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  1. We are in the Summit in early June and quickly approaching final payment. Prices have actually gone up a little despite the fact that each day more cabins seem to be coming open for booking at all categories. Most interesting appears to be suite prices which have held steady even thought they went from "sold out" to half of the sky suites being available along with a celebrity and royal suite. At this point I have to wonder if X is just trying to keep prices high for as long as possible before having to cut them? It definitely appears as more people than normal are canceling. Either way I'm really hoping for a reasonable upgrade after final payment.
  2. X will sell sky suites without any perks as a lowest price option especially as you get closer to to the sail data. That could be the case here. That said you should always have the option to purchase it with the perks.
  3. We used the Peloton's every day while we were on Edge and plan to do so again next month. We did not have to pay. We already had a membership, but I will add we were also in a sky suite. That said it seemed like the defining factor was that we already had memberships. When we first went to ask about them they asked us if we had a membership as the first question. After that we just let them know what time we wanted to use them each day and they put us on the calendar as it appears to be first come first serve. You can do all this at the spa desk. There were four bikes in the gym although two were marked reserved for suite guests. When they are not in use they remove the seats to control who can use them. One other tip is if you ask they will (or at least they did) let you use the spin shoes on them assuming their isn't a spin class at the same time. The clips are different from the home bikes. Otherwise you have to use the toe cages.
  4. The statement from X is as of Friday, February 21. At that time Italy only had three confirmed cases, not the 200+ that are being reported today. I think that underscores the biggest issue cruiselines and everyone else is up against. Things are changing rapidly and so much is still unknown.
  5. Yes, other ships have been visiting Bermuda in previous years on Saturdays and Sundays.
  6. I agree it's a great way to see Antarctica especially if you don't want to spend massive amounts of money or have limited mobility that would make an excursion ship difficult at best. We bit the bullet and decided on an excursion ship, but I know it will be a one time amazing experience given the hefty price tag. Having the option to sail by at a reasonable price was something I really liked.
  7. One thing I would note for anyone who is booking these type of cruises for 2022 is that the new polar code goes into full effect on January 1, 2022. That would prevent X from continuing to sail by Antarctica. However, whats unclear is when X's current certificate expires since they would not meet the requirements to renew without making changes. In theory until that point they could be grandfathered in. Just something to be aware of. One other interesting thing I came across was it seems as though all the other mainstream lines that sail by/to Antarctica have either discontinued their cruises after 2021 or are building new ships. Only X and Azamara seem to have them on the schedule for 2022 with their current ships. This thread has more information and there are some others around threads talking about this around cruisecritic if you do a search. We have been looking at cruises for South America that also visit Antarctica so I have been doing a lot of research.
  8. This is interesting/very disappointing to hear. We were on Edge last year in a suite and had a wonderful experience. Probably our best suite experience to date. We are on Edge again next month so I'm hoping these issues are worked out by then. We heard the staff on Edge was starting to change out and some were leaving for Apex. I wonder if that could be having an impact?
  9. It is definitely different and has it's pluses and minuses. The everyday menu addition was added later so depending on how early on people sailed there could have been even more suite guests visiting the MDR. We are going back again next month so we will be curious to see what tweaks they have been continuing to make. Hopefully most things will have been worked out for Apex.
  10. You can't do this on Edge due to the location of Luminae. In Luminae on Edge they offer the Luminae menu and then there is a separate everyday menu which has the standard items like steak, chicken, salmon, etc. that is similar to the everyday items in MDR. Now, they will do what they can to make you happy, but if you were set on eating off one of the MDR menus on our sailing they were making reservations for people in that particular MDR. That said it seemed like the bulk of suite guests were eating in Luminae or specialty dining. However, if you sailed regularly I could see the appeal of visiting the various MDR's on Edge for some variety since none of the menu's are updated very frequently and eating the same thing no matter how good can get boring.
  11. I think the overall threat to X is minimal though as other posters have stated there will be some overlap and people who try it. We are in our 30's and started sailing on X in our 20's. Initially when Virgin Voyages was announced we were very interested. However, as they began releasing information we lost interest as did our friends. Personally, I found the prices and their sailings disappointing. I will be really interested to see how things go once they start sailing and who specifically is sailing on their ships. The longer we have cruised the more we find ourselves looking for longer more interesting sailings that we never would have considered when we first start cruising. I know everyone says people in our age bracket want shorter cruise options and sometimes that is true. However, I think it also misses those of us who would rather take one less vacation and do something that is more interesting and for better or worse I think that is a big weakness in what VV is currently offering. I agree with @terrydtx that Viking Ocean is probably a bigger treat to X. However, at the same time their final payment requirement of 6 to 12 months out is a huge negative, especially when you work. A lot can happen in a year and even though the cancelation policy is similar to X, I would rather not have to get my money back should something change. All that said we currently have a Viking booking because it is something X doesn't offer. We also find ourselves looking at VO regularly and have booked Azamara in addition to X.
  12. When we were on Edge we had the C.O Bigelow products in our suite. I personally enjoyed them more than the old Bvlgari products due to the strong smell of the Bvlgari shampoo/conditioner. I suspect X moved to phase out the little bottles like a lot of hotels are doing these days. That said at this point I've learned to either bring my own or just assume I'll probably dislike whatever is available. 🙂 If X really wants to improve suites they should provide Ortigia Sicila products from Italy.
  13. I didn't mind the higher end stores on Edge not that I did a ton of shopping although there did seem to be a fair number of people doing it. More so than I would have thought to be honest. We did end up buying one of the tasc Edge branded quarter zips pullovers and I really like it. Its great for travel. To me its really no difference pricewise to looking at other high end performance wear such as Peloton or Lululemon which to me would be in line with the look/feel/target of Edge.
  14. Generally you can't book the cabanas at Barefoot beach until you are on board or at least that has been our experience in the past. Even when I've seen them in the cruise planner you couldn't book them. That said since you are in the RS you can make the request when the shore side concierge contacts you rather than having to wait until you are on board. Being that high up I doubt you will have a problem. We waited until we were on board and did it in the suite lounge right after boarding last time so we could use our onboard OBC.
  15. Yes, suites are the only ones who get access to Barefoot beach like Royal. They will also take you there via golf cart, or at least they used to. X seldom visits Labadee, however we were excited to be able to book a cruise for 2021 that stops there. Yes, your drink package works on Labadee. Last time we were there with X we had booked a cabana on Barefoot beach with friends and we were escorted off the ship before everyone else. It was a bit awkward since docking was delayed due to winds.
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