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  1. Waynetor

    Wheelchairs on Oceania

    Getting around most of the public areas of an 'R' class ship will not be a problem but the doors on the pool deck going from outside to inside are heavy and would be difficult for anyone in a wheelchair to open by themselves. Deck 11 is not accessible for wheelchairs but the main things there are mini golf and shuffleboard. There are no special spots in the main lounge for wheelchairs but if someone gets there early enough a good spot usually can be found by moving a regular chair. If necessary staff will help with getting up and down the gangway. Regular cabins are a bit tight for turning around in a wheelchair and the washroom are not accessible - if someone is mobile enough to walk around in a cabin they will be fine. Not Oceania specific, but as you are likely aware, in many ports ships dock in industrial ports and passengers are required to take a shuttle to the port gate - this means you need to be able climb a few steps to get on the shuttle. Also, the free shuttles Oceania offers in many cities from the port to some point in the city - these very rarely would be accessible - again you need to be able to climb the bus steps.
  2. Waynetor

    Oceania Missing Ports Issue, Not Cruise Specific

    Most cruise lines show port fees as a separate item and by law are required to give refunds when a port is missed. Many will also add or subtract a small amount if the fee is different at the time the ship arrives than the estimated cost when the cruise was first offered for sale. Oceania gets around the refund due to a loophole in the regulation due to the price being included in the fare offered to guest. When an agent gets an invoice, the port fees are listed as a separate line item and commission is not paid on that part. To me it is morally wrong but legally within their rights to keep the money. In the end O is saving money on fuel and getting the port fees while losing money on excursions. While all cruise lines have contracts that allow for any changes, guest have to decide with their wallets if they feel they were lied to, were purposely kept in the dark or any other service failures in the mind of the guest whether real or imagined.
  3. Waynetor

    World Cruise Mistakes and Horror Stories

    The 2 robbery incidents I remember from our world cruise were: Female passenger got mugged in Fortaleza, Brazil. She was walking along the sidewalk when a motorcycle pulled up, the passenger got off, pushed her over and grabbed her bag. She received some scrapes. The mugger lost his glasses and thongs in the process of running away. In Leon, Nicaragua in the colonial area outside a church some youth were dressed in colourful outfits. When several members of our group gathered around them to take pictures, one lady had her wallet taken from her purse. There may have been others I did not hear about. Injuries included 2 broken foot bones - 1 from stepping in an animal hole and a head injury getting off a tender.
  4. Waynetor

    First World Cruise booked ...

    I was on the first full world cruise offered by Oceania. They had a meet and greet for those doing the full voyage early in the cruise and asked how many had done a w/c before - the result was about 50-50. As a cruise line builds a history of doing w/c, it is more likely the lines loyal passengers will be returning resulting in a greater percent that are returning.
  5. Waynetor

    Cabin available time

    In the past we have always had our cabin ready when we boarded around noon.Recent post say that cabins are now not available until 1pm. Couple questions Since passengers from prior cruise are still disembarking same time, how does Princess justify taking an hour longer? Some people have reported the fire doors were closed preventing passengers going to the cabins. Does this mean if you are doing B2B in same cabin you can not get back to your cabin from around 9:30 am when the in transit passenger meet to 1pm? If so, seems you would have to take everything you may want with you when doing the immigration check.
  6. My wife and I do 2 types of longer cruises. First is multiple B2B adding up to a couple months just to get away from winter. Second is the grand voyage type you are looking at. We enjoy grand voyages as you can see a lot of an area without having to do multiple flights to cover the same area. The cost per day for the flight is lower when spread out over a longer trip. A downside of when you start getting over 60 days is the ports can start to blend in and it is easy to forget just what you did and where you did it. Grand voyages tend to have a higher percent sea days than shorter voyages so you have to enjoy them. Grand voyages tend to have more mature travelers as they have more time available and a high percent will be elite passengers. There will be very few children and not a lot of first timers. Roll calls for grand voyages tend to be a lot more active than on shorter voyages. If the roll call does several private tours, participants tend to bond more even a when on the ship. If you are a social butterfly there is lots of opportunity to make new friend but if you prefer to spend time on your balcony and have a table for 2 every night that is also fine. The smaller the ship, the more likely there will be social bonding. You also get to know some of the crew better which some people like. We did 48 days on the Ocean Princess where there was only fixed time dining. We were lucky that we had great tablemates but I would not want to do fixed time if it can be avoided due to possible table mates issues - if bad enough you can ask to be reassigned. There are a lot less Princess production shows on a grand voyage. - each show is done once per segment but the dancer groups only have so many shows they can do. While Oceania has several events just for those doing a full world cruise I have not seen anything special on a grand voyage on Princess. One tip is don't over pack - determine the type of weather to expect and plan for that. We get by with 2 weeks of outfits and use the free laundry we get. Another tip is if you are going to an area you are unlikely to get back to, investigate each port so that you end up doing the most important excursions.
  7. Waynetor

    Flight to Papeete issue

    A little more clarification. They booked directly with O instead of a travel agent. Well before final payment the rep told them they would be on 1 of 3 flights from Toronto to LA and then LA to Papeete. They did not care which flight to LA as they were all close in time so did not worry about a deviation. When the final details came they noticed the flight from LA to Papeete was taking the Auckland detour and arriving very close to Regatta departure time. When they called the rep, he admitted he did not let them know the possible detour and offered a free deviation for the flight a day earlier. Even going the day earlier there were no direct flight to Papeete. For the price of a hotel in Papeete there is a few lessons learned.
  8. Waynetor

    Flight to Papeete issue

    Friends of ours are booked on Regatta on a cruise inNovember from Papeete to Sydney. They wereoriginally given a flight from Toronto on Monday afternoon to LA and LAovernight to Papeete for the cruise starting Tuesday. Now that it is after final payment O has changedtheir flight. Now they are to leaveToronto on Sunday, fly to LA, then to Auckland and back to Papeete arriving Mondaynight and they have to book a hotel in Papeete. Means they have to leave Toronto a day early (missing aparty we have planned) and travel an extra 13 hours plus extra expense. O nowsays all direct flights from LA are booked full. Certainly not a great way to start a vacation and not a goodimpression for a first time O client.
  9. Waynetor

    Questions about the 20th cruise -- The Free One

    We currently have 15 credits and our next cruise will be a world cruise worth another 15. An O rep told me that in this case our 31st cruise would be free. Anyone have a similar experience and did it work out alright?
  10. The free specialty rest. are on Oceania.
  11. The layout is near identical. Pacific Princess only has set time for dining in MDR. The pool deck furniture on O is much better than on Princess. Princess has less staff. O has a lot more options at the grill for lunch and has some food at the grill area for a quick or late breakfast that Princess does not do. On O buffet food is served by staff while on Princess it is mostly self serve.
  12. Waynetor

    VAPE pipes on board

    I was on the Pacific Princess for the Christmas/New Years voyage last year. At the Captain Welcome party a lady was vaping right next to the champagne glass tower as they poured the champagne and took photos and no one said anything to her. - maybe against rules but not always enforced.
  13. Waynetor

    World Cruise Mistakes and Horror Stories

    The Oceania incident that Wendy referred to was their inaugural world cruise in 2015 - about 5 weeks before the cruise the ship had a engine fire while docked in St Lucia. Once the ship was repaired it sailed empty to Singapore missing the first 71 days of the 180 day voyage but continued from there. My wife and I and many others scheduled to be on the 2015 voyage switched to the 2016 voyage and a passenger did pass away on a sea day after Madagascar. While on the 2016 voyage another passenger had a friend on the HAL w/c- they reported several deaths in the first month. Besides the death, there were other injuries and passengers being victims on crimes along the way which can happen on any cruise. We also had one passenger that instead of taking complaints to the GM, thought the best way to communicate his displeasure was to yell, scream and demean staff - he got kicked off part way through a 180 day voyage.
  14. Waynetor

    World Cruise by segments - solo traveler - need advice

    If doing a world cruise split over 2 years it would not be necessary to do the same cruise line, if fact doing the same cruise line may be difficult. Normally cruise lines vary their itineraries year to year so getting off in a port 1 year does not mean you will be able to get back on at the same port the next year, also the ship on the 2nd year could be sailing in the reverse direction. If wanting to do this the best port to make the end/start point would be Singapore - very few world cruises do not make a port of call there - it is located perfectly for ships doing long voyages and with excellent air connections it is an ideal segment end/starting point.
  15. Waynetor

    New and Bewildered.

    When the ship gets into Gutan lake, those doing Princess excursions get off the ship at a point not too far from the exist of the locks. Nobody else is allowed off. The ship does not tour around the lake. After a couple hours (depends partly on lock schedule) the ship goes back through the lock to the port of Colon where passengers can get off and have some time. Those that did the Princess excursions meet the ship there meaning they only did the locks one way while those that stayed on went in and out the same locks.