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  1. Someone posted in our roll call that the trolley was out. Does anyone have any recent information on the trolley?
  2. I don't regret the things I've done, I regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance. Take advantage of everything the ship has to offer. 😉
  3. Thanks for this tip. I never knew you could do this.
  4. Seriously this idea was not thought through completely.
  5. You beat me to this. I was getting ready to post this question and saw your posting. Following
  6. Get up brush my teeth, get off the ship, come back, shower for dinner, come back for the evening, only need service once a day.
  7. Thanks for your review. We leave next month for our first time on the Breeze.
  8. You are not making a mistake. You are trading warm Caribbean sunshine for some of natures awesome beauty. We did about 10 Caribbean cruises before Alaska and I just stood in awe watching the scenery pass before me. I will never forget the beauty I saw. I spent a lot of time on these boards searching for info for our Alaska cruise and I viewed 1000's of pictures. The pictures don't do justice to the true beauty. Enjoy!
  9. Thanks for posting the links to your blogs. I enjoyed the pictures of the Houston Space Center. We will be visiting there in 2020. Looking forward to going now after seeing your pictures.
  10. It sure is a nice feeling holding that platinum card in your hand 😂
  11. I liked the Sunshine. But we did a 13 day cruise and on the 4th last day I got extremely sick. Upper respiratory infection or something like that. I spent 22 hours in bed sleeping. Others on the ship had gotten sick as well. I'm extremely careful taking airborne before we go and always using the hand sanitizer. The 3rd last day we were in St. Thomas and went ashore and paid $22 for a small bottle of aspirin. The next 2 sea days I spent in bed.
  12. Are these sugar straws being used across the entire fleet or just specific ships for now?
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