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  1. On a typical Sat. or Sunday the 3 ports in Eastern Florida often have around 15 ships, each with its own terminal. Thinking that cruise lines can simply start embarking/disembarking in the Caribbean makes no sense. Most Caribbean ports do not have check-in/luggage handing facilities to handle the number of ships that could come there. Some smaller ships could make the change but not most.
  2. I booked 7 Caribbean cruises on the 27th in Canadian funds. On the 29th I was curious so checked pricing and they had all gone down about 1,5% - both cruise fare and port fee. Princess has adjusted the exchange rate so I got cruises re-fared and saved good $$. If you booked early in Cdn$, check your fare again. Also applies to other cruises that were available before.
  3. I haven't received any notifications but find out from post here on CC
  4. Thanks to the OP for starting this thread and to those that added the schedules. I got 7 B2B with a switch of ships after the third. Looking for calm seas and great weather.
  5. Just wondering how agents are finding percent booking Princess Plus versus percent booking Basic fare. Seems to me a lot of people went to Captain Circle parties for the free drinks or the Elite/Platinum lounge to save a buck or so. If they have a package they would not go. Wonder what any long term impact on these events would be. Is the Princess Plus commissionable? I could see it on the drink/internet part but not on gratuities. Wondering as our agent subtracted $500 OBC off initial offer when we declined package on world cruise.
  6. Great shots - I've added it to my favourites travel sites.
  7. After posting, I realized I was looking at the Sydney port schedule for 2021 and not 2022. My ship (Island Princess world cruise) will be at Circle Quay in 2022. So, thou I was wrong about the need this time, it would be interesting how this would be handled as some passengers would be disembarking as a segment end and could not get a wheelchair on a normal ship tender
  8. We also have both booked but will only do 1 of them. We have been to more than half the ports on both voyages. Even with the ports we have been to, there is always something new to see. Of the ports we have not been to, I'm leaning towards the 2022 voyage being a bit better. It's hard for one cruiser to make a recommendation for another without knowing anything about them. Both cruises give a good taste of the South Pacific and New Zealand. The 22 voyage offers bigger cities in Australia vs 23 offering more tropical Australia. Both are heavy weighted toward the
  9. If the 2021world cruise had nor been cancelled, the ship (Island P) was due to sail north through the canal the day after this mishap and she would now be sitting waiting for the canal to open. Meanwhile Mediterean ports, one by one would be dropped.
  10. My Feb 2022 cruise is scheduled to be anchored at Athol Bay in Sydney Harbour. I understand ships use local commercial tenders. Does anyone know if these tenders can handle wheelchairs - user can't walk.
  11. I could not imagine anyone with mobility issues doing this tour unless with a specialty company. It is a long way down and back, plus there is a lot to see once down the bottom. Going up/down is not smooth, easy walking. To use the horse drawn carriages it's a big step up, plus they don't tour the area at the bottom. When I went on a tour there I did not see anyone using cane or walker. The option posted above seems worth checking out.
  12. Thanks for the detailed reply. We have over 500 days on Princess so are familiar with life on board. My wife defiantly can't do tender boats. Currently my wife gets help going up and down ramps while still sitting in her manual wheelchair. I'm hoping that the crew would still be able to help if using a heavier electric chair.
  13. My wife is looking at getting an electric wheelchair - around 250 -330 lb. She currently uses a manual. She can't stand and has to be lifted in and out of chair. We have voyages booked on Princess. Can anyone provide info on using ramps to get on and off ships in ports? Thanks
  14. I used the 'can enforce' because IF there is no reliable proof of the vaccine being done that can not be easily forged, then just saying you need to be vaccinated may be a problem. People have been using forged vaccine docs trying to get into Canada already. O serves passengers from many countries so there needs to be a reliable, universally accepted proof or passengers from countries not providing a reliable proof will be out of option to cruise.
  15. I read an article today noting the Canadian gov't is starting to consider a 'vaccine passport' such as issued for yellow fever. To be only used for travel documentation while travelling outside Canada. No detail on how it would be rolled out or if similar would be needed to come to Canada. Other countries are also considering similar. I'm hoping cruise lines can enforce something like this at least for a year.
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