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  1. It makes no difference. Antarctica is not restricted to port or starboard and, in any case, you will spend little time in your cabin.
  2. This page will help and is updated as things change: https://www.hurtigruten.co.uk/practical-information/coronavirus-update/sailings-and-cancellations/
  3. I don't think they do offer upgrades, but I may be wrong. However, when is your trip booked for and are you aware of the mandatory 10 day quarantine on entering Norway at the moment? You may want to have a look at current cancellations at https://www.hurtigruten.co.uk/practical-information/coronavirus-update/sailings-and-cancellations/.
  4. Just raw percentages. I haven't allowed for any of the 125 rooms being put out of use to reduce capacity or being occupied by staff as I don't have any way of knowing how many that would be.
  5. Check how many trips are booked by starting a booking on the website and go through all of the options for a room level by level. Argentina remains closed at the moment.
  6. Even in normal times, there are relatively few scientists in that part of Antarctica where Hurtigruten cruises and, due to Covid, they are being reduced to an absolute minimum at the moment. They are not helped solely by Hurtigruten but by all of the companies so are not dependent on just one. However, It's doubtful that they would want to board a ship which has a constantly changing pool of potential for the virus and then find themselves falling in a few days later! After Hurtigruten's serious failings on Roald Amundsen in the Arctic earlier this year their reputation for Covid safety is far from what anyone should reasonably expect.
  7. Hurtigruten are refusing to delay final balance payments. You will almost certainly have to pay, wait for the sailing to be cancelled (you might want to have a look at just how full the ship is at the moment to get a feel for the likelihood of cancellation) and then wait for a refund. To give you an idea of current capacity, Hurtigruten's Fram has just four Antarctic cruises left in the season. She currently has 55%, 46%, 31% and 26% of her rooms booked on each of those four cruises with an average 39% booked (those figures assume that all rooms are available and none are occupied by staff). I cannot see how Hurtigruten would send her all the way south with those numbers, especially as the last of the four cruises leaves her in Valparaiso.
  8. It is a completely new strain, so effectively a new virus. Immunity to previous strains does not carry over. There is no immunity to Covid-19. That some have been exposed to it (to what extent?) without apparently being infected (there is a wide range in the way different people respond) does not mean they have immunity. That is the message from our government's experts. There is no point in playing down just how serious it is. I will leave the subject there.
  9. It is a novel virus: it is new and so there can be no existing immunity to it. This is the clear advice from our experts who have long and distinguished experience of dealing with viral issues around the world.
  10. They don't need to. They are exempted from the EU/Schengen ban.
  11. Covid-19 is not flu. There is some immunity to flu in the population but Covid-19 is a novel virus and there is zero immunity to it. It is much more dangerous than flu and to downplay that is not helpful.
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