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  1. I understand the port is a working port and it is required to take a shuttle to the port gate. Can anyone let me know if someone confined to a wheelchair can use the shuttle or do they just stay on the ship all day. Thanks
  2. Cynthia (CBB) - I see you are planning to go to Victoria falls on the 2020 w/c - saw a report today that due to extreme drought the flow is a mere trickle compared to normal - not much to see . Not sure when rainy season starts again. Check it out before spending big $$
  3. Check your home insurance. Many will have requirements that the home have someone check it regularly. If no one checks the home and something such as a power outage causes freezing and a pipe breaks you may not be covered. If you have a maintenance plan with a company eg. furnace, make sure the person handling your home knows about it so the right company addressees the problem. If someone is helping with your home, make sure they know how to get hold of you and make it clear what authority they have to spend money on your behalf in an emergency.
  4. We have been on many winter Princess cruises where US football playoffs were shown as described above. It is no problem for most cruises, but if the cruise starts on a Sunday then nothing is shown during muster drill and sail-away party. Super Bowl being after 6pm should not be an issue.
  5. I was there twice this past winter, both times on a Sunday and the downtown area was very quite - no shopping except the stalls right at the port. There were some tourist guides in the area offering maps and tips on where to walk. I walked around a fair bit with no issues, not many local people around but did hear that some passengers were warned not to go in some areas by police. There are a lot of modern office towers downtown as well as some nice colonial buildings. At the port there were lots of people offering tours. I will be back there this coming winter and am doing a tour organized on the roll call with Island Eco Cultural tours
  6. Normally when doing something like this it is best to try to get one of the last departure tag groups so that you leave the first ship around 10am. Once you get your luggage and clear immigration, take the taxi you will be at the next ship around 10:30 or a bit later. You drop off your luggage there as normal and wait for check in and boarding. An option is to have an earlier called luggage tag, once outside have the taxi go to the new ship and then do a quick luggage drop off and then have the same taxi take you to the beach or somewhere else in town for a few hours (hopefully you don't have a lot of carry-on items). The cost of going to the second ship would just be part of the taxi time/distance fare. I'm not sure what time the porters for luggage receiving start but I have arrived at port at 9:30am and there has been other luggage on the carts before mine.
  7. The lower bow area below the windows is crew cabin area. I had a friend that worked the customer service desk and her cabin was in behind the theater on deck 7. There were stairs that led down to deck 5 to get to work area.
  8. A couple times in Ft. Lauderdale I have been on a ship that was due to leave at 5pm when the captain came on the speaker then and announced some passengers had just landed at the airport and we would be waiting for them. I don't know if all the people on those planes had EZair or even if any did but he ship in those cases did wait. If in a case where time may be tight, I would recommend that you use Princess transfer as they have staff looking for those passengers and can help and as soon as possible let Princess or your TA know you are on the plane and expected landing time there
  9. A friend of ours was on a west bound trans-Pacific cruise last year. There was a large multi generation family group to celebrate a gentleman's 100th birthday - his birthday was the day skipped. To bad they weren't going eastbound and then he would have got to celebrate twice. The day missed was also a significant religious day for some people. Some of them contacted the religions national office to get proper guidance.
  10. Thanks for the review. My wife used a scotter also. Getting through the doors on the pool deck requires someone to hold the door open. It is quite a bump but we managed no problem. But I do agree that O could make getting through them easier. here is no way most people in wheelchairs or scooter could get through the doors without help Obviously someone booking an accessible cabin realizes it is 'inside' when booking so there should not be an issue there. The Insignia is 1 or 8 identical ships by a bankrupt cruise line so each of the ships have the same problem re no balcony cabins. Princess got around this by converting 3 ocean view cabins into 2 accessible cabins but doing so to balcony cabins would result in revenue loss. On the Princess similar ships the cruise director staff and the dancer are also the same people. Many of the cruise are on the longer side so there are not many production shows and the dancers/singer would die of boredom if only doing a few shows. The wait staff, just like bar servers go where they are needed. It is too bad that not more was done to the cabins during the last dry dock. Fortunately we spend very little time in the cabin - I don't recall what the walls looked like. I hope the OP used the comment card for the pianist and other issues
  11. If you are looking at a particular ship/itinerary/date/cabin type then waiting to book late can be risky as there maybe no cabins available but if you are open to options there is great chances of getting some good, late deals. Often when booking early some extras can be included such as gratuities included but late booking usually don't have this type of extras.
  12. I remember reading about a sale of a Princess ship and the ownership transfer was effective at noon, just a few hours after docking. All the art, shop items , most liquor and anything else not included in the sale had been packed up in the last few days. If the transfer is inter company they may not be as rushed.
  13. For a world cruise you get 15 credits, so if you have never been on Oceania you receive the benefits at the 15 level the moment you start your first day on O.
  14. Earlier this year we had a B2B booked and later added an additional B2B in a different cabin. Everything went as if all booked at one time without us doing anything extra.
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