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  1. Still in the planning stages but my family might be visiting Australia in June/July 2019. I believe that is prime whale season. Can someone suggest a good whale watching tour? I think a smaller boat will offer a better experience. While they all go to the same place in the ocean I think small boats get closer than bigger boats while keeping the required distance from the whale. Please and thank you.
  2. Thank you. Yes what you are suggesting sounds like a plan. Is Melbourne necessary? Can I just do Sydney and then PD? Would definitely like recommendations.
  3. Unfortunately I don't get that much time off neither would I have the money for such an extensive travel plan. Maybe one day :)
  4. We are planning on traveling from US to Australia in June/July 2019. Do you think cruise is a good option or would I appreciate the country more by land?
  5. Thank you. Will look at the exchange rate. Good point that it may not be as costly in USD. I also found Carnival Spirit sailing 19th June with slightly cheaper prices. I know this is a cruise forum but for someone flying in from US would you advice a cruise to Australia or do you think I would appreciate the country more by land? Trip by land is cheaper but I want to avoid the hassles of packing/unpacking every 2-3 days, spending time in and out of airports etc. I feel cruise is more relaxing and it still hits the cities that I would be visiting anyways.
  6. Hello. We are a family of 4 with boys aged 13 and 15. We would either have to book 2 balcony suites or a suite large enough for 4 adults. Most cruises seem to be from Australia to NZ. Really looking for something that covers Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and possibly back to Sydney. We will probably visit Australia in July 2019. I see Pacific Dawn but seems like it's $2K pp. Is that the regular cost for a cruise in Australia? Would like at least one balcony suite and maybe 2nd one could be inside.
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