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  1. I've done a 180 night on Oceania so have bit of exp. even thou it is a very different cruise line. In guessing at an est price of excursions much depends on the type of activities and how you book them. Oceania provided a shuttle to the main town in many ports - not sure about RC doing that. We had a very active roll call with many tours that saved big $$. If you want to customize private tours for 2 in most ports that will add up big time. In ports where you dock over night you have the option to stay at a hotel in town giving you more time to enjoy the sites but more $$. In the meantime, look for voyages that cover some of the areas the w/c is going and view the excursions available - this would give a good idea of the type and price or tours that will be available you a good number of the ports.
  2. For 2024 the Island P itinerary from Ft. L is: DAY DATE PORT ARRIVE DEPART Thu Jan 4 Fort Lauderdale, FL 4:00pm Fri Jan 5 At Sea Sat Jan 6 At Sea Sun Jan 7 Cartagena, Colombia 7:00am 3:00pm Mon Jan 8 Panama Canal (Full Transit) (Cruising) Tue Jan 9 At Sea Wed Jan 10 Puntarenas, Costa Rica 7:00am 7:00pm Thu Jan 11 San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 7:00am 6:00pm Fri Jan 12 At Sea Sat Jan 13 Huatulco, Mexico 8:00am 5:00pm Sun Jan 14 At Sea Mon Jan 15 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 8:00am 5:00pm Tue Jan 16 At Sea Wed Jan 17 At Sea Thu Jan 18 Los Angeles (San Pedro), CA 7:00am 4:00pm Fri Jan 19 At Sea Sat Jan 20 At Sea Sun Jan 21 At Sea Mon Jan 22 At Sea Tue Jan 23 At Sea Wed Jan 24 Honolulu, Oahu, HI 7:00am 11:00pm Thu Jan 25 Nawiliwili, Kauai, HI 8:00am 5:00pm Fri Jan 26 At Sea Sat Jan 27 At Sea Sun Jan 28 Cross International Dateline (Cruising) Tue Jan 30 At Sea Wed Jan 31 At Sea Thu Feb 1 Apia, Samoa 7:00am 5:00pm Fri Feb 2 At Sea Sat Feb 3 At Sea Sun Feb 4 At Sea Mon Feb 5 Auckland, New Zealand 7:00am 9:00pm Tue Feb 6 At Sea Wed Feb 7 New Plymouth, New Zealand 8:00am 6:00pm Thu Feb 8 Picton, New Zealand 8:00am 5:00pm Fri Feb 9 At Sea Sat Feb 10 Dunedin (Port Chalmers), New Zealand 8:00am 6:00pm Sun Feb 11 Fiordland National Park, New Zealand(Cruising) Mon Feb 12 At Sea Tue Feb 13 At Sea Wed Feb 14 Sydney, Australia 7:00am 9:00pm Thu Feb 15 At Sea Fri Feb 16 Burnie, Tasmania, Australia 7:00am 6:00pm Sat Feb 17 At Sea Sun Feb 18 Adelaide, Australia 7:00am 6:00pm Mon Feb 19 At Sea Tue Feb 20 At Sea Wed Feb 21 At Sea Thu Feb 22 Perth (Fremantle), Australia 7:00am 5:00pm Fri Feb 23 At Sea Sat Feb 24 At Sea Sun Feb 25 At Sea Mon Feb 26 Benoa, Bali 7:00am 6:00pm Tue Feb 27 At Sea Wed Feb 28 At Sea Thu Feb 29 Singapore 7:00am 6:00pm Fri Mar 1 Kuala Lumpur (Port Kelang), Malaysia 8:00am 7:00pm Sat Mar 2 At Sea Sun Mar 3 At Sea Mon Mar 4 At Sea Tue Mar 5 Colombo, Sri Lanka 7:00am 7:00pm Wed Mar 6 At Sea Thu Mar 7 At Sea Fri Mar 8 At Sea Sat Mar 9 At Sea Sun Mar 10 Abu Dhabi, UAE 7:00am 9:00pm Mon Mar 11 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 7:00am Tue Mar 12 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 11:00pm Wed Mar 13 At Sea Thu Mar 14 At Sea Fri Mar 15 Salalah, Oman 7:00am 8:00pm Sat Mar 16 At Sea Sun Mar 17 At Sea Mon Mar 18 At Sea Tue Mar 19 At Sea Wed Mar 20 Petra (Aqaba), Jordan 7:00am 11:00pm Thu Mar 21 Suez Canal (Cruising) Fri Mar 22 Suez Canal (Cruising) Sat Mar 23 Haifa, Israel 7:00am 8:00pm Sun Mar 24 At Sea Mon Mar 25 Crete (Heraklion), Greece 7:00am 6:00pm Tue Mar 26 Ephesus / Kusadasi, Turkey 8:00am 7:00pm Wed Mar 27 Mykonos, Greece 7:00am 9:00pm Thu Mar 28 Athens (Piraeus), Greece 7:00am 7:00pm Fri Mar 29 At Sea Sat Mar 30 Valletta, Malta 7:00am 9:00pm Sun Mar 31 Catania, Sicily, Italy 7:00am 5:00pm Mon Apr 1 Naples, Italy 7:00am 7:00pm Tue Apr 2 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 5:00am 6:00pm Wed Apr 3 Florence / Pisa (Livorno), Italy 7:00am 7:00pm Thu Apr 4 Genoa, Italy 7:00am 9:00pm Fri Apr 5 Nice (Villefranche), France 7:00am 7:00pm Sat Apr 6 Marseille, France 7:00am 6:00pm Sun Apr 7 Barcelona, Spain 7:00am 10:00pm Mon Apr 8 At Sea Tue Apr 9 Ceuta, Spanish Territory 7:00am 5:00pm Wed Apr 10 Cadiz, Spain 7:00am 6:00pm Thu Apr 11 Lisbon, Portugal 10:00am 10:00pm Fri Apr 12 At Sea Sat Apr 13 Agadir, Morocco 7:00am 5:00pm Sun Apr 14 Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands 7:00am 6:00pm Mon Apr 15 Tenerife, Canary Islands 7:00am 4:00pm Tue Apr 16 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal 8:00am 5:00pm Wed Apr 17 At Sea Thu Apr 18 At Sea Fri Apr 19 At Sea Sat Apr 20 At Sea Sun Apr 21 At Sea Mon Apr 22 Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda 8:00am 5:00pm Tue Apr 23 At Sea Wed Apr 24 At Sea Thu Apr 25 Fort Lauderdale, FL 6:00am If starting in LA then the Jan 4 to Jan 17 would be added to the end.
  3. Reports from the Alaska Majestic cruises was the MTP events were held but no senior staff attended.
  4. An earlier post indicated that the heavy doors in the hallway were closed off in the quarantine area so no passengers are coming and going in this area.
  5. The Princess w/c can be booked to start either in Ft. L or LA. With many people not joining until LA, this results in a Ft L. to LA 14 day Panama cannel early Jan segment and as many people leave in Ft. L at the end of their voyage another 14 day cannel segment is available in April. I would expect that mid cruise segments not to be offered until full voyage passengers have had a good change to do a booking. Will see later.
  6. The now cancelled Jan 2022 w/c went on sail in early May 2020. The Jan 2023 w/c went on sale early Mar 2021. When the 2022 cruise was cancelled those with a booking were offered to have their booking transferred to the 2024 voyage at the same price and benefits. Some people have done this so the 2024 itinerary is set (almost the same as 2022) but 2024 is not available for booking yet and Princess as I understand has not informed travel agents when it will. Usually some agent will post new itineraries here on CC a couple weeks before open. If you work with a TA have them keep an eye out for you as well as checking here on. Also, Princess only sells the whole voyage for a period of time as they hope to sell cabins for full voyage. The 2023 w/c sold so well that segments were never offered. No way to know how sales of 2024 will go.
  7. I'm on the Caribbean P leaving Ft. L on Jan 16 and did not get the itinerary change - we may be the first cruise to go to Grand Cayman.
  8. TA have many customers and prices can change any time. TA would never get any work done if constantly monitoring prices.
  9. We did have the option to get our money back, but the option we took locks in the 2024 voyage at the 2022 price which may or may not be worth anything. It was also supposed to save our cabin which for some categories is important. When I booked the 2022 voyage I was on the phone as the voyage opened up for Elite sales and still got my third choice. Kathy -I was really looking forward to your plans for the Christmas/New Years M&G - hope another time. I plan to book that for Dec 2023
  10. Just after posting this I sent an e-mail to 3 senior Princess head office officials and did not receive any acknowledgement. My agent contacted her Business Development Manager and this morning we were upgraded free to an obstructed ocean view accessible cabin. No explanation on why we did not get our original cabin. We like deck 5 with a wheelchair as it makes getting on/off elevators easier than floors where the elevators often already have people in them when they stop but with new cabin peeking out between 2 lifeboats is a plus compared to the inside so things have worked out but should never have happened.
  11. I'm a long time loyal Princess cruiser but am thinking it may be time for a change. I'm looking for thoughts from anyone that has experience on both lines. My wife is wheelchair bound so we need accessible cabins so any advice on Holland experiences related to wheelchair use around the ship such as in venues and help getting on-off in ports also appreciated. Wayne
  12. With the recent cancellation of the 2022 world cruise on the Island P one of the options we were offered was to take the payments made and transfer them to the 2024 world cruise that is not yet open to general bookings. The idea was we get our cabin plus a price and benefit as per the 2022 booking regardless of what was to be offered for general bookings when they open. We immediately took that option as the 2022 price looks good. We had a wheelchair accessible cabin for the 2022 voyage which is required as my wife is wheelchair bound. Princess has now given us a booking with a cabin on a higher deck but not accessible. Our agent (a top-level agency in Canada) has been unable to get our original cabin or similar back. She said “I already informed Princess that your original cabin was a wheelchair-accessible cabin, and they were unable to assist because the reservation was handled by another department within Princess in order to protect the rate.” Seems strange to me that one dept can’t deal with another dept. This means someone that had not booked an accessible cabin for 2022, now has one for 2024. As is all accessible cabins are gone before bookings even open up to the general public and we were but on a wait list. If you had one of the cruises cancelled late August and took the option, be prepared for a surprise
  13. Before the turn-around day you will get an instruction letter that includes an "in transit' card. If you wish to go into the port (eg. Ft. Lauderdale) you can go ashore anytime that departing passengers are leaving and when you return use your in-transit card to by pass any embarkation lines but you will not be able to come back on board until re-boarding starts - generally 10:30 - 11am. Otherwise if not going to town you will be instructed to meet in a lounge, usually around 10am. Once all the disembarking groups have been called then 1 of 2 things will happen. The terminal in Ft. L can only handle a limited number of people waiting in a group for immigration so if the group is very large (several hundred) you would likely go to the theatre and wait for a couple immigration officers to come on board. If a smaller group then you will wait in the terminal. The officer basically just looks at your passport - no on-line checking. Normally this does not take too long but everyone has to be off the ship before anyone is allowed back on so if you get someone who keeps ignoring calls to come to the meeting place, they hold up everyone else. With the medallion system it should be easier to find missing passenger. For ships in port there are a few websites - google something like "cruise ships in port". These sites get there info from CLIA or direct from the cruise lines but are not always up to date, especially these days. Wayne
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