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  1. The way I see it is IF one of the big 3 went out of business and the economy/demand returned then in the short turn cost of cruising would go up but someone would likely buy up the better ships from the bankrupt company for huge discount off market value and start a new business just like Oceania did with the Renaissance ships. The loss of some older ships not worth buying and the reduction of ships on order will reduce supply but not enough to make cruising solely exclusive to the wealthy. I would think any company that survives this downturn will be taking a long look at any options they have on new ships wanting to get a better look at demand before being fully committed.
  2. Can the OBC combined with other Oceania OBC?
  3. So who is in a gambling mood - if you book a cruise May 11 or shortly after and the virus situation continues to grow, then the program would likely get continued and you could earn extra credits and if no extension you get your cruise.
  4. Just off the Island yesterday - as reported in my live from thread the library is quite large and includes table to play games. Around half the cupboards were bare of books. There are more reference books than regular books. the reference books are not to be taken from the library. There is a section for guest to donate books and for other guest to take them. I noticed a couple days before the end of our 58-day cruise a lot of books had been donated. There are daily puzzles /trivia sheets to take.
  5. Day 59 Mar 7 Saturday, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida arr 7 Unlike our departure date, we were joined today by several other ships. We also docked at a different pier than where we left but I doubt if anyone parked at the port. Several of the passengers from Florida told me they had rented a car to get to the port and will do the same going home. When we showed up at the lounge for our 9:05 disembarkation we were told that the port had been delaying the numbers getting off and they were then an hour behind. We ended up getting off the ship at 10:30 and there was an hour worth of tags still to be called. Once off there was no questioning or screening of our health – same at the airport. I did see a few people wearing mask but less than 1%. We could have had a flight around noon but decided on a later flight. We did not want to be rushed this morning plus sometimes when a ship is returning to the US from an extended absence clearance takes longer and sometimes getting a wheelchair accessible taxi takes time so to be safe, we choose the later flight and did some more reading while waiting at the airport. We had a smooth flight home and arrived on time and made it home sweet home no problem. Overall we were happy with the ship and the cruise. We did not use the casino, spa or gym so no comment on them. Only once did someone at our table ever complain about a meal – roast beef. Our waiter had 3 tables of 2, a 4 top, a 6 top and an 8 top. Most night the 8 top was not used but at times he was over whelmed by too many passengers arriving near the same time slowing down service. We often eat with passengers with special diets and they all seemed happy on how their needs were handled. For those looking for problems - Ship ran out of romaine lettuce with a few days to go. Bananas were also often not available. The toaster in the buffet seemed not to be working well as they often had to put the toast though multiple times to get a medium level of toast. I had one person tell me how happy he was with the internet but I had lots of problem. Anytime I did not post on the night expected was due to internet not being available. It would seem to be up for a bit and then go down. If you had an unlimited package, you could be patient but when paying by the minute it burns up time quickly. For the last 7 days I had a package and found response better (not perfect) during the day but still poor later in the evening. Thanks to everyone that has followed us on this voyage. Hope you all learned something along the way that will be helpful on your future voyages. I also want to give a special thank you to the many people that helped organize tours on the roll call and helped organize the meet and greets – as usual they were mostly ladies. I believe this just about wraps everything up. Calm seas, great sunsets and memorable travel adventures to you in the future. Everything I have posted on this review excluding photos is in a word doc. Anyone wanting a copy can email me at waynesmithtor AT yahoo DOT ca (not com). Travel safely wherever you are going. Today’s quotes of the day - “There is an end to everything, to good things as well.” - Chaucer No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." - Lin Yutang Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs. - Anonymous As John Denver sang – “hey its great to be home again” – despite the rather chilly weather
  6. Day 58 Friday, March 6, at sea No matter how long the cruise, packing day does eventually come. Another nice day at sea but a bit cooler than yesterday. The forecast for Ft. L tomorrow is partly cloudy and a high of 20C (68F). That beats what will greet us in Toronto tomorrow night – expected high in Toronto is 3C (38F). Originally we were to dock at 7pm but the Captain has had his foot to the pedal and now we will be docked by 5am giving some extra time to have the ship go through any extra clearance that may be required. We have not picked up much in the way of material souvenirs but are taking home endless memories of this voyage. The last day of most cruises are sad days, especially after an amazing voyage. We said our thanks to some of the staff today and said farewells to many of the passengers we have gotten to know in case we don’t see them tomorrow morning. “Fantastic, great, wonderful” just about wraps up my feeling about this cruise. I will be spending the next few weeks going through all the photos I taken. Quite a few crew members are starting vacations tomorrow so many of them seem quite happy today which reminds me - All guests make the crew and the cruise line happy! Some by coming --- Some by leaving!! We were warmly greeted when we boarded so hopefully, we are in the first group. Today’s thought of the day - Decide on what kind of dream vacation you are looking for – active, spa, beach, cruise – and make the most of your dream.
  7. Day 57 Thursday, March 5, at sea After deleting roughly 20% of the photos I have taken on this voyage, I have 3,773 left -averages around 150 per port but actual varies lot. Very nice weather today – around 25C (77F), mostly sunny with a nice breeze. We spent some of our time out on deck 7 and got to see some flying fish. Also saw some birds but no sign of land or other ships. Tonight was only our 2nd formal night on this segment and our 3rd production show. They put on a small farewell party tonight in the atrium with the Captain making a nice speech. We change our clocks tonight so back to Florida time Today’s quote for the day - There are good ships and there are the wood ships, The ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are the friendships And may they always be. - Irish Toast
  8. I am considering doing a B2B free plus paid cruise combo Is this doable? Would the air for the second cruise cover both with a deviation?
  9. Falkland Is - countryside pic 3 - rows of rocks are natural from glacier melting
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