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  1. Great pictures!! Was this part of an excursion? thanks.
  2. We were suppose to be on the Legend out of San Francisco. Call Carnival. They know the cruise is canceled. Get your refund and $600 OBC.
  3. I read a previous summary you posted of all the steps that you need to take to get on the train and get to the port and back again. I told DH there is no way that I can do that. The hardest part would be carrying the luggage up a flight of stairs. Thanks for the advice. We will arrange for a private transfer. ☺️
  4. My first car as well. Even bought another one 20 years later.
  5. What happens when you get off the train in Rome? How do you get to the airport? Or does the train make a stop at the airport? Thanks.
  6. Thank you so much for your valuable advice. I will share with dear sister.
  7. Dear ROCruiser, thanks so much for sharing your blog with me. I see I have quite a bit of reading to do. There are a lot of ports on your blog that I will be reading. Thanks!
  8. Dear Cruisemom42, thank you so much for your expertise in planning. For wine, it doesn't matter to me. I would prefer a sweeter wine something like a moscato. We are planning mid Sept to late Sept. Sister and I are early 60's and still in menopause 😠 We can't take the heat like we used to. What will the weather be like? I read you can't wear shorts in the Sistine Chapel. I would prefer to wear shorts as we explore. We spent another 2 hours last night watching more of a almost 6 hour video showing a walking tour of Rome. This is also helping us narrow down ou
  9. I would pick the Freedom. I love the islands in the Eastern Caribbean, They are very pretty in my opinion.
  10. I'm in the process of doing research for our Mediterranean cruise 2023. Thanks for sharing your review with us.
  11. Hello Cruisemom42!! Thank you so much for offering your advice in previous post. I hope you don't mind answering more questions. I'll start with a little back ground. I had a friend who lived in Rome 30 years ago and was invited over for a visit. During the 12 days I had in Italy, I explored Rome, Naples, Bologna, Florence and Venice. It was one of the best trips of my life. My sister wanted to do a Med cruise and I found one that sails out of Rome (Civitavecchia) and goes to Italian ports and Greece ports. I told my sister that there is A LOT to see in Rome and I thought 2
  12. My DH, sister and brother in law are planning a Mediterranean Cruise for Sept 2023. Sister and BIL are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. I would love to read all your reviews of your cruises that you have taken. Would you be so kind to share them with? This will help me in my research for our cruise. Thanks in advance. We plan to spend a few days in Rome and Santorini is a must for me since its part of my bucket list.
  13. Took the future cruise credit now just waiting and watching for the cruise we want to book to open up.
  14. Anyone have an update yet if the Legend will get the Dive In Movies?
  15. After some discussions with the hubby I am going to call and see if we can book a back to back for our March 2022 cruise. As of right now there are no more sailings on the Sunrise in 2022. But at least I will get FCC and $600 OBC.
  16. Cancellation letter states "on next cruise if booked by 9/30/21 for a sailing departing by 4/30/23" So if I book a cruise to sail by 4/30/23, then cancel that cruise and rebook for a cruise in Sept 2023, will I loose the $600 OBC? My original deposit for the Alaskan cruise was $398. So I would loose the deposit but keep the $600 OBC?? I think I just talked myself out of this. It's to much of a hassle keeping track. Thanks all!!
  17. My May 17 Alaskan cruise was just canceled. We are looking at booking a Mediterranean Cruise in Sept 2023. They haven't released these cruises yet. Can I book a future cruise with $600 OBC and then cancel and rebook once they open up Sept 2023 sailings and still keep my $600 OBC? Thanks.
  18. Thanks for sharing. Just starting to do research for our Mediterranean Cruise in 2023.
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