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  1. I'm not seeing the form on my Carnival page. Can someone send me the link? Thanks.
  2. I'm still waiting on my cruise that was canceled 3 weeks ago. Time to give Carnival a call.
  3. I'm not finding my Panama canal cruise out of Galveston in Jan 2021???
  4. I have COPD so my life is worth more to me than getting on a cruise ship. Yes, see you in a few years.
  5. Does anyone have this sheet readily available to share? I believe it was over 10 pages long last time I looked. TIA
  6. I will not get on a ship and wear a mask while I'm on vacation.
  7. I never even thought of using it in the jewelry store to purchase some of my new best friends!! LOL
  8. We received $600 in OBC. We could use this towards tips (correct?) and then spend the rest on board. But there is no way we would spend $400 in alcohol consumption. We could use this for excursions, behind the fun tour?? Thanks.
  9. I will be watching and waiting for that refund. I hope it doesn't take longer than 3 weeks.
  10. My PVP told me refunds were taking up to 3 weeks. I sent my form in last week Tues and haven't seen a refund yet. I will be calling back after 3 weeks if I don't see the refund!
  11. I called yesterday to cancel and was told that I would lose the deposit. If Carnival cancels the cruise in January I will get the deposit back. My PVP told me it's taking up to 3 weeks for the refunds to be processed. I see today they canceled cruises to the end of December except for Miami and Port Canaveral. We were to sail out of Galveston. I'm leaning towards Carnival canceling in January also.
  12. I know my past guest number but I just went on a cruise last year with my daughter and granddaughter. How do I find their past guest numbers? TIA
  13. I filled out the form for our canceled March 2022 cruise and haven't heard a word other than an email stating they are looking into it. The form was sent on Sept 22.
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