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  1. A lot depends on what features are important to you. We spent 58 nights on her just before the covid shutdown and have 125 nights booked for 2021/22. I found the atrium lousy layout for any activities but otherwise had no issues. I liked having an indoor and an outdoor pool.
  2. Most World Cruse start in Florida early Jan. If going westbound they will end up doing a LA to Sydney segment. This is usually about 28 days. The 2022 voyages are now available and the 2023 will start to open up late winter/early sprig 2021. We did a Transpacific on the Star Princess (I think it was 2010) The ship had been doing summer cruises to Alaska from San Fran which ended in Sept. The ship was scheduled to spend the winter dong cruises around the south part of South America but it was too cold there to go there then so it was scheduled fill in the time in between by doing a 30 day T/P for San Fran to Sydney and 30 days back to LA before starting the winter voyages. So may want to check what ships do after the Alaska season.
  3. Gardenbunny - check you final payment date. Princess has changed final payment from the normal 90 days to 60 days for cruises this coming winter. I think it was up to late April 2021. For a Dec 29/20 cruise you should not pay until late October not Sept. -agents usually ask for payment a few days early.
  4. The 14 day Panama Canal cruise was the first segment of the world cruise depending on where you start the world cruise. The world cruise could have been booked Ft. L to Ft. L or LA to LA. For those starting the w/c in LA they do the canal as their last segment in April.
  5. The 14 day Christmas/ New Years Caribbean cruise that was to sail before the world cruise also got cancelled. Looks like the Island P is out of service until at least mid spring.
  6. As noted the menus don't change much for Christmas. The main thing then is the decorations and Santa will stop by to visit the kids after making his overnight rounds. Not a whole lot of Christmas theme music but have seen a staff choir do an event. For New Years there will be parties in several locations - lounge, pool area and atrium. There used to be a big balloon drop but that seems to have stopped. Never seen any real deals on drinks - have as much as you like as long as you keep showing your card/medallion.
  7. That is a lot of Elite. Doesn't seem like there is anyway to get off the list. I wonder how many have passed on, or are have health issues that will prevent them from ever traveling again.
  8. Europe was already paused for the remainder of 2020
  9. We have not had a new cruise release e-mail in several years. Thanks for someone posting a pdf here on CC. I was able to get 3 bookings in December 2021 of the desired cabins after a few hours delay today.
  10. Most years they would be out by May the previous year as in several weeks ago. They are well behind. Travel agents get advance notice so they can get their customers ready to book, but no TA has posted yet that they have received the itineraries so it won't be in the next couples weeks.
  11. If you are planning to be on the Caribbean P sailing this Dec 14 you will be disappointed. The ship is leaving Ft. Lauderdale on the 13th for 7 days
  12. I got off on Mar 7 - our waiter and assistant were from the Philippians and Indonesia- very glad they finally made it home.
  13. People sharing info like this is why I love Cruise Critic. Last week I booked 9 cruises for the 2020/2021 winter plus the 2022 world cruise. 10% saving is very helpful
  14. The advertised benefits for early booking (pre Nov 30) are Premier drink package, Unlimited Wi-Fi, Gratuities, airfare for balcony and above, $500 OBC, 4 specialty dinning cover charges and a $1,000 discount for any level of Captain Circle. I find this very misleading as the first 3 are not free. Like every other Princess voyage, you can pay for the voyage with or without these. To get these 3 so called early booking benefits adds over $4,000 to the cost.
  15. What time do new bookings open up for new voyages on their first day of availability?
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