this year she is doing 1). I actually like that itinerary better with its visits to Catalina Island and San Diego.[/quote] Thats not good news...send the Sea to Europe and leave the Star here! :D
  4. You can bet with the volume that RCCL buys they don't pay anywhere near $400 for those TV's.....MAYBE $250, most likely less...:rolleyes: Last month I paid RETAIL for a 42" flat screen for $440...:eek:
  5. incorrect information......not ALL cruise lines have adapted this.....I just spent 10 days relaxing in my lounger on Radiance of the Seas in December and YES the lounger was the cheap plastic strap version. I think that Princess's ship design of tiered balconies had more to do with this fire spreading (and starting in the first place) than the loungers...that and the fact that they didn't have sprinklers on them..... BUT, that is just my opinion and like a lot of info here is probably incorrect! :p
  6. If its a deal breaker for your husband you may have to look at other lines for this....I know on Royal Carib the "hump cabins" on the Radiance class have larger balconies and your room attendent will bring you a lounger...
  7. If you want FREESTYLE cruising you should go back to NCL....
  8. In PV there are many great restaurants downtown along the Malecon, our NEWEST favorite is actually an American/Italian restaurant called the Cheeky Monkey, its owned by an American ex-pat from NY and margaritas and beers are ALWAYS $1 anytime and the maggies aren't small watered down swill either...we enjoy his onion rings and Philly cheese steak along with 4 or 5 maggies! :eek: You will find the CM right on the main waterfront street in downtown PV and its right across from the "ladder" statue....there are lots of statues along the malecon and this one is easily recognized as its a 20 ft ladder with kids on it.....and usually a few tourists as well!:p
  9. You should DEFINEATLY go ashore and eat....in Mazatlan our favorite is "Tonys on the Beach" great local food and local shrimp and lobster...a MUST have at Tony's is the beef mocahete....its AWESOME!!! The lobster and shirmp platters are great as well.....There is another joint called Tonys on the closert side of the Golden Zone but Tonys on the Beach is further down closer to the El Cid...make sure your Taxi driver knows the difference....you can search this thread for "Tony's" and you wil find many reviews and good info.....we ALWAYS stop there for lunch when in Mazatlan...
  10. It isn't THAT much bigger and its NOTHING compared to the difference between a regular inside cabin and the largest of suites....yet the same 50 cents apply...its no big deal, just an annoyance that mini's get no suite perks other than the tip.....they should just call the mini's large balcony cabins because thats what they are....nothing suite about it! :rolleyes:
  11. I have never understood why the ONLY "perk" you get with a mini suite that regular suites get is the extra tip.....:rolleyes:
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